Side sim- Psych Eval-Somewhere on Deck 2

Posted Dec. 16, 2019, 8:09 a.m. by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) (Alasdair Sutherland)

Posted by Lieutenant Anastasia Darren (Chief of Psychiatry) in Side sim- Psych Eval-Somewhere on Deck 2

Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim- Psych Eval-Somewhere on Deck 2

Posted by Lieutenant Anastasia Darren (Chief of Psychiatry) in Side sim- Psych Eval-Somewhere on Deck 2

Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim- Psych Eval-Somewhere on Deck 2


Ana nodded once, briefly, to acknowledge his answer to her question. She jotted down a few notes on a nearby PaDD and then returned her gaze to Muir again. “Is this a long term career plan for you or do you have other goals in your life?” she again queried, not really responding or acknowledging his previous answer. She shuddered lightly as she again thought about the Ogawa’s dentist but quickly forced her attention back to her patient.

Darren, CoP

Gordon was curious to see what she was she writing but restrained himself from leaning over to see what was written on the PaDD.

“I’m not sure ma’am, I would love to try for officer again but frankly I’m not sure. I suppose I find this more enjoyable than the PaDD work or doing the local shipping lane run back home.” He said somewhat a dismissively, it still hurt that he had failed the entry test and the thought of failing twice was almost too much to consider.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

Not one to avoid such discomfort, Ana immediately followed up her previous question with another. “Why aren’t you sure about trying to become an officer?” She set the PaDD aside and leaned forward, interlacing her fingers and resting her weight onto her elbows as her black eyes searched Muir’s face inquisitively.

Darren, CoP

Gordon leaned back slightly as she moved forwards, it was instinctive and he didn’t notice himself doing it. He felt her eyes searching his face, those black endless eyes…

He hesitated before answering, “When I tried last time I didn’t pass, I failed rather badly and frankly I’m not sure if being an officer is for me. Hence why being a crewman seemed a good fit, I could serve and still learn a few things.” He replied pausing often to collect his thoughts.

“Anyway, the option to go back is always there but I want to focus on learning the trade at the moment anyway.” He said with a note of finality, like he wanted to draw a line under that topic and move onto something else.

He unconsciously looked around the room, what would he find?

Crewman Gordon Muir, sec

Ana’s office was as boring Starfleet issued as possible. The only personal effects was her medical school diploma hanging on the wall behind her desk and the urn of brightly colored lollipops on top of it. It truly wasn’t much to look at it.

Gordon had hoped he’d find some interesting object to change the subject to in an attempt to deflect questions but was thwarted by the blandness of the room. He sighed and reached over to take a lollipop to give himself something to play with, he knew it was a coping mechanism but he hated talking about himself. What flavour had he snatched?

“Do you feel that you failed due to a lack of personal skill or because it simply isn’t the correct job for your temperament?” she asked, pushing harder as she eyed him glancing around her office. There was truly nothing wrong with being enlisted and Starfleet couldn’t function without those crew, but she felt it worth her time to ensure that Muir was happy with that change of life plans as well.

Darren, CoP
Gordon sighed, he’d been asked this before…multiple times during his exit interview at the tests, at his crewman interview and during training. He had given a variety of answers at every time, even to him none of them rang true and sounded rather hollow to him.

“I....don’t think I was ready, maybe I’ll never be…but I don’t know. I enjoyed the security training and working on the civilian cargo ships before I joined. I think a life in space is for me but as for officer....I don’t know…I need to find myself I suppose.” He said in a rather unconfident tone, even if this answer did sound somewhat truer than “I want to work for a living”.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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