Security Office - Digging for Clues

Posted Nov. 24, 2023, 9:02 a.m. by Lieutenant Todd Nyman (Chief Counselor) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Lieutenant Ashara Mavix (Chief of Security) in Security Office - Digging for Clues

Posted by Lieutenant Ashara Mavix (Chief of Security) in Security Office - Digging for Clues

Posted by Lieutenant Todd Nyman (Chief Counselor) in Security Office - Digging for Clues
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It had taken Ash some time to build a programe on the Holodeck that would not only provide a basic overview of what combat missions could involve on a ship like the Leviathan, but also be challenging enough for Ensign Saoir to refine his skills as a Security Officer. Though her memories as an Admiral were still hazy, she was almost certain that he had served in some sort of war… she just couldn’t remember which one. Her memories would have to wait for now, she had duties to fulfill after all, duties to this ship and duties to Starfleet as a whole, and she would do her best to fulfill them.

She stood in her office, a sly grin crossing her face as she pictured what could happen in the next few hours, “=^= Mavix to Saoir and Nyman, please report to the Security Office at your earliest convenience=^=.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

=^= I’ll be there in fifteen, Lieutenant =^=
Nyman responded.

After a while Lieutenant Nyman rang the chime of Ash’s office. He was not exactly sure what to expect from this proposed holodeck program, so he wore his regular uniform and his hair up. Spilt into five parts, each section folded in half so it looped, and each loop was pinned flat to the scalp to keep it secure. Just something to keep it secure and out of the way if physical activity was required.

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

Ensign Saoir received the message and quickly made his way to the Security Office. As he arrived, he found Lieutenant Nyman already waiting there. Saoir’s mind was focused on the training program he had just completed on the Holodeck, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation about what Lieutenant Mavix had in store for them.

“Ensign Nyman,” Saoir greeted his colleague with a nod. “I wonder what Lieutenant Mavix has planned for us. It’s been a while since I had a challenging combat simulation.”

“Hopefully not too challenging,” Nyman responded with a small grin, “I’ll do my best, but I’m still just a ship’s counselor.”

He stood with his hands behind his back, his posture relaxed but attentive. Saoir was always eager to improve his skills and take on new challenges, and he had a feeling that the Chief of Security had something interesting in mind.

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

The doors to Ash’s office slid open, she stood with a mischievous grin on her face and a phaser rifle holstered at her back, ‘Howdy boys, hope you’re not gonna go easy on me cuz this host’s a girl?’ She winked.

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Nyman paused to look at Ash, his attention drawn to the weapon. The smile dropped for a moment and anxiety flashed in his eyes. Then he was back to his usual calm, friendly self.

“The thought didn’t even cross my mind, Lieutenant.” he said, smile returning.

Though she wouldn’t know it, the idea of females being weaker or less capable was something he only learned about after going to school on Earth. Even then, the idea seemed absurd.

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“Glad to hear it, and you’ll be pleased to know that Ah didn’t create this programme, so Ah don’t even have a home field advantage.” She smiled and gestured to a rack in one corner of the room, “Ah trust you’re both familiar with Starfleet tactical gear?”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

“Familiar enough,” Nyman replied, stepping toward the rack. He looked it over for a moment, arms crossed in thought. From the user end, Federation phasers and Romulan disrupters were pretty much the same. He had some - experiences - with both but was by no means an expert.

“It seems like you already got us covered on heavy firepower. What would you recommend for something a bit more… maneuverable?”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“Type Six Phase Pistol,” Ash replied with a grin, gesturing to another rack, “Bit of a remake on an old classic from the days of the original Enterprise, Ah must say, Ah’ve always been fond of the classics.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security=

Nyman approached where Ash had gestured and picked up the phase pistol. He looked it over, balanced the weight in his hands a bit before appearing decently satisfied with it.

“What about you, Ensign?” he asked Saoir, “Anything else look interesting to you?”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

OOC: By the way, for the tactical gear, imagine a more Starfleet-ish design of the angel suit from Discovery, just without the wings.

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-



{OOC: Mika is still out for a few more days, up to you if you want to move this along or wait. ~Ava}

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