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Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in Side sim - Security Office - DH boarding meeting

Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim - Security Office - DH boarding meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in Side sim - Security Office - DH boarding meeting

Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim - Security Office - DH boarding meeting

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Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim - Security Office - DH boarding meeting

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Gordon opened his eyes after the familiar tingle of the transporter finished, his eyes squinting as he adjusted to the quickly vanishing shimmer that the transporters made. His eyes took in the room, noting that the other 5 crewmen on the pad looked far calmer than he did! A high pitched voice called out from near the operator control station.

“Good Afternoon everyone, my name is NE Harrow, welcome to the USS Ogawa. If you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your various divisions who will take control of you from there.”

NE Harrow appeared to be a young looking Human officer, his uniform was freshly ironed and his shoes gleamed even in the dull lighting of the transporter room. He carried the confidence of a man who knew his job and what was expected of him but still retained that nervous eagerness that ensigns have.

Gordon in contrast was a young looking man in his mid 20’s , with dark brown hair and green eyes. His uniform hung off him, he certainly wasn’t as well built as most security personnel. He nervously adjusted his satchel and constantly looked around, like a lost puppy. It wasn’t that he was some spotty faced young lad but more that he was keen to prove himself and to put his best foot forward.

Moving with the speed and coordination of a gaggle of ducks the group moved out of the transporter room and into the ships passageways. Gordon was treated to a whirl wind tour of the ship as the other crewmen were handed over to their respective departments, eventually Gordon was deposited outside a grey door marked with “Security Office”.

“Second last stop, Muir isn’t it? This is your department, I’m not sure who’s supposed to take charge of you but someone should be in. Good luck.” Said Harrow as he walked off with the last crew-member.

Gordon took a deep breath, adjusted his satchel and smoothed his uniform then stepped into the office....

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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Gordon was greeted with the familiar sight of grey bulkheads, bland carpets, various security officers/crewman pottering around and the distinct smell of ozone in the air that followed the use of force fields. He suspected someone had test run the brigs force fields in the last few minutes.

He looked around for someone that looked vaguely in charge…

Crewman Gordon Muir, Security

A woman with a short blonde bob and pointed ears and looking distinctly Romulan strode through the door of the small security area. As she spotted Gordon, she approached.

“Excuse me are you lost?” She asked curtly.

-Lt jg Duvosa, Sec
Gordon braced up instinctively upon seeing the golden pips on the officers neck, “Ma’am, I’m Crewman Muir. I’m here to report in, could you point me in the direction of Leftenant Haven Ma’am?” he said in his weird mix of Scottish and Federation Standard accent.

He looked for the most part like any other brand new Crewman straight out of the cookie cutter training facilities all across the Federation, however he was slightly tanned from an obviously long time in the sun. His eyes mostly kept to her own but he briefly flicked his eyes across her, she seemed quite intense with the hair cut and those green eyes. However she wasn’t entirely unpleasant to look at, she had the distinctive pointed ears of a Vulcan…or was it his mind playing tricks but did she look a little but Romulan than Vulcan?

That would be an interesting mix....

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

Zoi had not been prepared to have the sudden departure of her department head. Thus she was unprepared for receiving the promotion. Zoi had been a Chief of Security for many years of her life, and thus upon receiving her new orders, she walked to the now abandoned office that would be her own. As she strode up to the office door, she found the two standing outside. One she knew to be another Security Officer though not one she had ever personally met. The other was obviously new to the Ogawa. She had never seen his face before and his uniform indicated crewman rank. Her eyebrows rose in mild curiosity.

Gordon’s eyes flicked over the new officer, ‘jeez the place is fair infested with them!’ He thought but kept a straight parade ground still face.
“Foot to the flames I think.” She said with a sigh. “Sorry. Please come in both of you.”

Gordon didn’t even pause, he carried his satchel into the room and noticed the bare ness of the room. Either she liked it minimalistic or she was she new herself....
The doors opened to what had been Lt. Rico Vanhall’s office and grabbed a PaDD to bring up both person’s records, though concentrating most on the new crewman. “Lt. Vanhall has been called away and I have been promoted to Department Head. I am Lt. Zoi Haven. Please, have a seat.”

Haven, Sec
Gordon waited for the other officer to sit first, ‘What was her name again? He couldn’t remember....’ he thought internally as he dropped the satchel to the floor with a clunk.

He stretched his legs out and with horror realised he’d put on non regulation socks, they were red and green with “port” and “starboard” written on them. Even worse was the fact they were on the wrong feet. He quickly crossed his feet and used the satchel to hide them, hoping he’d be ignored…

Crewman Gordon Muir, sec


Gordon coughed and asked, “Ma’am, sorry if this is rude but can I get a drink? I’ve been running around all day and not had a chance to stop for anything?” He said nodding towards the replicator in the wall.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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