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Willow nodded. “Contact Doctor Darren, if I could talk with you both a moment.” She said and also indicating for McNairn to follow moved out of ear shot of the others.

“We think we may be trapped in some sort of soap opera. These beings are characters, they think this is a Hospital Starbase and that we are part of their story line. While we work out what happened to Hart we need to figure out what the point of this whole thing is. Doctor Walker is currently doing an autopsy, we will know more about the killer then, it seems very coincidental and I don’t like coincidence.”

She looked at the people. “I’m sure all of them will register the same as the cadet. For now we need to play along with them and try to find out what the plot of this is. That was we will work out what’s happened and how we can stop it.” Looking at each one she added. “I hope none of you have a twin.”

Willow Taylor

Before anyone could contact Ana, the Sickbay doors parted and she entered, accompanied by the mysterious visitor that she had found chasing a cat in the corridor. She gently cleared her throat, hoping to inconspicuously gain Taylor’s attention to the guest.

Darren, CoP

Gordon brought up the rear of the little party, his eyes quickly taking in the room. He noted the number of ranking officers in the room and braced up slightly, too much gold on collars in one place for his liking…

Pilar looked up “Speak of the devil and they appear.” She muttered “Counselor, welcome to the insanity. We have a young lady over here that needs someone to talk to after losing a very dear friend. And that is just the beginning.” She said and turned back to Willow “So how do we tell if we are in some sort of a soap opera or whatever and how do we get out of it?”

Head Nurse

Ana’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she opened her mouth to question the nurse’s use of the word devil, but correctly identified that this might not be the time to enquire into human idioms. She followed the nurse’s gaze to the group of people. It was relatively easy to catalogue the crew on a ship the size of the Ogawa, so she quickly realized that they did not belong. “Are they all…” her voice trailed off as she left the question to Pilar or Willow unspoken but hopefully understood.

Darren, CoP
Gordon blinked, his brain slowly clunked through the information he overheard. “Hang on…did she say soap opera?” He mentally asked himself, this day was getting weirder by the second.

He stepped away from the various groups and did his best to blend into the background, letting his eyes wander around the rooms occupants.

He didn’t know many of the crew, being a new member himself, but he did notice a sense of “otherness” from the way the crew he did know acted towards the group that Lieutenant Darren wandered towards. They obviously didn’t “belong” but if they weren’t part of the crew…who were they?

The sickbay seemed to be its usual hustle and bustle but didn’t seem to need a discreet fist to the face or phaser blast to the chest so at least he could relax a little. He was silently thankful that the crazy head of surgery wasn’t kicking around....

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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