Secondary Sickbay - A New Start

Posted Jan. 22, 2021, 6:02 p.m. by GALEN (AI) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Secondary Sickbay - A New Start
Alexis and Frigga stepped aboard the Ogawa and followed the way to her quarters on deck 3 like she’d been doing it for a year. Alexis had committed the ship’s layout and map to memory. So, only moments later, both her welcome pack and Frigga’s in hand, they stepped through the doors of their quarters. Frigga, knowing instantly that this was home, it had to be because she could smell her toys in the crates in the middle of the room, took off and was bounding around the room from couch, to chair, to floor, to the bed in the bedroom, and back out again. “Yeah yeah, you’re happy. Me too, girl,” Alexis said absently as Frigga almost knocked her over. She went into the bedroom and returned a few short minutes later, in her new grey and white uniform. “What do you think? I like it.” Frigga, sat regally on the couch, head cocked in doggy contemplation and then barked softly. She shook her head, turning her collar so that her new, and very first, combadge could be seen. “Nice touch isn’t it? Bet we could teach you to activate it and use it too. But for now, it’s time to go check out our new office.” Frigga whined and laid down on the couch. She had a whole new ‘house’ to break in. She was NOT going to work. Alexis laughed, “Okay, stay here, but if anyone brings welcome aboard treats, I’m not sharing.”

Alexis put down water for Frigga and then left for Deck 12. Stepping off the turbolift Alexis made an immediate left and then a right into the secondary sickbay and then to the back starboard side to her office. She set down several PaDDs and keyed in her code to access the computer terminal. “RECOGNIZE LT. BONNER, ALEXIS, ASSITANT CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER. BIOMETRIC AND COMMAND CODES AUTHORIZED.” Transferring the staff list for secondary sickbay to a PaDD Alexis returned to the main medical bay. Down here she was in charge of not only this area, but the Triage Deck on Deck 14 and the Medical Module storage that took up all of deck 15. There was the surgical suites, med labs, ICU and SICU, in addition to the General Care Unit. OH! And the physical therapy suite. There was a lot to be checked and pre-prepped for use down here. She would also need to configure a team that would be able to prep and set up the triage unit on deck 14. She would have to see who would best fit that position. For now, she started at the closest bio bed and started running diagnostics and checking the inventory of that bed, and then moving on to the next one, until the rest of the staff arrived.
Lt Bonner, AMO

A small chime like noise sounded from what appeared to be be above. =^=Can I offer any assistance Doctor Bonner?=^= GALEN’s voice asked.


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