Going to my office -everyone's welcome-

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Posted by Lieutenant Tony Anthony DiNozzo (Chief Tactical Officer) in Going to my office -everyone’s welcome-
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Whole DiNozzo went to his office, he then started to think what else he could do for the ship and the new captain. Although, that’s not his main concern. His main concern was to make his department as strong as the other departments. While he was sitting at his desk he had already thought to himself about what his next steps were for his department.

As a department Heads of Tactical, he needs to do some tactical simulations in the holodeck. He knew that if he is going to have a couple of junior officers under him, he’s going to have to train them up well. He say there put together some things on his pads and started off working on his computer monitor on his desk. If only he knew what he needed to do for his department when and only if he had gotten any junior officers to train.

Not realizing that he didn’t have any junior officers made it difficult on himself if it’s just him at his station on the bridge. If there were any junior officers under him in his department, he then thought about asking the captain. He then passed the captain and said, “captain can you come to my office I want to talk to you about something.” Not knowing if the captain wasn’t busy of course.

After his page to the captain, he say there thinking to himself, what am I going to do now? He thought to himself.

CTO DiNozzo


There was no reply from Captain Henao, however Mazelon stepped into DiNozzo’s office for the first time, wearing a medical Starfleet uniform with no pips. She felt a mix of excitement and nerves. “Hi, I’m Cadet Nurse Mazelon Kanayo,” she introduced herself, extending her hand. “I’m the new addition to the Leviathan. Pleasure to meet you, CTO DiNozzo.”
She looked around then said, “I am a nurse but I was told I still needed to go through tactical training, specific to the Leviathan and pass if I ever want to be promoted to Ensign. So here I am. What do I need to do?”

Cadet Kanayo, Nurse

“Well welcome aboard the Leviathan. So you are wanting to be promoted to a ensign but you can’t until you pass the tactical training?” He asked the young cadet. He thought to himself Well then I’ll have to do some training on my hands which is okay with me because I can even let the captain know personally let alone, she’d be a good ensign on board he sat there thinking to himself.

“Alright Cadet. I have something here that I would like you to look over and tell me how these strategies will work out in a Life or Death situation.” He added. “Also, call me Lieutenant DiNozzo.” He said.

LT. DiNozzo



“Thank you, Lieutenant DiNozzo,” Mazelon replied with a respectful nod. She took the document he handed her and scanned through the tactical strategies. Her brows furrowed as she considered the various scenarios outlined.

“Well, it seems like these strategies are comprehensive and well-thought-out,” she began, her fingers tracing over the lines on the page. “In a life or death situation, it’s essential to prioritize communication and coordination among the crew members. The ‘triage zones’ concept on page three could be particularly effective for directing resources where they’re needed most. And the idea of using holographic decoys on page six might give us an edge in confusing enemy targets.”

Mazelon looked up, meeting DiNozzo’s gaze. “However, in the heat of the moment, things might not always go according to plan. Flexibility is crucial, as unexpected variables can quickly change the course of a battle. It might be beneficial to incorporate contingency plans or drills that help the crew adapt swiftly to evolving situations.”

She paused, gathering her thoughts. “As for my training, I’m committed to mastering both the medical and tactical aspects of my role. I believe that understanding both disciplines will make me a more effective asset to the Leviathan.”

Cadet Kanayo, Nurse

“You doing medical and tactical. That’s something I can work with. Uh alright. I’ll try to have a meeting for us alone about all of this possibly doing some simulations in the holodeck for you as well Cadet. I know sometimes that simulations will help. As the Chief Tactical Officer, I can authorize that. Are you looking at doing both Medical and Tactical at the same time as your career here on the Leviathan? If so I can definitely take you as a junior officer as well.” He said.

CTO DiNozzo

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Mazelon considered DiNozzo’s offer for a moment, her expression thoughtful. “I appreciate your willingness to support my training and development, Lieutenant. Combining medical and tactical roles is ambitious, but I believe it could provide a unique perspective that might prove valuable in critical situations. As for being a junior officer, I’m honored by the opportunity, but I am not really interested in Tactical. Medical is where my heart is. However, I would consider regular tactical training to have the skills to be picked for away missions.

Cadet Kanayo, Nurse

He say their and sighed but then later smiled. “Well cadet we can do regular tactical training. I’ve even down to the captain for a tactical program to start. I’ve also recommended something else to the captain but something I’m not going to tell you just yet. But I’m ok with doing regular tactical training. Although, just letting you know it’ll take about a week to do.” He said.

CTO DiNozzo


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