“Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” ~ Hippocrates

The Ogawa (aka the Owie) is a Nightingale-Class Medical Cruiser. The Nightingale class supports two refitted Longevity-Class runabouts (The Chiron and The Eir) These two auxiliary craft are designed with dedicated medical modules in order to function as an "ambulance in space”. The ship also hosts three shuttle craft and two shuttle pods. The Ogawa performs secondary duties as a patrol ship, and is capable of functioning as a combat support tender with atmospheric and landing capabilities. Check out our Ships Charter

Command Staff

Commanding Officer's Notes

Welcome to the USS Ogawa, where our story lines will make your heart have premature ventricular contractions (your heart will skip a beat!) We have something for everyone so come along and jump right in.
All hands please note the following: Trim your posts please, be concious of other users who find long threads difficult.
Finally if you are lost in the sim, struggling to post or have a great idea for a side sim reach out!

Commander Dira Myqian
Executive Officer's Notes

A mission of mercy is at at the core of what the Ogawa stands for. Let's jump in and do our best to relieve the suffering on Unroth III. Forget the camera crew, they're really not all that important just now. ;)

Dira's door (and mine too!) is always open. I love to collaborate and plot and scheme.

Game Master Geoff Joosten
Games Master's Evil Plans

The Owie has been charged with proving the need for a medical dedicated ship, or at least more of them, and is thus playing host to the enigmatic Farber Golfink, a well respected and flamboyant director and his crew, thus far composed of twin Russians (Boris and Svetlana), a pair of Vulcan journalists (Invun and Dol), Preem his long suffering unjoined Trill assistant, and a cast of other people to make the circus run at top efficiency.

Sim Information

Sim Title: Lights! Camera! Action!

Place in Sim: End

Cast of Characters: TBD

Important Links:

Important Remarks: COMING SOON


Chief of Staff

Help organize the medical supplies and staff for emergency services on the surface.

Chief of Security

These people are desperate and wary. We need eyes watching for anything unusual so our teams can roll up their sleeves and do what they do best.

Chief Engineer

You and your team have an emergency medical clinic to assemble asap!

Chief of Psychiatry

Mental health is also a key concern for the refugees. Make sure you and your team are available to those in need.

Chief Science Officer

Unclean water and probably host of other issues we're not aware of yet. Get down on the surface and begin evaluating needs beyond the medical.

Head Nurse

Help coordinate the nursing staff and make sure they are where they need to be on the surface. There are patients to treat!

AWOL Policy

We operate off of an Alternative posting speed, which sets the AWOL limits as follows:5 Days All Hands

AWOLs will follow the outline below

1) In the first instance you'll receive a poke to remind you to post or gentle reminder.

2) Then an email AWOL notice.

3) Third time your character will be Hidden. If you post your character will be restored. If not then your character will be removed.

If you are stuck for somewhere to post or for inspiration say so, we will help!

Ship Announcements

Check out our ship channel in discord to chat with your fellow crew mates and plan some shenanigans.

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Unrostered Characters (Free for anyone to use): Doctor James McNight, Doctor Roberta Parr,

Interns Issac Jacobs and Jessica Summers

MOTD designed by Ed Brough and Sharon Miller. Last updated June 2022

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Willow Taylor Commanding Officer Human 39 5ft 5inches 130lbs Calé Reilly OK (4)
Commander Dira Myqian Executive Officer Haliian/Betazoid 42 170 cms 68 kgs Lindsay B LOA 2022-10-04 (0)
Commander Brad Walker Chief Of Staff/Second Officer Human 42 6'0" 180 lbs Brandon Irvine OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Alexis Bonner Assistant Chief Medical Officer Human 25 5'6' 126 Jennifer Ward OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Drake Marshall Surgical Chief/ Emergency Medicine Human 27 161 5’11” Sage Pennington AWOL (8)
Lieutenant Solal Segal Oncology and Immunology Human/Vulcan 29 6'4'' 185 lbs Nicole Cline OK (2)
Ensign Lena Khev Nurse (Surgical) Romulan 47 5’5” 121 lbs Sage Pennington
Crewman Joe Black Dentist Anthropomorphic Personification. old 7 foot Calé Reilly
Lieutenant Surra Almikaz Chief of Psychiatry Human 35 5'5" 139 lbs Mika Jackson LOA 2022-10-03 (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson Psychiatrist Human 38 135 lbs. 5'7" Lori Miller AWOL (5*)
HARLEEN Psychiatry Reception Hologram Holographic AI null 5'9" Null Mika Jackson
Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane Chief Science Officer/Research & Development Human 28 6'3" 218 lbs James Sinclair OK (0)
Lieutenant Savel Scientist/Pilot Vulcan 37 187 cm - 6'20" 79 Kg - 174 lb Adrien Jouve OK (1*)
Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells Scientist Human 32 6'0" 175lbs James Harrison OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Zoi Haven Chief of Security El Aurian 97 5'7" 120 lbs Amber DeSadier AWOL (5)
Chief Petty Officer Oscar Cameron Cascarrabias Demalia Chief Engineer Human 35 5'10 185 Nicholas Villarreal AWOL (5)
Civilian Cai Taylor Captain’s Brother Human 17 5’ 9 168lbs Calé Reilly
Frigga Thera-pet Icelandic Sheepdog 2 17 inches 25 lbs Jennifer Ward
Audrey II Arboretum Hostess Venus Fly Trap 2 (fully grown plant) Average Average Russell Watt
Gamemaster Wombat Gamemaster Vombatus ursinus Unknowable Geoff Joosten

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