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Willow watched Gordon as he looked around, she again turned to speak to Ana. “The cadet is some sort of recurring cast character and friends with the killed Ensign Hart who she thinks is another person. I believe she found the body and as you can imagine she is rather upset.” Willow took a step and winced as her ankle twinged from her earlier fall.

Willow Taylor

Gordon braced up slightly as Willows eyes passed over him, last thing he needed was the boss woman catching him snoozing against the bulkhead…

Ana had been about to let out a slightly exasperated sigh, but the twinge of pain she felt from Taylor stopped her short as it got past her carefully constructed blocks. Her gaze snapped to the CO briefly to evaluate the source of the pain and noted her impaired gait as she walked. She filed that information away to follow up on when she wasn’t having to deal with distraught apparitions. She trailed Taylor over to the cadet and offered a slow “… Cadet?” to see if she could get her attention.

Darren, CoP

Cadet Damiselle, one the ‘characters’ shifted to Darren with a wide-eyed look. There was fear there, and grief, and a general bewilderment to her that made her look like she might not be entirely there mentally.

“She’s Danielle. Danielle Damiselle,” Dr. Mercer, the “intern” offered quietly.

Gordon’s head snapped round at Darrens own quick movement, he’d seen the Captain in pain but the reaction from the Lieutenant made him pause. She hadn’t been looking at the Captain, how did she know the Captain had been in pain.

Then the penny mentally dropped, she was either telepathic or empathic. Neither really boded well for Gordon if he had to blag his way out of anymore counselling sessions…

Pilar also picked up on the Captain’s limp “Captain. Let me check your foot. You took quite a fall earlier.” She said leaving no room for argument. Pilar took a look around the room to ensure that everyone was being cared for.

Head Nurse

Willow held a hand up at Pilar in a ‘not right now’ sort of gesture and her eyes on the ‘visitors’ she made forward towards them, carefully distributing her weight.

Gordon watched the way the Bajoran officer brooked no refusal from the Captain, he had recognised the accent before seeing the tell tale facial identifiers of a Bajorian heritage. She seemed confident and competent, not getting bogged down in the current task but keeping one eye on her surroundings.

The way she moved reminded him of his security training on Bajor, if she’d changed her uniform colour he’d probably mistaken her for a Militia Doctor with the way she acted and talked.

Crewman Gordon Muir

The fiery haired woman with the cat surveyed the scene with a look of amusement. “Hendricks, what in the good name of medicine have you been up to in my Sickbay?”

The handsome man turned and Darren would instantly recognize him as the man who had appeared in her office a little while ago. “Don’t ask me Erika, not my doing. All I know is that Losa is apparently dead.”

That fact seemed to stun Cruz, who inhaled sharply and seemed to narrow her eyes as she gazed intently at Markus. “How?” she asked quietly. Markus just shrugged and shook his head.

~Mischief Maker

Willow reached them then and wincing, her limp more pronounced stood with her arms folded. “He was stabbed. We will conduct an autopsy and find out more.” She watched the red haired woman and the cat and then turning to Markus said quietly, trying a tested storyline segue. “You seem awful calm about the fact he’s dead. But you know what happened don’t you.”

Willow Taylor

Hendricks’ brows knit together and he looked at Willow with confusion. “No, no clue. If I’m calm, it’s because it’s not the first random death we’ve had around here.”

“Much different circumstances,” Cruz said tightly, still holding the cat, who seemed rather content in her arms.

Pilar stepped back and watched, she was just not sure exactly what was going on. She had never watched a drama of this nature on any vid. She preferred to have her sickbay drama free, but that didn’t seem to be an option here.

Head nurse

Ana’s trained eyes surveyed the hysterical looking cadet and then glanced around Sickbay. She didn’t want to leave the area with her, given they were trying to keep all of the intruders collected, but she needed to get her away from the discussion occurring right now. “Captain Taylor,” she interrupted. “Where would be the best place for me to take the cadet to chat?” She indicated Damiselle with a head inclination and palmed a nearby medical tricorder into her hand as she waited for Taylor’s guidance.

Darren, CoP

Willow turned her head, still keeping the beings within her peripheral vision. She frowned a moment then indicated a small private exam room. It had a door and wasn’t out of sickbay. She raised an eyebrow as if to ask “would that work?”

Willow Taylor

Moving further into the med bay, Erika seemed to pace a bit. “Are you sure?” she asked Hendricks.

He moved his hands out to the side. “Beats me. I haven’t seen him yet. Just going on what Damiselle has told me.”

Cruz let out a huffed breath and stepped closer to Hendricks, thrusting the cat at him. “Here, watch her for me. I’m going to go find out for myself since no one seems to really know what’s going on here.” She spun her heel and and headed for the door, presumably heading for the Morgue.

“Hey! I’m a doctor, not a cat sitter!” Markus side to her retreating form.

~Mischief Maker
Gordon quickly moved to block Cruz, he let his right hand drop to his side arm while he unhurriedly raised his right hand with his palm towards the advancing woman. “Excuse me ma’am but I think your supposed to stay here…” he said gently, keeping his voice gentle yet loud enough to hopefully raise the attention of a senior rank. He made sure to keep out of arms reach of the woman but close enough to get to her within seconds.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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