Main Sim- Engineering (The Collapsing warp bubble problem)

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Chainsaw Snip

Mark arrived back in engineering. “What do we have? I need estimates on available warp and impulse velocities.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

M’Nalie looked up at the CE. “Impule should be able to bring us to .75c cruising or .80c if we push the system. Faster wile possible causes severe time dialation the closer you get to c.” She of course figured she wasn’t saying anything the CE didn’t know already but complete answers were a habit she couldn’t shake. She did manage to not explain that c was the speed of light She rumbled on, “We have made no progress on getting the warp field to stop collapsing. We put in a call to sciences for help but they haven’t replied. At this point sir every diagnostic says everything is perfectly fine mechanically, there are no faults in the power systems, I changed every power coupling that was at less than perfect efficeny. So I think I will go EVA and see the emitter itself if you approve doing so.”, she rumbled as her ears and tail flicked or waved in frustration.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.

“It’s a good idea, but hold on Ensign. We’re going to try to navigate out of our current situation. =/\=Engineering to bridge. We have impulse power at .75c. Helm controls were restored.=/\=

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

Scott just hung back letting M’Nalie and the CE kibitz. He reviewed the PaDD in his hand but otherwise said nothing. Propulsion not his specialty, after all.

Lt. Woods

M’Nalie nodded to the CE. And started working on breaking down a faulty replicator. She found the problem fairly quickly. Someone had tried to get the replicator to create something on the banned substances list. Then had attempted to cover up the act by taking a nagnet to the replicators memory. It was a fairly common issue and it was always the public access replicators that were so used. She logged it and sent a standard heads up to security. Nothing would be done about it of course as trying wasn’t a serious offence. Succeeding would of course cause security to notice. So after recovering the memory and iding the culpret, she checked her schedule to see when she would be free to visit the person creating unnessasary work for her.
“Seems to be taking a long time for the bridge to respond sir. Maybe we should get out and push.”, she said trying to use a bit of human humor. She didn’t think she was very good at it as her timing always felt wrong. Or her size made people afraid to laugh she suspected.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.

As Mark felt the ship jolt forward and begin to move, he looked to M’Nalie. “I… think we’re out of the loop on this one. What’d you have on the warp bubble? Hey! Woods! You’re one of the senior officers on deck. Come on. Let’s get out of this subspace pocket and back to warp speed.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

M’Nalie chuffed and dropped to all fours, “It may be prudent to brace for Impact sir. ” she said then remembering the damage done the last time they hit the barrior and the repairs required afterwards she went into action. “Shutting power to unnessasary systems, reinforcing shields and structural integrity fields. Emergency forcefields on standby, warp systems set to standby. Reactor output reading nominal. We can push her to .8c if needed sir. We have the power. “, she said furiously doing things as she declared them. She felt a pang of fear but it was for the Ark Angel not for herself, “Poor Lass nobody ought to use a starship as a battering ram.”, then she took in a deep breath and bellowed, “BRACE FOR IMPACT!” Not because it was her place to do so but because this was her home, her family and if she was nothing else she was protector of the clan , and a Champion of the Matriarchy. And even though she did not desire to be a leader. The habit was part of who she was.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti, Engineer.

“We’re not out of the mess yet Ensign. Though I appreciate the readiness.” Mark approached a console. =Computer; display readout of all systems as we entered the subspace pocket.=

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

M’Nalie flicked an ear in resonce and continued preparations.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.


Woods blinked a couple of times at Pierce before he took over one of the duty stations and started to tap a few commands, grunting as he went. “Pulling up status on all the internal systems now, sir. I might suggest rerouting energy from the other powered systems to the deflector and shields.” He held up his hands and made a wedge shape, “Snow plow.”

Lt. Woods

“Good idea. Make it happen. Then find out if anyone was running ‘Starbase Hospital.’ I’ll explain later.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

McNalie said nothing and concentrated on regulating the power going to the shield generators keeping them from overheating.

Ensign McNalie Eshenti. Engineering.


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