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Posted March 29, 2020, 12:54 p.m. by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) (Alasdair Sutherland)

Posted by Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti (Engineer) in Side sim - Deck 5 - Passage ways around crew quarters - Running

Posted by Crewman Gordon Muir (Security Officer) in Side sim - Deck 5 - Passage ways around crew quarters - Running

Posted by Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti (Engineer) in Side sim - Deck 5 - Passage ways around crew quarters - Running

M’Nalie was a fraction of a second to slow to catch the man as he went down in trying to catch him she leaned over far enough to pass her center of balance. So her arm came down next to him. Rather the have her other handpaw crash into the mans ribcage she rolled away from him. She continued the roll and came up on all four. She was of course as at home on all four paws as opright so she stayed that way turning like the striking tiger she resembled in this position ears flat tail lashing and in her irritation she snarled at the man as he got to his feet. A blast of carniverouse cat breath directly into his face. She clamped down on her irritation quickly and just stared at the man. Anger management, must not let instinct dictate responce. She thought to herself. Her Eyes though reflected the desire to bite and claw. Her emotional instability almost won. But her awareness that her insticts were untrustworthy right now kept her still. “You are . Ok?”, she asked half growling the question.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.

Gordon gulped and stepped back as the rather intimidating ensign stared down at him, was she about to rip and tear?

He straightened up a bit and replied nervously, “I’m good ma’am, sorry about that…are you okay?”

Crewman Gordon Muir, sec

M’Nalie rose from her 4 legged dtance to her full height. “It would take a bit more than you to cause me real harm.” She replied amused. “You were at the weapons qualifications. Your aim was good.”, , she rumbled after a short pause. “There are a few things they omit telling people about the phasers though. They are less cruel and damaging by design. But this means they do not always do a good job of stopping a target on stun. Klingons are noted as not being more than insulted by the stun setting. This is why I prefer the disruptor. It might not stop a Klingon any better on stun. But the Klingon will be to busy howling in pain to offer any resistance.”, she had practical experiance with that particular scenario having been coopted into pacifying a bar load of drunken klingon Cadets and Klingon Embassy staff who were po,itely discussing
The honorableness of Starfleet service over duty to Emplre, while she was at the Academy. The Cadets had been winning which was good for academy moral but had left a legacy of tension.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.
Gordon blinked, his mind processing what the ensign had said to him. Did she really just tell him to use a disruptor on an enemy because it would maim rather than stun? “....Riiighht Ma’am....” he said in a less than convinced tone, he silently thought: ‘What was it with officers on this ship? Were they all mad?’

After a moments pause he coughed and asked, “If you’re okay Ma’am, I really should get going....thanks for the compliment on the shooting though. You did well yourself!” he said said waiting for him to dismiss her. He had a while to go before he could come back and get ready for his shift…

Crewman Gordon Muir, Sec

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