Posted Jan. 14, 2021, 12:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Elin Mairwen Howell (Chief of Psychiatry) (Amie Genest)

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So, Ty has had to step down as COP, but never fear, the Ogawa won’t go too long without someone checking that everyone is still sane (an exceptionally important thing these days).

Please all welcome Amie Genest to the ship!

Don’t mind all the schematics around, we’re just clearing away the rubble that was the old ship and double checking the measurements for the install of the new curtains. We will have details about the new ship up soon, and that means lots of bubble wrap to sit about popping. We’re supposed to have these welcome packet things, but I’m not sure if the new shipment is in yet. Consider it on its way!


Yay!!!!!! Bounces Welcome!!

Welcome to the madness Aime we are delighted to have you join us ^_^

And a huge huge thank you to Ty who we will miss and hope to see back with us soon!

Meanwhile I shall hunt a welcome pack!! dons Rambo style outfit and large hunting phaser I may be some time… heads off into the rubble of the old owie, grabbing Joe and Nick as she goes. You two come with me! We have a box of welcome packs to find!

Welcome aboard!


Thank you all :) Any idea how/where I should get started posting?


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