Side Sim: Ruuk in his Office

Posted Sept. 19, 2023, 10:52 a.m. by Cadet D'Layne Webb (Engineer) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk (Containment Architect) in Side Sim: Ruuk in his Office

Posted by Cadet D’Layne Webb (Engineer) in Side Sim: Ruuk in his Office

Posted by Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk (Containment Architect) in Side Sim: Ruuk in his Office
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Ruuk was beginning to feel a little more settled aboard the Leviathan. But the importance of his role was still a source of some anxiety for him. As such, he often found himself - as he is now - sitting in his office, swatting up on previous Anomalies, and how they have been held. He was finding the reading enlightening and helpful. It would no doubt become helpful for the future.
Ruuk had been sitting, leaning back in his desk chair for sometime now. His legs craved a little movement. So he stood up slowly and walked - still reading his PADD as he went - to the near-by replicator.
“Lemonade, cloudy, 15 degrees delicious.” He said, still reading. The machine whirred and his beverage appeared. He slowly took it back to his desk.
Lemonade was an Earth beverage that he had tried on his last posting, he found sweet and pleasant - the perfect companion to this kind of work.

Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk - Containment Architect

A short while later, Cadet Webb, his expression perpetually marked by curiosity, meandered past the door of the Containment Architect, Lieutenant Ruuk. The concept of having a Containment Architect on the ship was new to him, and he couldn’t help but wonder about the nature of their role. What was it that prompted them to wear those striking black uniforms adorned with those gleaming golden pips? Webb found himself contemplating whether it would be harmless to steal a quick glimpse inside the Lieutenant’s office, rationalizing that if Ruuk wasn’t present, a brief peek wouldn’t do any harm. With a silent promise to himself that he’d exit swiftly. He decided to ensure the office was vacant. With a purposeful decision, he pressed the door chime and waited, giving the illusion of a casual visit.

Cadet Webb, Engineer

Meanwhile, on the other side of the starboard, Tom was suggested to make a proper introduction to the newly appointed senior officer by Lt Meylan. He was doing his routine checks as assigned at one of the computer cores. He wasn’t much sure if he could say anything else but “hello and welcome.” His mind was full of cumulated fatigues; Perhaps he just spent too much time facing a ‘friend’ who could respond to nothing but 0s and 1s today. By the time he saw Webb was pressing the chime, he said hi to him.

Ens Little, Eng

“Hey there, Ensign Little,” D’Layne said with a mixture of surprise and a hint of guilt in his voice, also relieved that he hadn’t just walked into the Containment Architect’s office to snoop. Webb turned to face him, his expression inquisitive. “Any idea what this Containment Architect does? I mean, the whole black uniform and golden pips thing does make it seem intriguing. He is a part of the engineering team, right?”

Cadet Webb, Engineer

“I’m here to find that out.” Tom with a shrugged gesture, showed how he felt about it. “I hope so. Although I’ve never seen him at the Main Engineering, maybe he is just busy reviewing logs.”

“Can I help you Gentlemen?” Ruuk said lightheartedly with a smile from behind his Desk. He’d hope to startle them, but he had no intention of admonishing them for being in his office.

Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk - Containment Architect

“Yes? I mean yes, Sir.” Tom turned to Ruuk with a slight salute. “Ensign Tom Little, reporting, Sir. This is Cadet Webb.” Not knowing why he was here, he said, “Just passing by, Sir. Hope I didn’t interrupt you anything.”

Ens Little, Eng

“Not at all” Ruuk smiled, standing up from his chair. “In fact, it’s nice to have visitors - I’ve had little chance to meet much of the Crew. If you Gentleman have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them as best I can. Perhaps, if your duties permit it, you might stay for a drink?” Ruuk said, clearly enthused at the idea of having some company.

Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk - Containment Architect

Webb exchanged a quick glance with Tom, then nodded. “Thank you, Sir, that’s very kind of you. We were curious about your role on the ship, and a drink and a chat would be a great way to learn more.”

Cadet Webb, Engineer

“My thoughts exactly!” Ruuk said excitedly. “Please, take a seat gentlemen” He gestured at the the two chairs facing him on the opposite side of his desk. “But first, what can I get you Gentlemen to drink?” He asked.

Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk - Containment Architect

Cadet Webb presented a wide grin as he took a seat, adjusting his uniform slightly before responding, “I’ll have a glass of.... water?” He wasn’t sure if he could as for anything stronger. He glanced at Tom.

Webb took the opportunity to steer the conversation toward his curiosity, asking, “Lieutenant Ruuk, we’ve heard rumors about some highly classified containment protocols on this ship. Is it true that your department deals with some unusual and classified artifacts?”

Webb, Engineer

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