[Open] People (and Planet) Watching: Crew Lounge

Posted Oct. 2, 2023, 6:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Todd Nyman (Chief Counselor) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Lieutenant Ashara Mavix (Chief of Security) in [Open] People (and Planet) Watching: Crew Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Todd Nyman (Chief Counselor) in [Open] People (and Planet) Watching: Crew Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Ashara Mavix (Chief of Security) in [Open] People (and Planet) Watching: Crew Lounge
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The new chief counselor had many interesting hobbies and ways of relaxing. One of which was people watching. So Lieutenant Nyman decided to spend one of his scheduled meal breaks in the crew lounge. A simple meal of tomato soup, crackers, and a cola to drink. He sat facing out of a corner, with a good view of the comings and goings of the various officers. He also had a not-too-bad view of the mysterious planet everyone was talking about from the lounge windows. Save for a few cadets and/or the science department, he might have been the most excited about the discovery. This was, after all, his first time being on a Starship that was actively discovering new things in the universe. The various levels of excitement of the rest of the crew was interesting to watch as well. For the moment, he was content sitting alone and watching it all.

~~~Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

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Saoir walked into the crew lounge and noticed Lieutenant Nyman sitting alone, observing his fellow crew members and the excitement surrounding the mysterious planet they had discovered. He decided to join him, taking a seat across from him. “Lieutenant Nyman, isn’t it fascinating to watch the crew’s reactions to our latest discovery?” He looked around the lounge briefly before continuing, “It’s like witnessing a spectrum of emotions, from curiosity to pure exhilaration.” This planet has stirred up quite the buzz on the ship. As he sat he asked, “Is this your first time exploring the unknown?”

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

“I’ve seen my share of alien worlds before. But this,”

An almost childlike grin came across the Lieutenant’s face as he leaned in slightly closer, continuing in a sort of whisper,

“I’ve never been part of a discovery like this before. A completely new and uncharted planet is something so… unique. It’s exciting.”

Leaning back again, he took another sip of cola and gazed out the windows toward the planet.

“I wonder if we’ll find something, or someone, living down there. Rumors say that the science department found liquid water, and maybe some organic compounds. Of course, those are just rumors.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

Saoir nodded in agreement, his eyes also fixed on the distant planet beyond the window. “It’s a rare opportunity indeed,” he replied, his voice filled with a sense of wonder. “To be among the first to explore and understand a world that’s never been seen by anyone before, it’s the stuff of dreams. Liquid water likely means organic compounds. That’s quite intriguing. If there’s even a hint of the potential for life down there we could discover a new race. I’m curious, Lieutenant, what are your thoughts on the crew’s reactions? Some seem elated, while others appear a bit apprehensive. How do you think this discovery is affecting their psyche?”

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

“Well, if your asking me to look as it as a professional,” the Lieutenant started,

“I’ve always been partial to the idea that a lot of the things we do are based on filling our individual needs. Sustenance, safety, building relationships… and on like that.”

Nyman adjusted himself in his seat and brought both his arms to rest on the table in front of him. Another bright smile indicated he was eager to share his thoughts. At the same time, he wasn’t sure how in-depth of an answer the Saoir was looking for.

“When you get down to it every species wants to satisfy their needs. The discovery of this planet, for this crew in particular, is filling a very complex need. It is the fulfillment of a sentient life form’s need to understand things beyond yourself. That explains the excitement. On the other hand, if someone has more basic needs they are still trying to fill, it can be challenging or even impossible to focus on more complex ones. If your starving in an art museum, it’s harder to focus on the art.”

Nyman paused, casually leaned back and took another drink of cola,

“That’s just how I see it anyway.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

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At that moment, the doors to the crew lounge parted to reveal a very worn down looking Ashara Mavix. She’d been on one of her longer patrol routes around the Leviathan and had found herself having to break up a couple of fights between disagreeable crew members. Seeing Nyman at the table, she sloped over, ‘Howdy, room for a little one?’

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

“Of course, pull up a chair,” Nyman said with his usual friendliness.

“We were discussing the effects of this new discovery on the crew. Have you noticed anything interesting?”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“Fill me in, y’all must know bah now that there’s a new discovery on this ship once an hour.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Nyman smirked,

“ I guess I’m still getting used to it.”

After a pause to take another spoonful of soup, he continued,

“I’m still pretty new around here, remember. About how have you two been aboard?”

His question was directed at both of them equally. While waiting for a response, he continued slowly working on finishing his lunch.

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