USS Ogawa NCC-64284-B

The Ogawa (aka the Owie) is a Nightingale-Class Medical Cruiser. The Nightingale class supports two refitted Longevity-Class runabouts (The Chiron and The Eir) These two auxiliary craft are designed with dedicated medical modules in order to function as an "ambulance in space”. The ship also hosts three shuttle craft and two shuttle pods.

The Ogawa performs secondary duties as a patrol ship, and is capable of functioning as a combat support tender with atmospheric and landing capabilities. Check out our Ships Charter .

  Commanding Officer: Captain Dira Myqian  Commanding Officer's collar

We have a new sim and lots of chaos. Let's jump in to the fun and also keep up the great character development. If you haven't responded to the OOC thread yet, please make sure you do so ASAP.

A reminder to all crew to a) pay attention to Main Sim threads, b) trim your threads and c) declare LOAs. Note the AWOL policy on the MOTD.

We are all about collaboration! If you are stuck on where to post and/or want help to plan something, please reach out. We're happy to plot with you.

  Executive Officer: Commander Royal Sinclair  Executive Officer's collar

Ok, all. Let's get something straight. I really like helping out. So don't be shy about coming to me with ideas, problems, or questions!

And if you have an idea for a story arc and need some help making it happen, let me know! I am a big fan of character development stories!

Sim Information

  CO-GMs: Geoff Joosten & Lindsay B  Storyteller's collar

Sim Title: Games of Power

Place in Sim: Middle

Cast of Characters:

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Current Sim Locations:

  • Command Centre
  • Main Engineering
  • Deck 9A (Hull breach thread in cargo bay)
  • Deck 8A
  • Deck 8A Turbolift
  • Deck 7A, COP's office

  • Important Remarks: During a planned drill known only to a few of the senior crew, the ship experiences a hull breach. Chaos, understandably, ensues. The ship is currently stopped while repairs teams try to get a handle on the damage and power issues.

    Department Heads

      Chief of Staff:   Chief of Staff's collar

    Commander Brad Walker

    You've got emergency cases. Make sure your staff is on top of everything.!

      Head Nurse: Head Nurse

    Currently Vacant Vacant


      Chief of Psychiatry:   COP's collar

    Lieutenant Mariah Grayson

    Looks like you have your hands full with a patient who was already heading to Counselling.

      Chief Science Officer:   CSO's collar

    The hull breach has affected your deck. Check on your staff and help with the crisis.

      Chief of Security  CDO

    Lieutenant Zoi Haven

    Hull breach! It's all hands on decks to handle the emergency.

      Chief Engineer  CE's

    Lieutenant j.g.) Currently Vacant

    We've got a hull breach and power issues. Get us back up and running!

    Posting Limits

    We operate off of an Alternative posting speed, which sets the AWOL limits as follows: 5 Days All Hands

    AWOLs will follow the outline below

    1) In the first instance you'll receive a poke to remind you to post or gentle reminder.

    2) Then an email AWOL notice at 10 days.

    3) After 15 days with no communication and/or LOA your character will be Hidden. If you post your character will be restored. If not then your character will be removed after a month.

    If you are stuck for somewhere to post or for inspiration say so, we will help!

    Current Vacancies

    Senior Officers:

    • Chief Engineer
    • Head Nurse

    Junior Officers:

    • Security
    • Engineering

    If you are interested in joining then please contact the CO or XO

    MOTD originally designed by Louis Harvatt and Sharon Miller. Last updated Apr 2024

    Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Captain Dira Myqian Commanding Officer Haliian/Betazoid 43 170 cms 68 kgs Lindsay B OK (4)
    Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair Executive Officer Human 34 6'10" 284 lbs. James Sinclair OK (1)
    Commander Brad Walker Chief Of Staff/Second Officer Human 42 6'0" 180 lbs Brandon Irvine OK (4)
    Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane Assistant Chief Medical Officer Human 26 5'6' 126 Jennifer Ward OK (1)
    Lieutenant Commander Drake Marshall Surgical Chief/ Emergency Medicine Human 161 5’11” Sage Pennington OK (0*)
    Lieutenant Head Nurse
    Lieutenant Solal Segal Oncology and Immunology Human/Vulcan 29 6'4'' 185 lbs Lucas Foxley AWOL (46)
    Ensign Lena Khev Nurse (Surgical) Romulan 47 5’5” 121 lbs Sage Pennington
    Lieutenant Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson Chief of Psychiatry Human 38 135 lbs. 5'7" Lori Miller AWOL (8*)
    Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos Chief Science Officer Human 23 years 5' 11" 185 lbs Matt Evans AWOL (9*)
    Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane Research & Development Human 28 6'3" 218 lbs James Sinclair
    Lieutenant Corinne Dalton Scientist Mostly Human 38 5'8 135 lbs Lindsay B OK (2)
    Lieutenant V'alura Belmont Scientist on Medical Leave Vulcan-Human Hybrid 50 6'0" (182cm) 160lbs (72kg) Abigail G AWOL (12*)
    Lieutenant Commander Zoi Haven Chief of Security El Aurian 97 5'7" 120 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (4)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Engineer
    Lieutenant Navale Huzzen Engineer Coridanite 32 5'8" 156 lbs Jennifer Ward OK (2)
    Frigga Thera-pet Icelandic Sheepdog 3 17 inches 25 lbs Jennifer Ward
    Gamemaster Wombat co-Gamemaster Vombatus ursinus Unknowable Geoff Joosten OK (1)
    Gamemaster Mischief Maker co-Gamemaster Castor canadensis Causing Havoc Since 2010 Lindsay B OK (1)

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