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Commanding Officer's Notes

Welcome to the USS Ogawa, please take note of the posting limits and make yourself at home.
All hands please note the following: Trim your posts please, be concious of other users who find long threads difficult. Also a biography of some sort is required by all crew characters as per GM request. Finally it is your responisibility to ensure you read all notes to keep up to speed with the sim. If you are lost let someone know and we will assist you.

Executive Officer's Notes

Words of wisdom coming soon.

Games Master's Evil Plans

The Ogawa is en route to Carraya IV on a medical aid mission. Meanwhile, some odd happenings are going on and the psi-positive crew members are picking up on something on the ship.

Department Orders
Chief of Staff
Intruder Alert! Prepare sickbay.
Chief of Security
Intruder Alert. Secure the ship and find the creatures if there are more.
Chief Engineer
Intruder Alert! Fix the relay and I mean now.
Chief of Psychiatry
Intruder Alert! Report to the bridge.
Chief Science Officer
Intruder Alert! Get your team onto finding out what this Intruder is.
Head Nurse
Intruder Alert! Prepare sickbay.
Ship Information

We operate off of an Alternative posting speed, which sets the AWOL limits as follows:
5 Days All Hands

AWOLs are checked against the Master Roster Located below:
{ https://www.star-fleet.com/id/rosters/ }

Special Recognition to Ed Brough for designing our MOTD.


Unrostered Characters:

  • Melaia Reez

  • LOA: None at this time

    AWOL: None

    Ship Background

    The USS Ogawa is a McCoy-Class Medical Cruiser. Resources include two Liberty-Class runabouts--Osiris and Abida--shuttlecraft Perceptive and Precise, a host of medical and scientific equipment, a crew of forty and a cadre of visiting staff from across the Federation to protect the inhabited worlds against the omnipresent threat of illness and injury. The Ogawa performs secondary duties as a patrol ship, and is capable of functioning as a combat support tender with atmospheric and landing capabilities.

    Sim Information
    Sim Title
    Jungles and Empires
    Place In Sim
    End Dates
    Cast Characters

    The Ogawa is being sent to Carraya IV with a shipment of supplies to help rebuild and improve the local clinic that has been inundated by refugees from the fractured Romulan empire.

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    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Captain Willow Taylor Commanding Officer Human Cale Reilly OK (2)
    Commander Arun Onuru Executive Officer Betazoid Julia Hager AWOL (15)
    Lieutenant Commander Brad Walker Chief Of Staff/2O Human 6'0" 180 lbs Brandon Irvine OK (0)
    Lieutenant Commander Pilar O'Keefe Head Nurse Bajoran Tyra Schroll OK (1)
    Lieutenant Allison Scott Pediatrics/Assistant Chief Medical Officer Human 5'4" 125 Kate O'Neill AWOL (8)
    Lieutenant Drake Marshall Surgery and Emergency Medicine Human 161 5’11” Sam Pennington OK (0)
    Crewman Jasper Jarvis Cardiology and Surgery Human 5'10'' 9st 8lb Iain Foggarty OK (2)
    Crewman Joe Black Dentist ??? 7 foot Cale Reilly
    Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Reez Chief of Psychiatry Human 6'2 175 lbs Steven Sigle OK (3)
    Lieutenant Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson Psychiatrist Human 135 lbs. 5'7" Lori Miller Late (6)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Najma C. Moreino Chief Science Officer Human 5'3" 130lbs Mika Jackson OK (3)
    Ensign Bradar Tressex Scientist Antican 5'10" 198 lbs James Sinclair
    Civilian T'Pris Psychobiologist/Scientist Vulcan 5'8" 145lb Krystelle McLean OK (3)
    Civilian Melaia Reez Scientist Betazoid 5'8/127cm 146 Lindsay Bayes
    Lieutenant Rico Vanhall Chief of Security Human 6' 1" 210 lbs David Shotton OK (1)
    Lieutenant Zoi Haven Security Officer El Aurian 5'7" 120 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (2)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Pierce Chief Engineer Human 6'2" 174 Sam Pennington AWOL (7)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Easter Engineer Human 6'1" 201lb Russell Watt AWOL (43)
    Civilian Cai Taylor Captain’s Brother Human Cale Reilly
    Civilian Kenzie Easter Lt Easter’s niece Human 4'11" 100lb Russell Watt
    Civilian Adrian Sorel T’Pris’ son Vulcan/Human 5'8" 135lb Krystelle McLean
    Gamemaster Mischief Maker Gamemaster Lindsay Bayes OK (0)

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