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“Ok… looks good to me. Ready to switch it on when you are.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

Achilleas nodded in response, “The numbers all match up.”

Reaching forward he pressed the requisite button which initiated the program.”

CSO Petrakos

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The changes to the deflector took effect as the ship approached their original entry point. The ship came to a stop, awaiting the captain’s order.

Taylor eyed the viewscreen and took a deep breath before opening a channel to the entire ship. =/\=Attention all crew, this is the captain speaking. We’re about to traverse the subspace barrier in hopes of exiting back into normal space. Brace yourselves for likely impact and damage.=/\=

She gave everyone thirty seconds to do what they needed, knowing full well that it wasn’t going to matter. So long as people were holding on to something, that was about as good as it was going to get.

“Helm, take us in, full impulse,” Willow said, doing her best to conceal her own nerves.

The ship maneuvered to the opening and picked up slight speed from one-quarter to full impulse. “Time till entry?” Willow called out.

Science would be able to quickly calculate that it would take another 45 seconds.

~Mischief Maker

Achilleas responded to the inquiry, “Exactly 45 seconds… now. “

CSO Petrakos

“Grab hold off something folks…” she muttered and waited.

Willow Taylor

The ship moved through the small aperture with the tachyon burst widening the hole a great deal more and at first nothing seemed to happen. But as the shielding made contact with the subspace barrier, effectively the ship became a battering ram.

The Ogawa shook violently and inertial dampeners struggled to keep the ship stable and power systems took the brunt of the impact as expected, overloading all over the ship. The shaking continued for a few more seconds as lights went dark and the emergency lighting kicked in.

“We’re through!” the helm called out. “But we’re dead in the water. Navigation is unresponsive.”

Across the ship, the damage was extensive: the ship’s frame showed stress fractures but was still intact. Life support was down to 69%. 53% of the EPS relays had blown out across the ship and both impulse and warp engines were down. They were dead in the water. Subspace communications were down but they could likely cobble together enough power to send out a distress call.

But scans would show that the ship was back in regular space.

~Mischief Maker

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