Main Engineering-After leave

Posted June 28, 2020, 10:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Ellie Kleinhoffer (Chief Engineer) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Ensign Clinton Reed (Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave

Posted by Lieutenant Ellie Kleinhoffer (Chief Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave

Posted by Ensign Clinton Reed (Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave
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Ellie’s leave had been nice, she returned to the ship feeling a bit more relaxed than she had before. As she entered main engineering, she looked around most of the crew was still on shore leave, this was her chance to work on a personal project that she had been planning. It was one that she hoped would allow her to walk again. Going into one of the workshops off the back of main engineering, she pulled up the plans that she had gone over and set to work on the exoskeleton suit that she would eventually wear. She worked quietly, listening to soft music in the background.


OOC, welcome back Chief, care for some company?

OOC: Sure Come on it.

Stores had switched from his morning space walk, to walking the Dresdens decks, and this morning as housekeeping had almost finished there work. In fact things were going so well that he had moved back into the crows nest.
This morning tho was different he heard music coming from the machine shop, and that had him curious. Following the sound he stepped into to shop three to see the Chief Engineer bent over some project.

Pausing a moment in surprise he watched a moment. The woman was an impressive tech. Smiling to his self he stepped back to leave her in peace…

…only ruining it buy banging his elbow into the door frame.

Clinton “Stores”Reed, Supercargo

Ellie heard the bang “Ensign, you can come in and help me if you would like.” She said as she waved him over “How was your shore leave?” She asked as she bent back over the item that she was working on.


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