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Posted by Commander Oliver Loughty (Executive Officer) in [DipInc] The Warbird Encounter [Tag Commander Loughty, Ensign Saoir]

Posted by Commander Oliver Loughty (Executive Officer) in [DipInc] The Warbird Encounter [Tag Commander Loughty, Ensign Saoir]

Posted by Lieutenant Todd Nyman (Chief Counselor) in [DipInc] The Warbird Encounter [Tag Commander Loughty, Ensign Saoir]
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The group was led off from the brig with two armed officers following behind. The Romulan Commander stood to the side of Loughtly, making it clear that she, personally, was watching. As they were ushered through the corridors, they saw the true state of the ship. The dim corridor was illuminated by the unsteady flickering of emergency lights. Loose panels hung from the walls connected only by their wiring. Atmospheric systems leaked plumes of unknown gasses into the corridors. The air smelt of burning plastic and ozone, and the halls echoed with the sounds of sparks and clanging.

This ship is in worse shape than It appeared externally, Oliver thought, a sense of apprehension creeping over him. We need to proceed cautiously.

The crew seemed sparse, though it was hard to get an exact number as they were darting around in the shadowy corridors. No doubt working on repairs. Though they all seemed in much better shape than the ship. From what they could see, not one of them even had so much as a bruise or scratch.

It’s odd, Oliver mused, noting the crew’s seemingly pristine condition amidst the ship’s evident disrepair. H_ow can they appear unscathed in such a damaged environment?_

One officer was observing a few others repair the relays behind panels that had been reduced to scorch marks. As the group walked by, he paused, and without hesitation approached the Romulan Commander.

What could they be repairing? Oliver wondered, his curiosity piqued. And why does it seem like they’re intentionally avoiding our gaze?

“Kerax,” he said, keeping up with the group as they continued to walk, “l- I’m sorry to interrupt but it’s urgent.”

This could be our chance to gather more information, Oliver thought, recognizing the officer’s interruption as an opportunity. We need to listen carefully.

“What is it, sub-commander?” she replied, with a strange emphasis on his rank.

“Right, Commander Kerax, sir…” the officer replied. After fidgeting with the datapad in his arm, he continued, “We are continuing to have difficulties with the power generation network and if we can’t manage to get it back online we’ll lose cloaking capabilities… among other things”

She paused, as did the guards behind the group. Kerax scowled at the officer, looking subtly back and forth between him and the others she was escorting.

“Is there still power in the ready room?” she said, baring her teeth on each syllable.

She’s clearly in command here, Oliver observed, noting the assertiveness in her voice. But there’s an underlying tension in the air.

“Yes.” squeaked the officer.

“Then we shall discuss the rest later.”

In response, the sub-commander just shrunk away, muttering, “Right, of course, yes sir.”

The group made their way to her ready room, as dark and damaged as the rest of the ship. It was a large, almost oval shaped room with a round table built into the middle, which if functioning normally could be used for holographic displays. Commander Kerax paced to the back of the room and sat opposite the door, viewing the Star Fleet officers from behind the table. Once the door closed, the guards each picked up one of the many chairs haphazardly thrown about the room, and set them upright at the table. They themselves took a position standing either side of the door, so it was implied this gesture was a curt invitation for the others to have a seat.

This setup feels like a deliberate display of authority, Oliver observed, taking note of the guards’ strategic positioning. We need to be cautious in our approach.

“So, Commander,” she started before giving another slight smirk, “I realize I never introduced myself. You may call me Commander Kerax. It might be appropriate to apologize for our initial over-abundance of caution. You see, our ship was sabotaged by a group of counterintelligence agents we were unknowingly transporting. We pursued them to this region as they tried to escape. The standing orders are to search every ship until we find them.”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also as: Commander Kerax|

Commander Kerax’s introduction and explanation provided some insight into their current predicament. Oliver couldn’t help but wonder about the truth behind her words. Were they truly pursuing saboteurs, or was there more to the story? Regardless, he knew they had to tread carefully, navigating the delicate balance between cooperation and suspicion. Oliver exchanged a brief glance with the others before taking his place. He knew that every word and action from this point forward could have far-reaching consequences.

It’s crucial to maintain composure, Oliver reminded himself, aware of the weight of their situation. We need to gather information while avoiding provocation.

“I must admit, Commander, you gave us quite the fright uncloaking as you did,” Oliver started, choosing his words carefully to maintain diplomacy. “Though I somewhat understand and appreciate your caution, we have nothing to hide, and you’re welcome to search our ship, though I suspect that’s already being done. I would have thought that if your saboteurs were smart enough, they would not linger in the area.”

Let’s see how she responds, Oliver thought, observing Kerax’s reaction for any hints of deception or evasion. We need to gauge her sincerity and discern any ulterior motives.

Commander Oliver Loughty
Executive Officer
USS Leviathan

Kerax leaned forward in her chair, observing Loughty closely. A smirk once again flickered across her face.

“That could be the case. However, our intelligence indicates that they came here, specifically, with the intention of rendezvous with a Federation vessel,” she explained. Her calm and measured tone indicated confidence, but not necessarily honesty.

She sat up straight once more and looked the Star Fleet Commander directly in the eyes,

“But you say that you are on your way to a ‘peace summit’? Forgive me Commander, but that seems to be and interesting coincidence.”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also as Commander Kerax|

Saoir observed Commander Kerax’s every move, his mind still fillex with suspicions. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease at the Romulan’s calm demeanor and calculated words. As Oliver exchanged pleasantries with her, Saoir remained silent, his attention focused on figuring out if the Romulan Commander was putting on a facade.
As he sat there in thought, his fingers subtly tapping against his thigh in a nervous rhythm.

As Kerax leaned forward, Saoir’s gaze sharpened, his instincts on high alert. The Romulan’s smirk did not go unnoticed, and Saoir couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to her story than meets the eye.
“They could be toying with us,” Saoir thought, his jaw clenched. “But why? What do they want?”
As Kerax mentioned the supposed rendezvous with a Federation vessel, Saoir’s raised his eyebrows. He finally spoke, “Excuse me,” he said “Commander Kerax, what was the name of the Federation vessel you were scheduled to rendezvous with?”

Ensign Saoir

(OOC clarification : They suspect the rebels are planning the rendezvous, they don’t have anything scheduled yet. I still responded cause this gives me a launch point)

Kerax tilted her head slightly, seemingly surprised by the Ensign’s sudden question. There was a pause, a slight delay in retrieving the information.

“We have not been able to contact any specific ship to help us search for the rebels.” she explained, “And if we knew which vessel they were collaborating with, then we could confront them directly. Instead of stopping and searching shuttles.”

She brought her hand hands together in front of her, and contemplated for a moment. Then, she resumed,

“Perhaps you could assist us? After all, as you said, ‘we may not be allies, we are certainly not your enemies either’. Their ship is damaged, and by our calculations they only have a few days of life support. If you were in their situation, who in this region would you be likely to contact?”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also as Commander Kerax|

“Commander” Oliver began, a sense of reluctance evident in his tone as he prepared to address the inquiry. “Much as I understand your desire for information, I’m afraid our ship’s deployments in the area are classified. Just as you wouldn’t divulge such details to us, we must also uphold the same level of confidentiality. It’s a matter of protocol and security, I trust you can appreciate that,” he explained diplomatically. “Rest assured, though, that any distress call received by Starfleet vessels will prompt a swift and appropriate response. That’s a fundamental principle of our duty and commitment to aid those in need.”

Commander Oliver Loughty
Executive Officer
USS Leviathan

Saoir’s mind raced as he observed the exchange between Commander Kerax and Commander Oliver. He couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that settled in the pit of his stomach and the threat ganglia at the base of his neck had been activated since they arrived on the Warbird.
As Commander Oliver spoke, Saoir found himself silently nodding in agreement with the sentiment.
With a firm resolve, Saoir maintained his silence, carefully observing the unfolding situation while keeping his own thoughts and reservations tightly guarded.

Kerax’s hands flattened out in front of her, and a sharp frown portrayed dissatisfaction with that answer.

“Of course, I understand,” she said thoughtfully, “It would then be impossible for us to know exactly who would be disposed to respond to such a distress call.”

Shortly afterward the door opened behind them. Lieutenant Sen’ton entered the room, walking past the guards, the two officers, and finally stopping at Kerax’s side. Of everyone in the ship, he conveyed respect to the Commander without seeming afraid. He calmly set another chair upright and took a seat next to her. From this angle, one couldn’t help but notice a large greenish patch under his left eye, a bruise that wasn’t there when they first beamed aboard.

“We have everything we need from the two Ensigns,” he reported, “But their Lieutenant was more difficult than anticipated… he is currently being dealt with separately.”

He turned around in his seat to look back at Loughty and Saior, with a calm dignity across his face despite the injury. Obviously anticipating some sort of response from the Commander or Saoir.

“That’s odd,” Kerax commented. She stood up from her seat and paced around Sen’ton to view the bruise, “Vendorian males don’t tend to be so aggressive. He must have adopted it from the humans.”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also as Kerax and Sen’ton|

“Commander” Oliver’s carefully crafted diplomatic facade began to crumble under the weight of frustration and concern. His voice, once measured, now carried a hint of raw emotion as he addressed Kerax. “It’s not just about us withholding information; it’s about the safety and security of my crew,” he stated firmly, his eyes narrowing with intensity. “And forgive me if I seem incredulous, but am I to believe that you’ve treated my other crew members with some form of forcefulness?” he questioned, his tone tinged with both anger and apprehension. As his gaze shifted to Sen’ton, his heart clenched at the sight of the bruise, a silent testament to the ordeal his crew had endured. “What have you done to them?” he demanded, his voice trembling with a mix of fear and indignation.

Commander Oliver Loughty
Executive Officer
USS Leviathan

Saoir’s attention became divided between the tense exchange unfolding before him and the arrival of Lieutenant Sen’ton. At the same time Saoir’s curiosity piqued, as Kerax mentioned Vendorian, he knew she was referring to someone from their crew and it was ludicrous. “A Vendorian?” Said Saoir out loud as he narrowed his eyes. “Is this some kind of trick to get us to cooperate with your search? We have no one within our crew who is Vendorian.” Now suspecting that Lieutenant Nyman and the others were most likely being tortured by the Romualans, Saoir looked at Commander Loughty with clenched fists and simply said, “Commander?” It was a request to act so the Commander could escape and find Nyman as well as the others. He probably wouldn’t win the fight but he would try to hold them off. It was an honor to sacrifice himself, as he had been trained by Starfleet, for the Commander and the rest of the crew.

The guards by the door reacted swiftly, a series of small clicks and clangs indicated they were readying their weapons. No doubt reacting to the Commander’s increase in tone and hostility.

Oliver didn’t back down but neither did he continue to advance, to survive meant not being shot by some over-eager guards. He for not side lineds Saoirs comments, Nymans identify was only known to a few which now may include Saoir and the two ensigns.

Sen’ton pulled back slightly, before glancing up toward his commanding officer. He began to address Lougthly’s concern,

“Commander, I assure you they- ”

Kerax put up her hand as a sign for Sen’ton to stop speaking,

“You are under no obligation to answer him.” she ordered, while remaining alert for any shifts Lougthly’s in emotions.

“No harm has come to your crew, isn’t that correct, Lieutenant?”

Sen’ton cautiously nodded in agreement. Kerax continued,

“For their safe return, however…at this point I would accept an escort to a neutral port where we can repair and resupply. Is that reasonable, Commander?”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also a Kerax and Sen’ton|

Ensign Saoir

Oliver considered a moment, his brow furrowing with concern. “There is a small civilian space station, mainly used for trading in the Tagus system,” he began, choosing his words carefully. “It is neutral to both us and the Romulans and should be able to meet your needs to allow you to return to your mission. It’s also near Alegron, so it works for both parties,” he added, hoping to find common ground. “Though I would prefer Starbase 39, providing my crew are unharmed. In either scenario, I would request to be either on the bridge or leading the warbird, to ensure no… defensive reactions,” he concluded, his tone indicating both his willingness to cooperate and his concern for the safety of his crew.

Commander Oliver Loughty
Executive Officer
USS Leviathan

“Very well then,” Kerax said, standing up straight, “I will consider it with the rest of my senior staff. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Sen’ton,” she shifted her attention back to her own officer,

“Please find more acceptable quarters for our guests to stay in the meantime.”

“Yes Ma’am.” he replied.

Sen’ton stood up, made his way to the door. With the motion of his hand the guards stood down. He looked over his shoulder at the Star Fleet officers,

“If you would please follow me,”

|Lt. Nyman,
Chief Counselor
Also As Kerax and Sen’ton|

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