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It had been a long transfer flight. Not that, that bothered him. He could spend weeks in relative solitude and what most people would considered mind crushing boredom. He just stared into space as his mind worked through a series of logic questions. It was this weird open eyed meditation that earned him the moniker the “Windwatcher” when he was younger.

The courier ship barely came within transport range before getting clearance and beaming the officer aboard the Leviathan. He carried a huge rucksack. The one bag policy was one of the many things that carried on through the centuries. A good officer could carry all his possession in one bag. Kolar was not only a good officer, but also one that didn’t have a lot of personal items.

The transporter been had just finished materializing him as he began to speak. “Balfor Kolar. I’m the new CSO.” He scanned the room resting on the transporter officer. He wanted to be certain there wasn’t someone that he need to say sir to.

Kolar CSO

Saoir extended a respectful welcome to Balfor Kolar, his demeanor mirroring that of a senior officer, a position he hope to obtain soon. “Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Kolar. I’m Ensign Saoir, the Transporter Operator. If you’ll follow me,” he said, guiding Kolar through the Leviathan’s corridors. “This ship’s layout can be a maze, but you’ll get the hang of it. Your padd has the onboarding schedule; we’ve got a tight-knit crew here, and we’re glad to have you.”

Kolar smiled gently. It was strangely comforting like a old friend or a the face of a proud parent. It wasn’t even a true smile, it was more of an upturn of the corners of his mouth with a slight nod. It was the warmth and openness of his expression that created the feeling of comfort.

He didn’t really need a guide he informed himself of the paths to the key areas of the ship, bridge, transporter rooms, engineering, science labs, sick bay, shuttle bay, to memory.

“I hope to earn your trust and the honor of being accepted as one of your own.”

Observing the absence of personal items with Kolar, Saoir remarked, “Not one for excess baggage, are you? Efficient, just what we need,” nodding subtly as they moved through the halls.

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

“I was told once that if you couldn’t fit it all in one bag you had too many things. The Prophets also speak of the pursuit of material goods.” He paused as he hefted the sack over his shoulder. “Also since my last ship decided to donate most of my private property to the vacuum of space due to a hull breach. One could consider it bad luck or a message from the Gods.”

He nodded to the Transporter Chief, “If I am not taking you away from your duties, I’d welcome an escort.”

Kolar CSO

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