Shipwide Sidesim - Shore Leave: Final Approach

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Colonel Calvin Harris stepped onto the Bridge of the USS Dresden at a quarter past 1400, a cup of tea in one hand and a PaDD in the other. With Sol behind them on their final approach to Earth, the view through the ship’s viewscreen was breathtaking and as they entered the Approach Pattern for Starbase 1, Harris tapped his comm button on his chair with a smile. After the All Hands tone sounded throughout the ship, Harris began in his best “Airline Pilot” voice.

=A= All Hands, this is your Captain speaking. It is my pleasure to report… that we are now on the approved Approach Pattern for Starbase 1. As we make our final approach around Luna, from the Port side of the ship… you’ll be able to see both Lake Armstrong and Tycho City. The current time in San Fransisco is 8:22am and the weather forecast for today calls for a high of 19 degrees Celsius under mostly cloudy skies with a current temperature a brisk 13 C with light drizzle. Gate time at Starbase 1 is 14:30 GMT, docking arrival at Docking Station 27. I know you have options in interstellar travel, and we here with the Dresden are glad you chose us.=A= The crew would be able to hear the snicker escape the Marine with his last few words and after a pause, Harris then continued.

=A= Folks, it’s been one of the highlights of my career serving with you all over these past three years. I know that some of you will be moving on to new assignments in the coming weeks and I wish you all the very best in the paths you take. Finally, in the spirit of the Old Earth sea services, on behalf of myself and the Senior Staff, I wish you all fair winds and following seas. Harris out.=A=

Calvin glanced over to Amelia and smiled. “How was that, Exec?”

Harris, CO

Amelia’s eyes were glued to the viewscreen. There was no better sight in the universe than that of the translucent blue tones of planet Earth, and its vast stretches of land that formed the seven continents.

Happy with the prospects of going back home for a while, Amelia had thought about surprising Pete and simply showing up at their front door. But she hadn’t been able to hide it from him when he asked her what was that she was so happy about. Her belongings had been packed and her quarters had been clean two days before their arrival.

“Not bad. Although you forgot to tell us where to go to for domestic and international transfers.” She replied. “I feel like a few more old commercial flight holos wound’t have hurt, but you’re getting there!” The sarcasm was evident in her tone, and her usual smirk had settled on her lips. Her eyes, however, never moved, wondering whether Pete would be picking her up at the starbase or whether it would only be the ESC there waiting for her.

“It’s nice to be home.” Manning said with a joyful sigh. “Any plans, Harris?”

Cmdr. Manning, CIO

Elsewhere on the ship, Ensign Osten peered out of the small window in his quarters at Earth. His jaw was clenched subconsciously, his expression stern. Of course he liked Earth. But he was also disappointed to be back so soon. He wanted to see new things, explore new places. Not that there wasn’t more to explore on Earth. But their availability on holodecks always made established tourist destinations lose some of their appeal, for Wiles. A thought flashed across Wiles’ mind. A cabin, in the mountains, just him and the trees. Privacy was uncommon on a starship. And if he really didn’t plan on returning to Earth for some time after this shore leave, maybe he should make sure he found something about it to miss.

Wiles swiped his PaDD from his bed and began scrolling through options for a week at a cottage in Colorado.

(Ensign Osten, Security Division Three Officer)

With a sigh, Wiles hiked the duffel bag over his shoulder and left his quarters, heading for the transporters. He had a gnawing sensation in his chest, and he knew what caused it. He had hoped Starfleet would let him leave Earth behind for long enough for that feeling to go away. But it was still there, being in the same system as.... him. Wiles took a deep breath and shook his head once, physically attempting to rid himself of a psychological burden. He was here to enjoy himself. As much as he could, at least.

As he walked through the corridors, Wiles felt the strong urge to stay on the Dresden. His eyes flashed to the holodecks as he passed them.

(Ensign Osten, Security Division Three Officer)

Ellie was at the engineering station and watched as they approached Earth. It had been 5 years since she had been back here. She wasn’t sure that she really wanted to be back now. Shore leave was not really her forte. Her grandparents had had Amy with them for the last two years and while they talked every day, Ellie was excited to see her daughter and her grandparents. She considered requesting that Amy be allowed to return to the ship when shore leave was over. She was older now and Ellie would bring along a nanny of sorts to help take care of Amy. Ellie would not be seeing Paul when she got to earth. He had become increasingly unstable and her grandparents had not allowed Amy to see him for the last year. Ellie shook her head and suddenly spoke up without really thinking about “Captain, may I have a word with you in private?” She asked out of the blue.



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