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Erika was avoiding looking at anyone, though she did at least listen and stop. Eyes averted, she found a spot on the floor away from Haven to focus on.

The tense atmosphere was punctured by the sound of Gordon vomiting in a nearby corner, the distinctive wet splat of his last meal hitting the deck filled the air. He coughed and dry heaved for a moment before reasserting control of himself, after a deep breath he turned round. Then promptly vomited on himself again and doubled over, after another minute he was somewhat back under control. He was however now keeping his back to the ongoing surgery in the room and starting to reassess his life choices.

Gordon spotted the COS stepping towards the woman…apparition....thing…and speaking, he made his way over to help discreetly wiping some bit of what looked like sweet corn off his tunic.

He stood quietly to the side, keeping himself out of Havens line of fire but not too overtly.

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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With the approach of the other security officer, Cruz finally looked up, tears running down her face. “You’re not supposed to operate on loved ones. Medical rule number one after ‘Do no harm’. Don’t force me to watch them cut into his body…” she said, her voice low and slightly ragged.

~Mischief Maker

Gordon knelt next to the woman, what was her name… “Cruz”? Something like that…

“Ma’am, trust me I am the person who least wants to be near sharp things in the hands of these individuals…however you did ask to be here…what do you want to do?” He said before realising he’d railroaded himself over his department head, however he’d acted on instinct.

Erika shook her head and did her best to gather herself. “If he was dead, I had planned to, I don’t know, say goodbye? But he’s not exactly dead, but also not alive. So where does that leave me?”

~Mischief Maker

Gordon nodded slowly, to his mind “Cruz” was right, how do you deal with a close friend being dead but not dead? “....well…when you put it like that Ma’am, you have a point. I’m sorry if this seems out of place. But…who is he to you?” Gordon asked in his best “innocent young lad” voice, that usually helped calm people down.

The incessant chatter emitting from the others who had somehow been allowed to congregate in a sealed med lab brought a scowl to Dr Jarvis face. Had he missed something during his incarceration, for since when had a surgical suite become the place for every Jim, Jean and Jane to gather? He used the retractor to open Ensing Heart’s chest cavity and drained the residual blood. And there he saw it, the man’s damaged heart, effectively frozen in time. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The scowl turned to a thin smile.

“Dr Walker, would you be so kind as to fetch me a jar large enough to hold a heart and fill it with some formaldehyde,” Dr Jarvis asked of the Commander, hoping that he at least was still paying attention to the surgery.

Brad grimaced. There was certainly research potential in Hart’s damaged organ, but they were just months away from the 25th century. Slipping away from the table, he procured a bio-specimen stasis container and returned with it.

Formaldehyde indeed. No need to make everyone in the lab throw up.

With great precision, Jasper began the process of severing the arteries and veins connected to the heart.

Dr J. Jarvis M.D.

Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Naturally, the readings showed no change in Hart’s body. He was no more alive than he was before, but more was he any more dead.

~Mischief Maker

“Hmm,” Brad said, checking the readings while Jarvis prepared to remove the critically damaged organ and replace it with the artificial one.

Gordon was actively trying to ignore the conversation between the bone saws....he was also trying to maintain his composure when they mentioned jars…however his face was greener than normal.

Crewman Muir, Sec
Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

=/\=Attention all crew, this is the captain speaking. We’re about to traverse the subspace barrier in hopes of exiting back into normal space. Brace yourselves for likely impact and damage.=/\=

~Mischief Maker

Brad muttered a curse, but leapt into action. A touch of a button on the biobed’s console activated a stasis field and restraints on Hart’s body. That would keep him in place, at least, and prevent any loose things from getting into his now-open chest cavity.

Second, he de-activated all the laser scalpels in the vicinity.

Then, he turned to the gaggle of onlookers and said “You might consider taking cover under something,” before taking his own advice and crouching down under the biobed.

Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff
Gordon looked up at the sound of the boss woman’s voice, “Subspace barrier? Uh oh…” he said before pushing “Cruz” towards the cover of the nearby bio beds. He unconsciously looked around the room and noted with some worry at the number of items unsecured. He was suddenly reminded of something his training staff regularly shouted to the young crewman during training; “Anything unsecured is just waiting to become shrapnel.”

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

The ship moved through the small aperture with the tachyon burst widening the hole a great deal more and at first nothing seemed to happen. But as the shielding made contact with the subspace barrier, effectively the ship became a battering ram.

The Ogawa shook violently and inertial dampeners struggled to keep the ship stable and power systems took the brunt of the impact as expected, overloading all over the ship. The shaking continued for a few more seconds as lights went dark and the emergency lighting kicked in.

Notably, “Doctor Erika Cruz” was no longer there.

~Mischief Maker

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