USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry

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Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry

Posted by Lieutenant Robert Mason (Chief Engineer) in USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry
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“Okay,” Franks repeated somewhat thoughtlessly; he was thinking about the task at hand. “I mean, ‘Aye aye, ma’am,’” he corrected himself a moment later. He stood up started walking to the turbolift. “Let’s go,” he said to Dira.

As he was walking he started talking over the comm system:

=/\= Franks to Engineering. Have whoever is at the top of the duty roster report to the Main Shuttlebay. =/\=
=/\= Engineering acknowledges. =/\=
=/\= Franks to Sickbay. Prepare to receive wounded, and have a medic report to the Main Shuttlebay. =/\=
=/\= Understood, Commander. =/\=

As the turbolift door shut with the two of them standing there, he looked at her for a moment before asking: “You can double as a medic if you have to, right?”

– Commander William Franks, Calypso XO

Careful to maintain a professional demeanour, Myqian nodded. “Better than yet. My medical degree makes me also a qualified doctor, even if I don’t practice regularly in that field. I can help wherever needed,” she said simply. It was weird being alone in a space with him again. Her body instantly remember the discomfort of their last interactions in her office. Of course, any therapist worth their credentials understood that transference was a legitimate situation, but she had yet to have it happen to her after all these years. To have it surface so strongly and from someone she technically reported to had made a perfect storm of a situation. And she being a telepath made it that much harder because she was acutely aware of his feelings towards her, even if she wished she didn’t.

No one knew. Not even Elise. If anyone ever learned anything, they would only know that Dira had been his therapist and no longer was. Confidentiality and all that. Embarrassing the man wouldn’t help him deal with the serious issues he was facing. If she were honest and a less… scrupulous person, she’d want to punch his father in the nose for being such an ass to his family at every turn, but she wasn’t and she never, ever would. Still, admitting that she sympathized with William’s feelings about his father had led to a strange shift in their working relationship that she wasn’t sure they would ever recover from.

~Lt. Cmdr Myqian, CNS

“We’ll still keep whoever it is we’re getting from Sickbay,” he commented. “We don’t know how bad it’s going to be when we get there.”

Myqian nodded. “I agree,” she said simply.

The turbolift made an audible humming noise as it continued hovering through the ship. It seemed unusually loud, but that’s because nothing was being said. Franks gave Dira a look after a moment or two of the silence.

“We’ll still save the day though. Together.”

She didn’t need to be a telepath to know that he wasn’t really thinking about the mission at that point.

– Commander William Franks, Calypso XO

The whole energy he was radiating made Dira mentally inhale. Put up the wall, she told herself. Outwardly, she gave a tight smile. “Well, we’ll have to be extraordinarily cautious but at the same time we’ve only got so much time. I’m sue we’ll find them,” se said, at elast trying to match his optimism even if they had different subjects in mind.

~Lt. Cmdr Myqian, CNS


Whatever tediously creepy thing that Bill was in the middle of saying was thankfully interrupted by the parting of the turbolift doors. The large double doors to the shuttle bay were also just down the hall and already open, as people were streaming in and out. The bay door alarm could be heard even from their cramped little turbolift car, and it seemed to re-focus Commander Franks on what he was supposed to actually be doing. He walked out of the lift promptly.

In the shuttle bay, the Type-9 shuttle Denise had its rear hatch open, and the exterior lights were also on. Indeed, people were already inside the ship; a Bolian nurse was checking equipment in the passenger section, and up front a human Engineer was seated at the co-pilot’s position, running down the pre-flight checklist. This seemed to somehow unsettle Bill; it was almost as if he was expecting things to be in a different state when he had arrived, and was confused by the activity taking place.

“Report,” he ordered.

“Yes, Commander,” the man at the co-pilot’s position acknowledged as he swivled around in the chair. “Lieutenant Mason, sir. I was already working on the shuttle when I was ordered by Lieutenant Guinness to report to you, sir…”
“Doing what?”
“Avionics upgrade.”
“We need a shuttle in space now, son, is this one going to work?”

“Son?” Bob derisively thought without saying it. You’re like, five years older than I am, buddy…

“The upgrade is already complete, Commander. Power On Self Tests were nominal. I’ve already started the pre-flight checklist, if you’d like to review it.”
“No, I’ll cross-check it myself. I’ll be our pilot today.”
“Yes, sir.”

The Commander immediately sat in the pilots seat, and started the pre-flight checklist from the top again. Bob thought nothing of it; he had flown enough shuttle missions with different pilots to know that many of them saw themselves as ultimately responsible for everything that happened on the shuttle, and therefore saw it as a necessity to run through the checklist themselves. What he didn’t know was that Bill was merely trying to look and act important. Franks began pressing buttons on the terminal in a slow fashion that could have been mistaken as meticulous to anyone who didn’t know the Commander well.

Bob looked past Bill to see Dira, whom he had not yet met. He nodded politely in greeting.

– Lieutenant (j.g.) Robert Mason, Engineer

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