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The USS Ogawa is a McCoy-Class Medical Cruiser. Resources include two Liberty-Class runabouts--Osiris and Abida--shuttlecraft Perceptive and Precise, a host of medical and scientific equipment, a crew of forty and a cadre of visiting staff from across the Federation to protect the inhabited worlds against the omnipresent threat of illness and injury. The Ogawa performs secondary duties as a patrol ship, and is capable of functioning as a combat support tender with atmospheric and landing capabilities.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer's Notes

Welcome to the USS Ogawa, please take note of the posting limits and make yourself at home.
All hands please note the following: Trim your posts please, be concious of other users who find long threads difficult. Also a biography of some sort is required by all crew characters as per GM request.
Finally it is your responsibility to ensure you read all notes to keep up to speed with the sim. If you are lost let someone know and we will assist you.

Commander Dira Myqian
Executive Officer's Notes

Oh dear! What a predicament. Dira's pretty cool under pressure but this is certainly one of the more strange situations she's found herself. Welcome to the crew of the Ogawa?

Game Master Geoff Joosten
Games Master's Evil Plans

The sim has started! Our plucky, shipless, crew is trying to find the source of the tea and crumpet smell coming from the air vents while dealing with the ever present hallucinations that are caused by something. Full summary coming soon.

Sim Information

Sim Title: Adventures in Starbase 157

Place in Sim: End

End Dates: TBA

Cast of Characters: You, the crew!

Important Links:

Important Remarks: The sim is officially underway! Please find one of the main sim threads and jump in to participate! There is something in the air that is causing hallucinations so if you would like to be exempted please shoot me a message and we can figure that part out!


Chief of Staff

You’re cured! Now coordinate the cure for everyone else.

Chief of Security

why does it grin Madame Cat? Whatever you're up to let's try and not infect more people?

Chief Engineer

Let's get the cure distributed.

Chief of Psychiatry

It appears that almost everyone is mad what you can to help us through the trauma.

Chief Science Officer

Cure thyself?

Head Nurse

Deal with the madhouse?

AWOL Policy

We operate off of an Alternative posting speed, which sets the AWOL limits as follows:5 Days All Hands

AWOLs will follow the outline below

1) In the first instance you'll receive a poke to remind you to post or an AWOL notice.

2) Then an email AWOL warning.

3) Third time your character will be Hidden. If you post your character will be restored. If not then your character will be removed.

If you are stuck for somewhere to post or for inspiration say so, we will help!

Ship Announcements

Check out our ship channel in discord to chat with your fellow crew mates and plan some shenanigans.

Spotlight for the best side sims and posts every month!


Unrostered Characters (Free for anyone to use): Doctor James McNight, Doctor Roberta Parr,

Interns Issac Jacobs and Jessica Summers

MOTD designed by Ed Brough and Sharon Miller. Last updated 7 October 2020

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Willow Taylor Commanding Officer Human 36 5ft 5inches 130lbs Calé Reilly OK (3*)
Commander Dira Myqian Executive Officer Haliian/Betazoid 40 170 cms 68 kgs Lindsay Bayes OK (2)
Commander Brad Walker Chief Of Staff/Second Officer Human 42 6'0" 180 lbs Brandon Irvine AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Commander Pilar O'Keefe Head Nurse Bajoran Tyra Schroll AWOL (10*)
Lieutenant Alexis Bonner Assistant Chief Medical Officer Human 25 5'6' 126 Jennifer Ward OK (0)
Lieutenant Drake Marshall Emergency Medicine/Chief of Surgery Human 27 161 5’11” Sam Pennington OK (4*)
Lieutenant Tija Aizala Visitor Bajoran 33 5'1" (1.55m) 106lbs (48kg) Silke Fahl
Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal Oncology and Immunology Human/Vulcan 28 6'4'' 185 lbs Nicole C AWOL (7*)
Crewman Joe Black Dentist Anthropomorphic Personification. old 7 foot Calé Reilly
Lieutenant Commander Ever Zeanar Chief of Psychiatry Betazoid 38 5'6" 125 lbs Ty Napier OK (2*)
Ensign Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson Psychiatrist Human 38 135 lbs. 5'7" Lori Miller OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Achilleas Petrakos Chief Science Officer Human 22 years 5' 11" 185 lbs Matt Evans OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jenyfer Lynset Scientist (Virology) Human 25 5' 7" 180 Melissa Aragon OK (4)
Ensign Iyun Riani Scientist Bajoran 22 5'0" (1.52m) 104lbs (47kg) Silke Fahl OK (2)
Lieutenant Zoi Haven Chief of Security El Aurian 97 5'7" 120 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (0*)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Duvosa Security Officer Romulan/Human 26 115lbs 5’7” James Harrison OK (3)
Ensign Ralin Tell Security Officer Trill (Joined) 30 6'0" 160 lbs Jamie Moore AWOL (18*)
Lieutenant Robert Mason Chief Engineer Human 28 5' 10" 180 lbs Joe P AWOL (21*)
Chief Petty Officer Oscar Cameron Cascarrabias Demalia Engineer (Grouch) Human 34 5'10 185 Nicholas Villarreal AWOL (5*)
Civilian Cai Taylor Captain’s Brother Human 16 5’ 9 168lbs Calé Reilly
Gamemaster Wombat Gamemaster Vombatus ursinus Unknowable Geoff Joosten OK (2)

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