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Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in SB157 Crew Quarters- Main Sim

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB157 Crew Quarters- Main Sim
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Ever had caught glimpses of the little girls thoughts before she had drifted off to sleep safe from visions of the story tell that seemed to be haunting the rest of the starbase. As her head rested against her mother’s chest, Ever gave another soft smile and nod to the mother. She is fine now. But I think we are best getting her to bed at least, or medical if that makes you feel better. Standing up slowly, she turned back to the XO and shrugged waiting to see what Myqian wanted to do next and observing how her boss was handling the effects of the virus.

Zeanar, CoP

Dira looked over at Ever and nodded. The neuroblocker was still in effect, so she was relying on Ever’s sensory interpretation of what was going on here. “I think getting them to the Infirmary is the best. The safest thing would be a beam out into quarantine to be sure.”

She returned her attention to the father. “Whatever it is that’s making you unwell, we think it’s best to get you three to the Infirmary. And it will give us a better way to monitor your daughter. We want to be extra cautious, okay?”

Commander Myqian, XO

The man nodded and closed his eyes. “It is just the flu, I am sure, but yes all the help we can get, especially if we are affecting something some how,” his voice rambled and faded as the cough medicine he had been nursing took effect. “I am sorry for all of this.”

GM Wombat

Myqian crouched and made sure to gaze at the man in the eyes so he could see her expression despite the rebreather. “Hey, now listen here. Things happen. All I care about is getting you and everyone else feeling better, understood?” She smiled sincerely. “And right now all you have to do is trust us and hep us by cooperating, which you’re already doing. So thank you” She might not be able to sense his thoughts or feelings clearly right now, but she knew he’d be able to know that she absolutely believed what she was saying and that she wasn’t upset with him or his family in anyway.

Stepping back to make a more private call, Dira nodded more to herself than anything. and waved Ever over as well. =/\=Myqian to the Infirmary and to Captain Taylor. We have a family of three who need further medical attention. They are symptomatic and the child, a telepath, has been feverish and her dreams match the mass hallucination people are experiencing. We believe them to be our patient zeros. We’re going to arrange for them to be beamed into the Infirmary, but as a precaution I want a quarantined space to beam them into ready asap. Additionally, one of the engineers is working on getting the ventilation system ready for mass distribution of the aerosol treatment. But he also found a fungus that seems to have some sort of sentience. I’ve agreed that a containment field is a good precaution but we’ll have to proceed carefully going forward. I suspect that that is the base cause of the illness itself, but someone will probably have to cross-check the readings to see if it’s the same.=/\=

Commander Myqian, XO

=^= Understood Commander. Keep me informed. Stand by.=^=

=/\=Acknowledged, Commander. We’ll clear a quarantined space over here and signal when we’re ready to receive the patients,=/\= Brad replied from the Infirmary.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Goslom nodded then walked into the bedroom and put a hand on Mirro’s shoulder and gave an affectionate squeeze while they waited for the transporter to take them away. As he looked back over his shoulder at the XO he muttered something about needing a decongestant before sneezing, snot flying from his nose. “Tissue! I need a tissue love!”

Mirro sighed and grabbed a tissue from the night stand so that he could wipe the green slime from his nose. She looked up at him a moment then sqeezed her daughter’s hand again.

From the air vent in the ceiling, a dust of spores retreated back into the vents and left the room.

GM Wombat

Willow Taylor

Dira wished for a moment she hadn’t asked for the neuroblocker, but only for a moment. Even as it slowly began to wear off, she was all too aware that things were still too chaotic out there and she needed her wits about her. She was an incredibly patient person most of the time, but waiting for word from the Infirmary seemed to be taking forever. And yet she had pushed all that to the back of her mind so that nothing but calming and hopeful thoughts and feelings were at the forefront. “We’re just waiting on word from the Infirmary. We’re going to beam you three together and they are just getting everything ready.”

Commander Myqian, XO

=^= Taylor to Myqian, ready when you are commander. Report back here when transport is complete. =^= Willows voice said over the comm.

Willow Taylor

With an inward sigh of relief, Dira nodded, more to herself than anything. =/\=Acknowledged, Captain. they’re on their way.=/\=

Dira contacted the transporter room and had them do a secured beam out to the quarantined space in the Infirmary. She glanced at Ever as if to say ‘almost there’.

Commander Myqian, XO

The tell-tale sound of the transporters could be heard, whisking all patients, the Mother, Father, and child away to the sickbay leaving Ever and Dira all alone in the room. Scans of the room showed that there were still many contaminated surfaces and the whole room would need to be cleaned before it would be safe for those who don’t have a built up immunity.

GM Wombat

Myqian shook her head. “This place will have to be locked down. Once we get a handle on the situation we can get a decon team in here.” The reality was that they were only buying time until they could sort out this entire situation, but at least identifying their patient zeros.

She tapped her commbadge. =/\=Commander Myqian to Operations. Lock onto my location and after myself and Commander Zeanar have left, have this quarters locked down in containment following quarantine procedures.=/\=

Dira turned back to Ever. “I have to go check on a member of the crew and get them treated but I’ll be heading to the Infirmary after. Meet you there?”

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Commander Myqian, XO

=/\= Copy that commander. We have a lock. =/\= The gruff voice on the other end sounded like it was coming through a rebreather. Someone else was safe at least.

GM Wombat

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