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Posted Feb. 24, 2024, 2:24 a.m. by Commander Oliver Loughty (Executive Officer) (J Ridgley)

Attention all crew members and visitors aboard the USS Leviathan! I’m here to fill you in on the latest initiative to keep everyone in the loop with what’s happening around the ship. We’re rolling out a new post that’ll serve as your go-to source for staying up to date with all the news and updates from across our vessel.

Think of this post as your virtual bulletin board, where you can find everything from mission updates and announcements from our commanding officers to highlights of recent achievements by our talented crew members. We’ll also be sharing summaries of social interactions, character developments, and fun recreational activities happening on board, so you’ll never miss out on the action.

But it’s not just about what’s happening on the surface. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details too, with updates from our various departments like engineering, medical, and science. Whether it’s groundbreaking research findings, medical emergencies, or the latest engineering projects, we’ve got you covered.

So, keep an eye out for our latest post, because staying informed is key to our success as a crew. Together, we’ll navigate the stars and face whatever challenges come our way, all while staying connected and informed every step of the journey!

Current Stories

Title Description Participation Status Departments/Characters Lead Player Posts of Interest So far...
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back The USS Leviathan is returning to starbase Hades however they are intercepted by an unknown vessel OPEN All Crew Jake In the command center, Captain Iphigenia Henao confronts the Unknown Vessel, a confrontation that culminates in a blinding flash and the mysterious disappearance of the enemy. Simultaneously, a menacing figure clad in a striking exoskeleton launches a sudden and brutal assault in Main Engineering, plunging the ship into disarray. As chaos unfolds, Chief Engineer Ruuk valiantly fights to secure critical systems against the advancing intruder, while Security Chief Ashara Mavix embarks on a tense pursuit on Deck Twenty Nine. Meanwhile, in sickbay, the unsuspecting Hazel Loughty, engaged in a study session with the chief medical officer, is unexpectedly beamed off the ship. Amidst these crises, Captain Iphigenia endeavors to establish command and control in the CIC, grappling with the challenge of managing the unfolding events with limited information.
Diplomatic Incursions The ship's XO, Counsellor Nyman, Transporter chief Saior and two ensigns are invited to Algeron IV however shortly into their journey things take a turn for the worse LIMITED Cmdr Loughty, Lt Nyman, Ens Saior, NE Monroe and NE Michaels AvaH
  • Diplomatic Incursion Main Threat
  • TheAway team find themselves intercepted by a Romulan warbird while en route to a diplomatic summit. After being beamed aboard the Romulan vessel, they face interrogation and suspicion from Commander Kerax, who claims they are searching for saboteurs. As tensions escalate and the crew navigates the uncertain situation, they must tread carefully to discern the truth and ensure their safety amidst the Romulan presence.
    Wormaggeddon The crew of the USS leviathan are investigating a uninhabited planet, but soon things begin to change. FINISHING All Crew MikaJ
  • Story Conclusion
  • Away Team Medical
  • The away team finds themselves on the planet's surface, facing unexpected challenges as they attempt to navigate the hostile environment. Eventually, they receive a signal from the Leviathan and are successfully beamed up to the ship, where they are transported directly to sickbay for examination and treatment. Once there, Iphigenia oversees their care and interacts with the medical staff, while Mac engages in banter to distract herself from distressing thoughts. Amidst the examinations, Ruuk enters sickbay, prompting a warm acknowledgment from Iphigenia. Later, during a debriefing with Admiral Dacascos, Iphigenia faces scrutiny for her decision to lead the away team against advice, highlighting the need for adherence to protocols and expressing gratitude to Oliver for his leadership during their mission. As a command team however their bond grows closer each leaning on each other for support. The USS leviathan is ordered home.

    The Anomaly Inn Social Post

    Step into the heart of the USS Leviathan’s Crew Lounge and brace yourself for an adventure in fun and excitement! Amidst the vibrant ambiance of laughter and camaraderie, a dedicated enclave awaits – expertly cordoned off for exclusive recreational thrills. Here, the air crackles with the energy of friendly competition and lively banter as crew members engage in table tennis showdowns, dart-throwing extravaganzas, and intense pool battles. The self-serve bar beckons with tantalizing beverages, while replicators stand ready to dispense an array of delectable snacks to fuel your adventures. As holoscreens buzz with the latest news and sports updates, strategically placed booths offer cozy corners for clandestine conversations or impromptu strategy sessions. Join Lieutenant Kitiuas, Ensign Atos, and a lively crew for a game of 301 Darts – where every throw is a chance for glory and every win a cause for celebration! Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk, Chief Engineer/Containment Architect, Ensign Jackson, Security Officer, and a host of others are already in on the action. So come on over and dive headfirst into the whirlwind of excitement – because aboard the USS Leviathan, the fun never stops!

    Anomaly Inn


    This month, we’re spotlighting the Creativity Award, a tribute to those among us who consistently dazzle with their exceptional ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. From navigating diplomatic challenges to devising ingenious solutions in the face of adversity, the recipients of this award embody the spirit of creativity that defines our crew. So, whether you’ve witnessed a remarkable idea in action or you’ve been the mastermind behind a game-changing strategy, be sure to nominate those whose creativity has left an indelible mark on our missions. Let’s celebrate the inventive minds that make the USS Leviathan shine bright!

    January Award Ceremony
    As the gentle waves whisper secrets of the deep and the stars twinkle overhead, the crew of the good ship Leviathan gather in anticipation. Among them, I, the Narwhal, stand proud and vigilant, ready to weave the tale of honor and recognition…

    Commander Oliver Loughty
    Executive Officer
    USS Leviathan

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