Starbase transitions - Meeting room

Posted Jan. 21, 2021, 4:26 p.m. by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Ensign Charlie really was everywhere. Literally. It was if something temporal or even demonic was at work.

She straightened her uniform and pushed her hair back from her forehead looking at the table set up, PaDDs in place, a carrafe of water, coffee mugs waiting, handles all facing for the correct hand of the seat owner....exceot the one at the foot which was for Willow…she had read in the secret HR file that the woman liked mugs she could hold in two hands. She had put the wrong cup in place. Her 100 watt smile faltered and fell as a dark look crossed the once cheery features.

Stomping forward she took the offending cup, tossed it hard into the replicatornwhere it shattered and she was able to re programme it for the correct mug. Smile back in place she carefully placed it and stepped back to inspect the rest of the set up for the meeting. Perfect.

Now all she needed was for the staff to arrive.

Ensign Charlie

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