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The transporter activated and two figures appeared on the pad. One was a tall, slender human male. He carried a black bag and had a backpack over one shoulder. His companion was a slightly older human, and the exact opposite build. Shorter and broad at the shoulder, chest and waist; he sported a handlebar mustache that was kept in perfect form with old-fashioned wax. He wore the uniform of Star Fleet and Admiral’s pips rested on his collar. The Admiral looked at the Transporter Chief and said “Admiral Hallsley and Dr. Drillek. We are expected.” and stepped off the pad. The Chief came to attention and said “Yes, sir! Your escort is just outside. The Conference Room is ready for you, Admiral.” and he tapped the control panel and a long whistle of varying tones rang out through the whole ship, it’s meaning understood by every member of the crew: Flag Officer on board.

Hallsley nodded once and said “Appreciated. We will head there now.” and walked out the door with Dr, Drillek following. A few short minutes later, they arrived at the Conference Room.


The Admiral and his associate looked at each other and then walked in… and there was no one there. Hallsley furrowed his brow in confusion and looked at Drillek. “Maybe we’re in the wrong conference room?” and Drillek shrugged. “Well, we’ve seen a flurry of activity. Getting a ship this size up and going would be a feat in and of itself, wouldn’t it?” and Hallsley nodded in agreement. “Indeed. And Im sure wires may have crossed in moving the ship from fleet operations to Special Projects.” and he sighed and said “Well… take a seat. Let’s see what we can prepare for the briefing before hand…” and the two men sat down at the far end of the table opposite where a Captain normally would sit.


Priscilla had head the whistle of the Flag Officer and it piqued her curiosity. It was intriguing that the Department Heads had been called to a meeting and then the whistle went off. Stopping by her quarters to quickly freshen up and make sure her wayward hair hadn’t decided to take off on its own, she then made her way to the conference room. Arriving about ten minutes after the group had, the Science Chief stepped in expecting to see several of the staff there already. Seeing only strangers brought her up short with an obvious surprised look on her face. Quickly recovering with a respectful incline of her head, she smiled. “Oh, forgive me, Admiral. I didn’t realize I would be the first one here.” Moving to set her PaDD down near her seat about halfway down the left side of the table, she moved to the replicator. “I’m Lieutenant Priscilla Simms, Chief Science Officer. Can I get you gentlemen something to drink?” She noticed the water pitcher and glasses in the middle of the table, but was betting they would appreciate something more.

Lt Priscilla Simms

The Admiral smiled and said “No thank you, Lieutenant.” The man seated to the right of the Admiral looked at her through narrowed eyes and said “Simms… ” as if thinking about the name. “You were on the Magellan, were you not, Lieutenant?”


“As you wish,” she nodded and turned to get herself a glass of juice before turning at the odd sounding query of her name.

Moving back to her seat, Priscilla inclined her head and smiled. “Yes, Sir. For a few years before coming here. Have you served there?” She sat in her seat and leaned slightly on her elbows. She glanced to see I’d the doctor was checking his information about her. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or bad thing that the man knew her service records.


The man, dressed in civilian clothes, shook his head. “Oh, no… Im not in Star Fleet. But your name was amongst the list of potential candidates for the station.” he said, and then caught himself. “Julian Echo station, that is.”


“Oh? I hope that is a good thing.” Priscilla smiled and made light of the comment hoping it wasn’t one of those ‘she needs to be at the furthest end of space’ kind of lists.

Drillek smiled slightly and said “Oh it is. Don’t worry.” and he chuckled.

Forgrave glanced at his chrono as he moved hurriedly through the corridors. Gah; of course I lose track of time the day we have a damn briefing… Muttering dark invectives to himself, he hoped that he wasn’t doomed to be the last to arrive. Though he detested the political game within StarFleet, he was well aware that laxity on his part could greatly affect the perception of the Dresden and her crew - and the whistling bosun’s pipes had been for a Flag Officer.

Double-checking his PaDD, he confirmed that he was at the correct conference room before smoothing out his uniform and calming his breathing. No time like like the present… And with that thought, he opened the door and entered, quickly scanning the room to see who all was there. Issac was initially pleased to see just three figures; though his thoughts changed on seeing that two of the figures were unknown to him - one bore the pips of an admiral Hallsley; if I remember correctly…, but the other appeared to be a civilian.

“Sirs; Ma’am.” Issac nodded courteously to the Dresden’s guests and the familiar face of Priscilla as he approached the table; extending his hand in greeting. “Lieutenant Forgrave, Security Chief. Welcome to the Dresden; it’s a pleasure to have y’all aboard.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

The conversation was cut short as the Security Chief walked in. “Forgrave, good to see you, again.” Her smile for him was genuine and she went back to sipping her juice wondering just what this was all about. Mission briefings didn’t usually involve this type of brass.


The Admiral nodded at the Security Chief. “Lieutenant, good to meet you.” hebsaid in his deep rumble of a voice. “This is Dr. Drillek.” and he indicated the man next him. Drillek nodded once, but kept quiet.

Shortly after Forgrave walked in, the doors to the conference room slid open once again, this time allowing Holloway to enter. Her Command Red uniform was perfectly pressed, and her ballerina bun sat immaculately done atop of her head with millimetric precision. She moved at a normal pace, not seeming to rush even though the Dresden’s guests were already present. When her eyes scanned the occupants of the room there was no surprise, nor apologetic look on her face. It was almost as if she had planned to arrive after them all along.

“Admiral Hallsley, welcome on board.” Molly said as she sat down at her seat on one of the ends of the table. “My apologies to make you wait. It’s been busy around here.” She gave the man a polite smile. “I see you have already had the chance to meet some of the staff.” Her smile turned warmer as she turned to both Simms and Forgrave. “Dr. Drillek, I presume? I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting…”

Holloway, CO
Ellie arrived several minutes later, a rag in her lap that she used to wipe some engine grease off her hands as she came to a stop next to the table “Apologies for my tardiness.” She said to the Admiral and the Captain when she arrived.

Leuitenant Commander Renveer slipped in behind the captain before the door slid shut, and inclined his head in greeting both to the guests and the present department heads. He stood behind Captain Holloway and slightly to her right until she sat, at which point he joined the table seated at the chair closest to her right side. The unimposing man waited for an opening to introduce himself patiently, his dark eyes observing the guests with passive curiosity.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

“No apologies on your part necessary, Captain. Actually, probably me who should be apologizing to you for snatching you and your ship from Fleet Operation Command on such short notice. I’ll try not to make a habit of that going forward.” he said with a smile and slight laugh.

Molly gave the Admiral a small smile, but to the trained eye it would be visible that she wasn’t too happy about the fact.

“I dont stand on a lot of ceremony or rank, Holloway. And it is your ship. So… Do you want us to start the briefing now, or wait for the rest of your Command team, Captain? No skin off my nose either way.” and he glanced back and forth between the CO and XO.



Looking around the room to the officers present, Holloway didn’t like to start without everyone present, however, she had the feeling Hallsley had waited enough. She glanced at Renveer, uncertainty written on her face, before turning back to the Admiral with one last glance at her wrist chronometer. “Well, why don’t we start. I’m sure we will be able to catch up whoever arrives in the next few minutes.”

Holloway, CO

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