Side Sim - Sickbay - Going through supplies (OPEN)

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Coming in shortly after, though more discreetly, was Lieutenant Nyman. He was out of uniform, instead wearing shorts and a mesh shirt, and hair pulled back in more of a ponytail. After entering and looking around, he seemed surprised to see it so busy. But from the way he was holding his lower arm wrapped up in a gym towel, it seemed like he had no choice but to get it checked out.

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor
Brad spotted Nyman and called over “Cadet Kanayo, can you take over for a few minutes?”, walking over to the counselor. “What can I do for you, Lieutenant?”

Brad Maxwell, CMO

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“Oh, it’s nothing really, just got a little scraped up.”

He wasn’t about to admit to losing his footing while practicing dance-aerobics in his quarters, causing him to fall and scrape his forearm on the coffee table. But that is essentially what happened.

“Thought I’d get it checked out anyway just to be safe.”

Still wearing a rather pleasant smile, he glanced at the nurse and the engineer with a bit of hesitation. Stepping in closer to Dr. Maxwell, he showed a little of what was underneath the towel. Careful not to show the others. The largest mark appeared to be about 5 inches long. It looked like a normal set of scapes, except at the edges. There was a noticeable sparkling, like static, as his Vendorian immune system responded to the damage.

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

Nurse Kanayo looked at Dr. Maxwell and asked, “Do you mind if I examined the scrape, Doctor?”

Nurse Kanayo
Brad looked over to see Nyman’s reaction to the query before he gave a reply, but expecting to have to turn down the request this time.

Brad Maxwell, CMO

The Lieutenant’s eyes shifted between the nurse and the doctor.

“Ah, right, well… I notice you are both a little busy right now. My own first aid training is up to date. What if I just borrow an antiseptic and a dermal regenerator and take care of it myself?”

He glanced at Brad for approval,

“Under your supervision of course, doctor.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“I suppose that’s alright, it doesn’t look particularly worrying” Brad said. “You can take the next patient, cadet.”

Bradley Maxwell

Nyman draped the towel over his arm, casually hiding the mark. Among the supplies and various instruments laid out, he pick up what was needed. Then, chose a medical bed somewhat closer to Dr. Maxwell.

Keeping his motions fluid and causal, he sat toward the Cadet and used one leg to propped up the affected arm with the scratch facing himself. While disinfecting the wound, he glanced up at her with a smile an commented,

“Cadet, huh? Well, they definitely gave you an exciting first assignment.”

Turning back to Dr. Maxwell, his tone dropped to be slightly more serious,

“I’m sorry my last symptoms report wasn’t very detailed, by the way. I was a little … distracted at the time.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor
“Understandable,” Brad replied, “from what was in it. If you need to talk, my office is always open. I do have some counseling training, and even counselors need their own medicine sometimes.”

Bradley Maxwell

Nyman set down the disinfectant and switched to the dermal regenerator, with a small sigh.

“It’s just that - ” he started, before interrupting himself. Not yet sure how much he wanted to admit to. It was against his natural inclination, but if looking after his own health was important enough to be warrant being honest. After all, it would compromise his productivity and success as the Chief Counselor.

“It seems like everyone who knows about my condition, aren’t fully - ” He paused, looking for the correct word, “…comfortable with me yet. Which is fine, I understand not everyone is not completely familiar with my situation. Even people who don’t know seem to be a little intimidated, as if they sense it somehow. I know that probably sounds - well in psychology we don’t like the word ‘crazy’, but you know.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“I understand that,” Brad said. “I’ve noticed that those who are somehow different, no matter how good they get at blending in, tend to be subconsciously noticed as not quite right. And that logically makes others uncomfortable. It will go away as you become more integrated and well-known among the crew. Once they begin to accept you as a part of their life, the slight difference won’t matter anymore.”

Bradley Maxwell

The Lieutenant finished with the regenerator and set it on a nearby tray. He looked back toward Brad with a frown. “It’s not my preference to stand out as different.” he said in a colder, quieter voice, “That’s never worked out well for me in the past.”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor
“You may not wish to stand out, but over time, your differences will become part of the crew’s normal and you will no longer stand out to them as anything but their counselor and crewmate. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. They’ll stop caring about it.”

Bradley Maxwell, CMO

“But there has to be something…” Nyman sounded like he was going to say something else, but instead just paused, let out a little laugh and continued,

“You’re right, it’s probably nothing to worry about. It takes a lot of time for people to adapt, and trying to force it just causes more stress for everyone. It’s good to know that it’s not my fault… probably.”

There was a certain level of rote insincerity in his tone, until that last part. He knew what Brad said was valid. At the same time, his feelings about this new assignment were… complex. The stress of living up to some expectations, and of having to overcome others, was possibly the reason for his recent episodes.

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

“It’s certainly not your fault, and we can’t force it. I can help to move it along, though, and try and work confidence and trust in you into conversations, as someone they already know,” Brad offered. This wasn’t going to be the easiest of tasks, but it was just another aspect of caring for the crew’s health.

Brad Maxwell, CMO

“I’d appreciate that, Doctor,” Nyman said, “Thank you.”

He looked over his arm one more time, flexing and stretching it a little. It was like the wound was never even there.

“Not too bad a job, huh?”

~~~ Lieutenant Nyman, Counselor

This time, Tom went in with a box marked ‘Science’ ‘Fragile’ and said, “Hello, Sirs, this was misdelivered. A science officer told me to put it here.” He meant the place where he is right now. He then looked around and said, “I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s a little heavy to carry. Where shall I put?”

Little, Eng

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