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Posted Feb. 25, 2020, 4:07 a.m. by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) (Alasdair Sutherland)

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“Nothing,” Duvosa said flatly, looking over at Gordon, an eyebrow arched, her eyes piercing through him.

Gordon stood up and wandered over to the Replicator, he looked towards Duvosa to see if she wanted anything from the Replicator. After a few short taps at the display and a familiar tinkle as the replicator operated their drinks appeared in the replicators’ bay. Gordon carefully wandered back to the group with the tray, trying not to spill the small jug of milk or the small trays of sugar and cinnamon. After setting it down on the desk in-between, the officers and he helped himself to the milk, ignoring the other accoutrements. He took a testing sip then sighed with visible relief, “Perfect…” he said softly leaning back and eyeing the two officers. Which one of these two would lead the conversation, it usually turned into a dominance thing with officers regardless of rank.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

“Excuse me,” Duvosa said, looking back towards Zoi. “But if you will notice I am in the middle of a duty shift and I was just about to make my ship wide security sweep. I would like to get back to my duties if we can complete this meeting quickly.”

-Lt jg Duvosa, SEC

Gordon was thankful the scary lady wasn’t looking at him anymore, he was starting to feel nervous under her intimidating gaze....

Zoi looked down at a PaDD she had nearby and nodded, confirming that Duvosa was on shift. “Since I am your department head, I would think that I would not penalize you for having you sit down for a few minutes to meet you. Most any good officer could handle a slight change or impact to schedule, but if it ruffles your feathers that much Duvosa, I can always meet with you later.”

She made herself a cup of coffee with the trimmings she liked and sat back. “As I was saying when I came up to what is now my new office, I am rather foot to the flame and I am not up to date on all of your records beyond the basic information I received as a security officer about crew. I imagine it will take me a bit of time to get ramped up. I am not sure if Rico had any specific plans for either of you or any of the other staff. Is there anything you feel I need to know? Career trajectories, concerns, issues?”

Haven, Sec
“I’ve literally just joined Ma’am, first day on board.” He said hoping to diffuse the situation, “Who would I be working for? Yourself or the Leftenant?” He asked nodding towards Duvosa.

Gordon Muir, Sec

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