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Posted Jan. 24, 2021, 4:42 p.m. by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Robert Mason (Chief Engineer) in Side sim: How to apologise when you’ve been a drama “Queen” - Starbase

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Side sim: How to apologise when you’ve been a drama “Queen” - Starbase
There were many times in her life that Willow had been referred to as a drama queen. But never had she deserved it more than last week during the mass hallucinations that had mace her ‘actually’ act like one. She wasn’t sure her face would stop glowing or she would ever live down the whole affair.

That being said one of the most difficult things she still had to do was meet her new chief engineer, again. And apologise for the whole “build me a throne pesant” thing she had done on their last, first official meeting. She cringed on remembering the chair in pieces across her office when he had first come in and then....groan

She sighed, as she sent a message to him requesting he come to her temporary office, again, to meet with her. And she waited. Hoping he hadn’t written her off as a lunatic who broke things and demanded he build things for her left right and center.

Willow Taylor

Less than a minute later, the door chime rang.

“Come in.” Willow said and waited.

Upon invitation, Lieutenant Mason walked through the doors as they parted and stood at a respectful yet understated attention before her desk. He seemed a little less haggard than he was over the past few days; the decision to replace the Ogawa with the first ship of the Nightingale-class had shifted his priorities, so he was able to stop working around the clock to get the battered vessel space-worthy again.

“You wanted to see me,” Your Majesty “Captain?”

– Robert Mason, CE

Willow gave a small smile. “Please, lieutenant…at ease. Sit.” She indicated the chair opposite her. “Can I offer you a drink from the replicator?” She asked watching him. He looked less stressed than their last meeting. Which was understandable given he wasn’t being faced with a madwoman at least and the ogawa’s refit being scrapped as a replacement.

Willow Taylor

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