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Posted July 18, 2020, 9:55 a.m. by Lieutenant Ellie Kleinhoffer (Chief Engineer) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Ensign Clinton Reed (Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave

Posted by Lieutenant Ellie Kleinhoffer (Chief Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave

Posted by Ensign Clinton Reed (Engineer) in Main Engineering-After leave
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Ellie’s leave had been nice, she returned to the ship feeling a bit more relaxed than she had before. As she entered main engineering, she looked around most of the crew was still on shore leave, this was her chance to work on a personal project that she had been planning. It was one that she hoped would allow her to walk again. Going into one of the workshops off the back of main engineering, she pulled up the plans that she had gone over and set to work on the exoskeleton suit that she would eventually wear. She worked quietly, listening to soft music in the background.


OOC, welcome back Chief, care for some company?

OOC: Sure Come on it.

Stores had switched from his morning space walk, to walking the Dresdens decks, and this morning as housekeeping had almost finished there work. In fact things were going so well that he had moved back into the crows nest.
This morning tho was different he heard music coming from the machine shop, and that had him curious. Following the sound he stepped into to shop three to see the Chief Engineer bent over some project.

Pausing a moment in surprise he watched a moment. The woman was an impressive tech. Smiling to his self he stepped back to leave her in peace…

…only ruining it buy banging his elbow into the door frame.

Clinton “Stores”Reed, Supercargo

“I didn’t mean to disturb you m’am” this was true, and despite the metallic throb in his elbow and the cold numbness in the side of his hand and pinkie, he was glad of the invitation . “but I would love to help you.”

“Beats the steady steam of reports I wrote for Commander Miller, over leave”Stores grinned, he looked forward to just being a hand, and letting the LT make the hard calls.

Stepping up to the bench, but careful to stay clear of the Chief Engineer’s work space. “Can’t promise that I can do more than hold a torch for you, but I will try.”

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Supercargo.

Ellie smiled “I’m sure there were a lot of reports to be done.” She said “Was there anything exciting while I was on vacation.” Ellie asked as she worked on adding a couple of electrodes on the skeleton of the suit “So would you like to know what we’re doing?” She asked.


“Well, if I am going to have any hope of helping you that would be useful” Stores chuckled.

“ As to anything exiting” a pause more for dramatic effect than to think, he went on.” Not much honestly.” Which was true, outside of the petty squabbling between the civilian ship writes and the federation engineers it was quiet. “ How about yourself? Did you enjoy yourself?”

Ellie sighed “I went and saw my dad and my daughter.” She said “It was a nice change of sceneary.” She said

Stores leaned in, seeing what to him looked to be a light weight exo- frame. Realization slowly dawning on him. “ nice work there.” After a moment to orientate himself. “What can I do for you?”


Ellie smiled “Well, as you can see it’s an exoskeleton and I am hoping that it will get me out of this chair and able to walk at least for short periods of time.” She said “I am hoping that it will work.” She added “So what I need you to do is help affix the wiring to the electrodes.


“That I may be able to do” Stores chuckled as he fished a small case from his breast pocket. Opening the case, he fished a small probe out and a small pair of forceps. Adjusting his visor to ten times magnification, Stores slipped the case back in his pocket and began scanning the system to identify what leads went to which sensor, electrode or actuator.

After beginning to make the connections, ventured what he’s was sure a stupid question, but if he was going to really help he needed background. “ I know this is stupidly basic, but why didn’t regenerative medicine or neural implants work?”

Stores grounding in this branch of medical science came from personal curiosity involving his own rehabilitation. He wasn’t an expert to be sure but sometimes that wasn’t a bad thing.

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Supercargo

Ellie glanced over at Clinton “The damage was too significant and they tried.” She said as they worked “They tried a variety of various treatments to repair the damage. Ellie showed Clinton the scans of her spine and pointed out the various shards of bone that were still present that would cause more damage if they were removed now.


“Doesn’t slow you down much if any, but I was curious as to how it effects this project.” Honestly Stores didn’t even notice anymore. “What processor are you using to handle reflexes?”

Despite the small talk, Stores worked with deft skill. He hand built a lot of pre replicator tech, so was comfortable with the hand building a prototype.

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Supercargo

“Not sure yet. I’m still working that piece out. It will have to be a fairly decent one.” She added “What are your thoughts?” Ellie asked as they continued to work together. “As to how it effects this project, well it it hoped to get me out of this chair more often.” She said “It gets old sitting all the time.” Ellie joked slightly.


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