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Garion could really be back on Earth in the Dojo in Brisbane, he mused as he took in the surroundings. He was dressed in his Starfleet uniform which was out of place, but that was easily corrected.

=/\= Computer, replicate a kendōgu with measurements for Garion Rivanson =/\= he commanded. The components of the armour that formed the kendo uniform appeared and Garion went into the changeroom and put on the outfit - the helmet or men, the gauntlets or kote, the breastplate or dō and the tare or faulds before returning to the main part of the dojo. He took one of the available bokken (hard wooden sword) and was ready to begin.

=/\= Computer, one uchidachi (teacher) 18th century Japan, suitable for 4th dan to practice kata =/\= Garion commanded, =/\= dressed in kendōgu. =/\=

The computer replicated the individual requested and Garion bowed respectfully.

“Sensei” he said and the individual returned the bow.

The uchidachi picked up a bokken as well, and they commenced the kata, the uchidachi commencing each movement with an attack and Garion responding in the moves he had learnt and had been practicing for most of his life.

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At the end of the session Garion bowed to the uchidachi and asked the computer to remove the figure. Removing his men, the young man stretched and cooled down as his combadge chirped, tapping it, the computer voice told him a message was incoming for him from Ensign Charlie the Head of Relocation and associate in Human Resources.

What about the rest of the body, Garion thought to himself with a chuckle before heading into the changeroom to dress in his uniform.

Back in his uniform, he looked around the dojo one last time before sighing and saying, “computer, end program”. The harsh gridlines of the holosuite replaced the calming decore of the dojo in an instant and Garion left through the exit.

Going to a terminal, he played the message from Ensign Charlie. hanger bay six at 1300 hours he thought to himself. personal effects I can’t carry? No, none of those, I travel light. A few momentos from home, including a rock that looked like the head of 20th Century Australian PM Bob Hawk guzzling a beer, some photos and the certificate of his achievement of 4th dan, all of which he could carry.

He had time to get to the guest quarters he was assigned here on the station, pick up his things and head to hanger bay six. If he ran, he’d get there early, and from an early age he liked to be not only punctual but early.

Besides, jogging was good for the soul and the cardiovascular health.
- Ensign Rivanson, SEC JO

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