Side Sim - Security Training - Deck 6 - Holosuite 2

Posted Dec. 26, 2019, 8:52 p.m. by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) (Alasdair Sutherland)

OOC: I hope this is okay but I figured I’d do some character development and open this up to anyone that wants to join, basically treating it as an “Open range” kind of event where your character would either come down to practice/learn a weapon or re-qualify(as in a shooting test). Floors obviously open for people to bring their own “instructors” to assess them shooting or that..

The normal quiet of the unused Holosuite was interrupted by the heavy entry doors sliding open and the clamour of several booted foot falls, as an older and rather rotund Chief Petty Officer lead a group of security crewman into the room. He walked over to the console by the archway and typed a few commands into the LCARS display, the other 4 individuals hovered around the centre of the deceptively small room waiting for instruction. Gordon always found these rooms to be rather strange places, he still struggled to handle how the mind was tricked by the clever programming of the holosuite to make an individual forget they were essentially walking in circles.

He eyed the other unlucky members of the security department that had needed qualification on the various weapon systems in the Ogawa’s armoury, he had been dragged into this event for “Experience” or more likely to confirm he wasn’t liable to blast someones head off by accident due to poor drills. The room suddenly changed from the Black and Yellow striped effect to a bare grey indoor range familiar to any Starfleet Personnel, it was boring and frankly they all looked the same regardless of location. There were two older looking Andorians and one Vulcan who appeared rather disinterested in the entire affair, he had never met them before so hopefully this would be a chance to show off and impress them.

The CPO walked over to the group, his gait being more of a swagger than anything resembling a normal walk. “Crewman, welcome to the range. We’ve three of you re-qualifying with the Type 2 hand held phasers and one of doing the whole suite we have on board, those of you that pass are free to leave however those of you that fail....don’t worry. This isn’t a firing squad, we’ll write today off as a “training” day and work on what skills and drills you need to work on.” The older enlisted man said with what Gordon felt was a little less than subtle emphasis to him, Gordon had always felt confident on the ranges after a few days of continual use but he understood that it was a perishable skill. Gordon zoned out slightly as the man rattled off the standard safety briefing, it was mandatory to listen and know it but by now Gordon felt he could recite the thing in his sleep…

”....and finally, we may have other users coming onto the range, be mindful of your weapons and of theirs. A good security crewman has awareness of his or her surroundings at all times, understood Muir?” The CPO said snapping round to Gordon who blinked and replied in a rather unconvincing tone, “Uhh aye aye sir....I mean chief…”

The CPO simply glared at him for a moment then waved towards the “armoury” which consisted of a seemingly endless row of tables with every type of weapon in the Starfleet arsenal lay, everything from tiny Type 1 phasers to the larger Type 3 Rifles and Compression Rifles lay on individual tables. The two Andorians picked up the small Type 2 hand held phasers with a skill that put Gordon at ease, the other Human Crewman however seemed hesitant but managed to work up the courage to pick another Type 2 up. As they picked up the weapons its an appropriate holographic holster appeared at the users hip, all three holstered theirs immediately. Meanwhile Gordon walked over and reached for a Type 2, “Pick up a Type 1 and 3 while your there Muir, your in for the long haul today I’m afraid.” said the CPO from another line of tables that marked “The firing point” or simply “The Point”.

Muir picked up the Type 2 with his right hand and holstered in the holster that appeared magically at his right hip, he adjusted this slightly to account for comfort with one hand while reaching over for a Type 1. The tiny little “cricket” style phaser always felt strange in his hands but he dutifully holstered it on his left hip, double checking he hadn’t dropped the stupid thing as it was so small. Finally he reached over and slid his head and left arm through the sling loop of the the Type 3 “Rifle”, he made sure when he let it hang free it was tight enough to not scrap on the deck. He noticed the rest of the team had already made their way over and he jogged to quickly catch up, he didn’t want to be last…

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