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Amidst the piercing wail of the red alert, the Captain’s Ready Room aboard the USS Leviathan becomes a sanctuary of quiet tension. Bathed in the crimson glow of emergency lighting, the room takes on an otherworldly ambiance, its familiar features transformed into shadows and silhouettes against the scarlet backdrop. The usual serenity of the space is replaced by a palpable sense of urgency, each corner suffused with the gravity of the situation at hand.

The captain’s desk, typically a bastion of order and command, now sits beneath the eerie crimson light, its surface adorned with scattered datapads and reports awaiting attention. The room, usually a place for contemplation and strategic planning, now serves as a beacon of calm amidst the chaos of the red alert, a silent witness to the decisions that will shape the fate of the ship and its crew.

The door opens revealing whomever is entering.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
USS Leviathan

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Ensign Caiíona Brighid Céilid sat very quietly in the back of the conference room. She had only arrived a week ago and today had been assigned to act as the yeoman for the day and take notes on the meeting, as the original yeoman N.E. Johnson was sick with Urodelan flu. Her orders were to sit and stay quiet and just take notes.

Ensign Caiíona Brighid Céilid
Operations/Comms Specialist
USS Leviathon

Adam followed later than most as he hadn’t been on CIC duties during the start of the incident but still arrived on time as he’d already been on the way as soon as Red Alert was sounded.

IC: Iphigenia Henao straightened her posture as the senior officers filed into the room, her gaze sweeping over them as she noted their presence with a nod of acknowledgment. She forced herself to maintain a composed exterior, recognizing that her crew looked to her for guidance in times of crisis.

“Thank you all for coming,” she began, her voice steady despite the turmoil within. “I am sure you have heard by now and are aware that we have a serious situation on our hands. Hazel Loughty, Commander Loughty’s daughter, has been kidnapped, and we need to act quickly to locate her and bring her back safely.”

Mac had to fight her first reaction to hearing that it was certain that the child had been kidnapped. Anyone that harmed a child was lower than a mangled hell beast in her opinion. She kept quiet to let Iphigenia speak uninterrupted by her outrage. She would save that for those that took the kid. Few things made Mac angry as someone mistreating a child.

Ash piped up quickly, “Ah can have a Security Team working around the clock to look out for Hazel Cap’n, jest say the word.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

There was a visual emotional reaction on Adam’s face which was a rarity. A flash of anger quickly suppressed but anyone seated next to him would see his knuckles turning white as he clenched his fists.

Her words hung heavy in the air, the weight of the situation pressing down on the operations of the ship. “We’ll need to launch a full-scale investigation,” she continued, her mind already racing through potential leads and strategies.

“Lieutenant Ynuchausti, I want you to oversee communications between departments and keep everyone updated on any developments. Lieutenant Mavix, I need you to mobilize our security teams. Investigate the movements of the beings who boarded the ship, review all security footage, and report your findings to me.

Lieutenant Ruuk, I need a thorough analysis of how they infiltrated our systems, managed to beam aboard, take Hazel as quickly and easily as they did, and flee in a matter of seconds.

Lieutenant Balfor, determine if they left any kind of bio signature when they came aboard.”

Finally, she turned to the most senior officer in the room. “Lieutenant Commander Magnusson, I would like you to start gathering intelligence on possible suspects. Please contact your resources to see what you can find out. Maybe it will give us a lead.” She took a breath then looked at Mac and said, “Once we know who we are dealing with, Lieutenant Kindle we will devise a plan to rescue her.”

There was a slight hesitation before his answer, not long enough to be noteworthy but unusual for Adam “Aye” Was all he said, he was already working on the problem in his mind. He had put forth his objections when the Commander was assigned to the Levi about bringing a child on the ship, of course, that was just for the record as there was precedent for having Children on the ship despite it being a high-risk environment. He felt an unusual level of conflict thinking back, if the child was a target was having her on the ship a better option or a worse one.

Mac nodded her head, she would be very invested in helping return Hazel to the ship. Once they knew who how, they would be able to make sure it didn’t happen again. She was tempted to offer to help go over the security footage, to help move things along but she didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, and she would wait for being asked to help.

Mac just hated the idea of the poor kid in an unknown situation. If they hurt the kid that would make it extremely hard to not seek revenge on Hazel’s behalf. Mac would hold the rules of the Federation in most cases but when it came to kids and folks wronging them. It was a lot harder to keep to the letter of the laws. Children were treasures of the future. They shouldn’t be in danger and those that would harm them deserved punishment in equal to what they did to those kids. It didn’t go with the regulations though and that was the hard part of the job.

She paused, taking a moment to gather her thoughts before addressing the rest of the officers. “We’re going to find Hazel, no matter what it takes. She’s one of us, and we leave no one behind.” There was a brief pause before she added, “I will contact Commander Loughty and inform him of what has happened.”

Captain I. Henao
(Commanding Officer)

“Do you want me to stay with you when you contact him Captain?” Mac said keeping her voice calm though she was still upset at the situation. They’d get Hazel back, that was going to happen; it was just going to take them some time to find answers, and then they’d be able to locate and return her to her home and her father.

Lt Kindle
RTF Leader

OOC: Just as a precursor to his discussion, The entity has successfully ejected the warp. The attackers on the security deck were holograms aimed to confuse and distract the security teams away from critical areas on the ship as such right now the Leviathan is dead in the water all the consoles in engineering have been destroyed by some sort of EPM and it will take at least a few of days to get the warp core back, in and restarted. The Leviathan has plenty of power for other systems just cant get anywhere fast. Hazel is still missing and no sign of the entity though it didn’t leave the ship but instead activated a site-to-site transport somewhere on the ship. It’s been 30 minutes since the attack started. :) Enjoy.

One Step forward, Two Steps Back
USS Leviathan

Adam was tapping on a PaDD, requesting access to all sensor data related to the incident. The status display showed the current estimated repair time but there were few things more dangerous than a Starfleet engineering crew with a grudge and he doubted something as limiting as the the laws of physics. He used another panel to open Commander Loughty’s record, they were of the same generation, those that joined Starfleet at the end of the last Golden Age of exploration during the start of the Dominion War, that was plenty of time to make enemies, Magnus had his fair share and he knew the dangers of having a daughter as a vulnerable spot but to take a risk like kidnapping a child from a Starfleet Vessel was extreme. “There were two other transporter signatures at the same time,” He said reading the PaDD “One in Engineering and another on deck 29, what information on those events do we have?” He asked, he was still catching up as he read three different panels at once.


Kit spoke up just then. “It was an exoskeleton individual in engineering, weapons appeared to be ineffectual against the individual. I did not recognize the form of exoskeleton in use. However, the intruder did speak to Lieutenant Ruuk, just before inserting a device into an accesses port and the ejection of the warp core.”

Lieutenant Kitiuas Thenis, Science
USS Leviathan

Magnus found the relevant report as the science officer answered his question or part of it. He frowned as he read the exchange “The hostile being was aware of who our Chief Engineer was, it had a brute force option to eject our warp core likely doing so to hinder us from giving chase and we have no record of it leaving the ship” He looked at the Captain “The primary objective should be capturing or neutralizing the hostile entity before bringing the warp core back online” There was an edge to his tone, he disliked the idea of delaying going after the child as much as the rest of the crew “I suggest arming the crew, securing of critical areas such as the bridge, Engineering, Sickbay and all Containment areas followed by a grid search of every inch of the ship. We’ll need to inhibit transporter functions as we search” This would delay looking into the kidnapping but it was necessary and with Loughty of the ship it was his job to give the tough advice to the Captain.


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