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Ana’s eyebrows furrowed behind Khauv as she saw the small, black object dash by. She hadn’t been able to get a good look at it, but it didn’t look like the handsome man who had interrupted her… but it was the best lead she had to convincing the security officer that she wasn’t crazy. Or, at least, if she was, the rest of the crew was crazy too. She nudged him in the shoulder from behind, perhaps a bit more firmly than required, and pointed in the direction of where the object had headed. “Follow it and see if you can get it,” she demanded as she forgot about her paranoia and scampered after, hoping the phaser-equipped lieutenant was close behind her.

Darren, Psychiatrist

The cat seemed to stop and then scampered off farther down the corridor and around another corner. A voice could be heard, cooing to the animal. “There you are…” It was a woman’s voice.

Around the corner, a woman dressed in a stylized blue uniform with flaming red hair stood there holding the cat and scratching it’s head. That cat was purring.

~Mischief Maker

Having given chase to the black animal, Ana stopped abruptly when she came across the red-headed woman. Her brows furrowed as she tried to place her on the crew manifest. Given the small number of personnel aboard the Ogawa, she had a fairly good idea of the various names and faces, even if she hadn’t met all of them personally. This did not look like the man who had interrupted her in her office, however. Glancing back at the security crewman who had been accompanying her, she let out a small huff and strode forward.

Gordon had followed Ana as the Lieutenant had ordered him to, however when he had turned the corner and seen the woman in blue he’d stopped hard. Every instinct inside him said, “This is wrong, stay away from her…and that weird cat…”, but of course this was Starfleet…officers just had to go up and touch weird stuff.

He sighed as he advanced, his left hand drifting slowly to his side arm holstered on his right hip in a “cross draw” fashion. Whatever happened next he would have to watch his line of fire since the pretty but seemingly stupid Psychiatrist attempted to make first contact with…whatever this was!

“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. Doctor Darren,” she said, in way of introduction and holding her hand out.

Darren, Psychiatrist

“Oh, yeah, just hold your hand out and shake it’s hand....” Gordon mentally commented, instinctively moving to keep a clear line of sight with the Woman in blue and to be close enough to possibly grab Ana if needed.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Security

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