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Gordon quickly moved to block Cruz, he let his right hand drop to his side arm while he unhurriedly raised his right hand with his palm towards the advancing woman. “Excuse me ma’am but I think your supposed to stay here…” he said gently, keeping his voice gentle yet loud enough to hopefully raise the attention of a senior rank. He made sure to keep out of arms reach of the woman but close enough to get to her within seconds.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

Erika quirked an eyebrow at him and gave something of an amused smirk. “Well, it is my Sickbay, my team. So unless I’m a suspect and you’re going to charge with me with something, I’m pretty sure I can go where I please.” Her tone was almost sickly sweet, belying the tension that crept into her jaw.

Ignoring the antics of the “crew” and security, Ana offered Willow a confirmatory nod and then strode over to the distraught cadet. “Come with me, Cadet,” she instructed, beginning to walk toward the indicated exam room, pausing after a few steps to see if she was willingly accompanying her.

Darren, CoP

Damiselle, rather confused by all the commotion around them, followed Darren, if reluctantly. As she moved away, she kept eyeing Erika intently.

As she shepherded the cadet into the treatment room, Ana leaned over and pushed the button that closed the door behind them and then darkened any view to the main Sickbay. She moved to lean against the biobed that took up much of the room. “Do you prefer that I administer a medication to help you collect yourself or would you like to engage in a deep breathing exercise?” she queried, her eyes focused on Damiselle.

Pilar came over “No, you need to stay here.” She said “I’ll send one of my staff to check and they can bring back a holovid of what is going on in the morgue.” She said stepping in front of Cruz, the no nonsense voice coming out “Have a seat, Erika.” She said firmly and looked around for one of the nurses “Emily. Go to the morgue, figure out what is going on, and report back here with pictures or a holovid…something, anything to keep these people calm.” She said.

Head Nurse

Cruz barked a laugh. “What is this, the sickbay staff rising up to oust me? You planning on taking my job as well?” she accused Pilar. She didn’t move further though.

~Mischief Maker

Zoi stepped forward. She was tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if these actors were going to do something dangerous. She turned to the Captain. “Actually Captain WIllow, with your permission, I can accompany this woman and make sure that she and our crew are safe while we investigate further.”

Haven, CoS

Erika snapped her fingers and pointed at Zoi. “Yes! See? Much better plan. I like you,” Cruz said with a wide grin even as her eyes remained assessing and wary.

Willow considered Haven. She nodded her head “Yes, accompany her if Doctor Walker will permit it.” She replied.

Willow Taylor

She nodded to the Captain, glad that she was trusted to keep a handle on the chaos that was this situation. She could tell Erika would never relax in this environment unless she was totally in charge. And as this was not really her Sickbay, that would never happen. Better to give her something to do, even if it was only going to the Morgue to see what was going on and then coming back with a report. Some peopled needed action, to feel productive. Zoi could understand that though it wasn’t a necessity for herself.

Gordon stepped back from the group and looked around to see where he could be useful, in these kind of weird situations he wasn’t really that useful…

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

Cruz looked over at the man who had stopped her. “If you play nice I suppose I won’t mind if you have to come along too. Could be fun,” she said with a wink.

~Mischief Maker

Gordon smirked back, “Oh really?” He said in a flirting tone.

Pilar just shook her head, she had never watched soap operas because they just never made any sense to her. This was no different, she needed to just keep up with what was going on and make sure that any patients were taken care of. She went back to work, trying to get the Captain to let her treat her ankle.

Head Nurse

He quickly noted Pillars head shake and straightened up a bit, probably best to behave while the bosses hung around…

She nodded to the Captain and looked at Muir. “Alright Crewman, take up the rear. Lets get the lady to the Morgue.” Zoi turned and gestured for Erika to follow her.

Haven, Sec

He snapped his head round at Havens voice, “Ma’am, yes ma’am.” He said in as professional a voice as he could manage, although the thought of visiting the morgue did not fill him with a warm fuzzy feeling…

Erika stepped out, an amused grin plastered to her face that didn’t reach her eyes. Maybe she was just wanting to be out of Sickbay or maybe the news of the man’s death was weighing on her. It was anyone’s guess.

OOC: We can move to the Medlab Three thread where the ‘autopsy’ is happening.

~Mischief Maker

Gordon had a moment of doubt, why was the crazy flirty person smiling at going to a morgue? He took his post at the rear of the group, feeling more like a lost child following the adults on a museum trip.

Pilar just watched “Captain. I need to treat your ankle and we need to figure out what the hell we’re doing?” She said.

Head Nurse

OOC: Just going to hop in here. No pun intended.

IC: Poosh walked over to Pilar and Captain Taylor. He’d been in his office gathering his things and was slightly out of breath as he caught up to them. His loose Doctor’s robe was somewhat too long, even made for his species, it hung to his knees. He had slung a full medkit over his shoulder and was wearing it like a messenger bag. “I have to say, Captain, I’m baffled. I’m not ashamed to say I could use some guidance.”

-Lt. Dr. Poosh Bandoo, Asst. CMO

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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