Counselors Office - Psych Check for the Chief Engineer

Posted July 17, 2023, 7:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Laural Corynn Witley, Ph.D., M.D. (Counselor) (Lori Miller)

Posted by Lieutenant Than Osedi (Chief Engineer) in Counselors Office - Psych Check for the Chief Engineer

Posted by Lieutenant Laural Corynn Witley, Ph.D., M.D. (Counselor) in Counselors Office - Psych Check for the Chief Engineer

Posted by Lieutenant Than Osedi (Chief Engineer) in Counselors Office - Psych Check for the Chief Engineer
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The final visit as part of his arrival procedure was now due, and Than reflected on the lack of time he had spent visiting or talking to ships counselors on any of his previous postings. Not that he thought the role of a ships counselor was in any way not required or extraneous, no, it was simply that he had never felt the need to unload or settle his mind. He had always used exercise, sport, or creative outlets for that and his tendency to overthink in his opinion, helped him resolve anything his mind was having issues with. Well aware that overthinking was often seen in a negative light and a way to stress ones mind needlessly or convolute a situation, he always felt that it was a positive asset for him.

Lost in that train of thought, he soon found himself outside the Counseling suite and reaching for the door chime. This class had a Counseling specific area for the CNS and the team assigned to the ship, so he hadn’t made an appointment expecting that someone would probably be free. If not, he could detour to the lounge for lunch and come back when there was an opening.

With the chime having been rung, the Engineer stood back across the hall and leaned against the wall, hands casually in his pockets and his foot resting on the wall behind him as he waited.

Lt Osedi, CE

Laural tapped the final key on her computer to finish her thought on her latest appointment when the universe, having seemingly sensed she was not eager to return to her paperwork, seemed to provide an answer to her hopes in the form of a new visitor. “Come in,” she called out eagerly, the doors responding to her voice command by opening swiftly. She came around her desk, grav chair admitting a slight hum as she did so.

~Dr. Laural Witley, Chief Counselor

Once the doors opened the Chief pushed himself off the wall by the foot that was resting, and stepped inside. Placing one hand on the doorframe as he stepped through Than paused and looked at the woman, and then the chair she was sitting in and tilted his head slightly.

“Is that a Rhodes Industries Gravmobil GT?” His lips broke into a grin and he stepped further inside, gesturing with his other hand as he did so. “It has the velvet wall lining and the recessed cup holders right? Oh plus the enhanced power pack with the solar collector for use off-grid? Those are amazing!”

Remembering where he was for a moment, Than stood up straight and rubbed the back of his head. “Oh, uh, I’m Than Osedi, the ships new Chief Engineer. I’m supposed to visit you for my sanity check, but I didn’t make an appointment, sorry. Am I interrupting anything?”

Lt Than Osedi, CE

“Not at all,” Laural replied with a smile. She had no idea he was coming, but with engineers, her chair had always been an interesting conversation starter, a way to build common ground. “You have a good eye. I upgraded the cupholders, but in fairness, he would be able to see that from here. You and your team are responsible for keeping me in tip top shape, essentially keeping me up on my legs. I figured the least I can do is return the favor, you know?” She gestured for him to have a seat anywhere he fancied. “May I get you something from the replicator?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Chief Counselor

“Yes, please,” Than smiled as he stepped into the room and looked at the chairs. “I’ll take a ginger ale if that isn’t any trouble, ice and one of those little umbrellas.” It may have been a slightly odd request, but Than just pointed between the chairs and looked at Witley. “Which one do people prefer? You have one that people sit in and sigh with comfort or one that people keep having to adjust themselves in and feel uneasy? Cause I would totally have two different chairs if I was a counselor, you know? One to make people relax with pure plush comfyness and one to keep em guessing. No? Just me?” Than had kept his face completely straight but near the end, the edges of his lips betrayed a smirk.

Lt Than Osedi, CE

It was an odd request, but not the oddest she had ever heard. She could recall one a valuation in which the client, a human male in fact, had asked for a simple cup of warm water. To this day, Witley wasn’t sure if he was messing with her or if he had read somewhere it meant something psychologically significant and he was trying to see if Laural would pick up on it.

His request was fulfilled easily enough and as she handed him the amber drink with the little umbrella, she chuckled at his comments. “You don’t expect me to share all of my secrets with you right away, do you?” More seriously, she added, “I’m curious, have the counselor you previously encountered tested you like this?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Chief Counselor

“No, the vast majority were completely boring and wanted to ask me how I felt about everything. They were terrible conversationalists.” He took the drink she passed him and smiled at her then sat in one of the chairs at random and relaxed into it, folding one ankle over one knee.

“Tell me one of your secrets though, would you?” Than asked and leaned forward slightly. “I heard that if you have a cup of warm water in your hands, or even a warm drink, that you tend to feel emotionally happier and more relaxed because of a correlation between physical and emotional warmth, or something. I’ve heard of people asking for warm drinks they just hold in their hands during a session so they seem more happy, confident and less nervous because they think they might seem crazy otherwise. Is that a real thing?”

Than Osedi, CE

This conversation was certainly going in a strange direction, Laural thought, but she didn’t particularly mind as it gave her insight into the engineer before her. There was of course, what he said, what he didn’t say, and what his behavior revealed. He certainly seemed determined to lead the conversation, which, considering the topic was how others might attempt to manage impressions or to deflect during a psychological evaluation, Witley found ironic. “I’m not sure how I would know if that were true, honestly, since that would require someone admitting they were trying to deliberately mislead me, and that’s usually the last thing people will admit. As for whether warm drinks help people feel happier or more relaxed, I’m curious, what do you think?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

“Well, they certainly make me feel more comfortable and focused. Never mind, it was just something I heard about psychology and considering you’re a counselor, I thought you might know. Forget about it, I was just curious.” Than smiled and took a sip of his drink, nodding at the taste and then putting it to the side. Then, he relaxed back in the chair and folded his hands into his lap, a small smile on his face and looked at her. His light conversation and attempt to be friendly now shifting into, her time.

Than Osedi, CE

For a brief moment, Laural was concerned she had offended the chief engineer, but given how open the blend and the fact he was still smiling, she chose to believe her lack of specificity wasn’t a disappointment. “Curiosity is a great quality in an engineer. It’s also helpful for a counselor or a physician. I wish people could be as predictable as engines, though. At least there are no manuals,” she added with a chuckle. “You must be pretty smart if you can follow one of those.”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Counselor

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