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GM Wombat

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=/\= Cascarrabias to Starbase Science Lab - I have the fungal mass contained. Do you want me to send it your way so you can take a look, or should I just go back to my quarters and build it a new home? =/\=

Oscar Cascarrabias

Grayson didn’t have to be a behavioral specialist to see Ria was uncertain and anxious. Recalling Ever’s description of the scientist’s needs, Grayson wondered if this was a typical reaction for her, or just amplified because of exposure to the fungus. Either way, she could say it would be best to help her relax before inquiring any further about her well-being. “How about we take some deep breaths? It sounds like what you’ve been through has been pretty disorienting.” Mariah was about to say more when they were interrupted. At last, they were going to be able to examine more closely the cause of so much disorientation. It was not the psychiatrist’s place to speak for the science staff, but she stood ready to provide assistance in case Ria continued to be overcome by indecision.

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Achilleas was naturally concerned about Ria and the anxiety she was going through. He’d seen this in her before but couldn’t help her like he had before due to them being in a room full of people. It was almost as if the Prophets gave him a clue when the call came in from engineering. He tapped his badge to respond. =/\=Petrakos here. We’re recovering from the effects of that particularly nasty bugger, so please by all means bring it by. My staff and I would love a chance to figure out what the heck caused all of this.=/\=

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=/\= Understood. I’m sending over the physical parameters now so you can set up a containment field. Let me know when it’s ready, and I’ll send you the coordinates. =/\=

Achilleas focused his attention back on Ria and said softly but firmly, “I need your help with this. I need you in the now and focused on figuring this out. We’ll have time to process everything afterwards but I need your brilliant mind right now. Afterwards I want you to sit down with the good doctor.” He nodded towards Grayson. “Can you do this for me?”

CSO Petrakos

Ria nodded in reply to both of them, but before actually saying anything, she closed her eyes and moved both her hands. Placing one on her stomach and one in the middle of her chest, she started to inhale deeply and slowly while going through a grounding exercise in her mind; only skipping the 5 things she could see part. When she opened her eyes again, she seemed a little calmer and able to focus on the present again. Looking at Achilleas, then at Mariah and then back at Achilleas, she replied softly, yet steadier than before, “I can do that. Focusing on work will be good.” Shifting her gaze once more to the counsellor, she added, “If that is alright for you?”

“If you’re feeling better, getting back to work is fine by me,” Grayson replied. Other than her disorientation and anxiety, the young scientist didn’t seem injured, at least no more than anyone else. She had no reason to deny her the opportunity to work, but more than that, she figured the opportunity to focus on the familiar would be a healthy coping strategy of its own. “I’ll see you soon,” the psychiatrist replied with a nod, acknowledging the intention to meet with her later.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

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Solal had stood by silently and out of the way while Doctors Tija and Grayson treated the others. It was only at this point that the half-Vulcan spoke up. “I can expect things to return to normal then?” He asked. He had simply been observing them thus far, after the anti-fungal made his temporary job as Lunatic Baby-Sitter irrelevant, a fact which did not upset him in the least. In contrast, he looked forward to getting to know these people in their normal, logical state of mind. “And if there is anything I can do to help out, do tell,” He added.

~ Solal, Doctor

Duvosa took a few moments before the effects of the antifungal took effect. Her head was swimming. It was like she was waking up and remembering a dream. A very bad dream. And her stomach was upset. What had she been eating.

Looking around the room at everyone gathered around, she let out a noise that could be described as a mixture of a grunt and a sigh. “Will someone please tell me what the hell I am doing here?” She asked bluntly. “What is going on?”

-Duvosa, Sec

“You were infected by some sort of fungus that caused mass hallucinations and delusions,” Grayson replied patiently. “You’ve been given a dose of an antifungal medication, which we hope will take care of the infection. The mass hallucinations and delusions seemed to center around a children’s story called Alice in Wonderland, so your memories may seem particularly strange, but in time, we will all heal.”

While Grayson took care of the mental well being of everyone and the scientists, she had already treated, waited for the sample to arrive, Tija continued her way through the room. After a few gentle and calming words she injected all of the NEs in turn and then ran a quick scan to make sure they were fine. Thankfully it didn’t take her long and soon she stood right in front of Solal. While giving him a once over with her tricorder, she asked, “How are you doing? You don’t seem to show any signs of the mass hallucination.”

~Lt. Tija Aizala, Doctor (med leave)

Solal shook his head. “I appear to have been unaffected, or at least, not visibly affected. I experienced no hallucinations, nor the bizarre behavior that seems to have plagued the rest of the ship.” He said evenly, with a slight shrug. “Overall, I feel completely normal.” He finished.

~ Solal, Doctor

Oscar Cascarrabias
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