Side Sim - Report and Retort (tag Captain Henao)

Posted Feb. 21, 2024, 5 p.m. by Lieutenant Mackenzie (Mac) Cerwyrn Kindle (Chief Tactical/Lead RTF Officer) (Cassa D)

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Posted by Lieutenant Mackenzie (Mac) Cerwyrn Kindle (Chief Tactical/Lead RTF Officer) in Side Sim - Report and Retort (tag Captain Henao)
Mac had finished writing her report from the RTF side of the mission namely her views and Biggs additions of what they felt could have been done differently. Though the loss of Davis was still smarting there were still officers that could and would fill the space left by Davis’ death, given time and training at any rate.

Mac had for once not added any additional languages to her report. She actually respected the Captain enough to not try and upset her on purpose just yet. Though the notice that she was summoned to meet with her Captain had Mac wondering if someone else had complained about her sassing them? Sure she had sassed several folks with in the first hours of boarding, she’d been out of uniform, and had felt no need to keep with ranks as long as she wasn’t dealing with her immediate head of department, the first officer or the Captain, so she hadn’t behaved as well as perhaps she should’ve.

Mac had a cheeky grin on her face as she rang the chime on the Ready room doorway. She had narrowly missed getting into big trouble the last time she had the nerve to ask “What is the Ready Room Ready for exactly?” She always thought it should be the Captain’s Sea Cabin or their office. Hearing it called ‘Ready Room’ always tugged at her want to be a brat.

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As Mac approached the ready room, Iphigenia was reviewing the latest mission reports on her tablet. She had just finished reading through the updates on personnel assignments and was now considering potential adjustments to the training schedule in light of recent events. The loss of Davis weighed heavily on her mind, but she knew she had to focus on moving forward and ensuring the readiness of her team.

When the chime sounded, signaling Mac’s arrival, Iphigenia set aside her tablet and composed herself. She knew Mac had a tendency to push boundaries, but she also recognized her potential and valued her contributions to the team. As the door slid open, revealing Mac’s cheeky grin, Iphigenia couldn’t help but feel some amusement.

“Come in, Lieutenant,” Iphigenia said, gesturing for Mac to enter. “Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

Iphigenia motioned for Mac to take a seat across from her desk before settling into her own chair. She studied Mac for a moment, considering her words carefully before speaking. “I wanted to discuss your recent report on the RTF mission,” she began, keeping her tone measured. “I appreciate your insights and Biggs’ contributions, but I also noticed a few areas where we could improve our approach. But before we get started I would like your honest opinion on how you think the mission went. Tell me something you did not put in your report.”

Captain Henao
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Mac nodded softly and took her seat in a smooth graceful motion, as she settled on the seat across from her Captain her expression flickered slightly as she hesitated to reply, she bit the inside of her bottom lip slightly before she took a breath and looked at her Captain directly in the eyes as she spoke, “We should have been running as soon as we noticed that the phasers were not affecting the worm-like creature that attacked. Standing ground is too ingrained in the training. We need to recognize the signs of what is being affected and what isn’t so we can avoid problems next time.” Mac looked down as she finished speaking, “My opinion at least Captain.” She added softer but honestly.

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Lt Kindle
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