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Posted by Ensign Charlie (Human Resources) in Starbase transitions - Meeting room
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Ensign Charlie really was everywhere. Literally. It was if something temporal or even demonic was at work.

She straightened her uniform and pushed her hair back from her forehead looking at the table set up, PaDDs in place, a carafe of water, coffee mugs waiting, handles all facing for the correct hand of the seat owner....except the one at the foot which was for Willow…she had read in the secret HR file that the woman liked mugs she could hold in two hands. She had put the wrong cup in place. Her 100 watt smile faltered and fell as a dark look crossed the once cheery features.

Stomping forward she took the offending cup, tossed it hard into the replicator where it shattered and she was able to re programme it for the correct mug. Smile back in place she carefully placed it and stepped back to inspect the rest of the set up for the meeting. Perfect.

Now all she needed was for the staff to arrive.

Ensign Charlie

Shortly thereafter the doors opened to admit a man in a red command uniform with a Fleet Captain’s pips denoted on his neck. Curiously enough he had a furry ball on his other shoulder which was also wearing red. Behind him followed a small group of staffers to insure that everything went smoothly. After seeing the only person in the room with a cheery smile upon her face, he stepped towards her and looked deep into her eyes. “Hello Ensign. Are you a real person?” Any answer was interrupted when a staffer came up and whispered into his ear. “Oh of course she’s a real person. It’s just hard for me to tell sometimes.” He responded then listened to another bit of whispering. “Hey, you try to stay on a defunct starbase for three months by yourself while only eating tribbles and see how well your sanity holds up.”

He turned back to the Ensign and put his hand forward to shake hers. “I’m Fleet Captain Matt Evans, Fleet Commander… but I’m sure you know that.”

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

Ensign Charlie tilted her head and consider the man. “Yes sir. I am Ensign Chalrie fleet liaison from Human resources. It is nice to see you haven’t gone totally mad sir. Mania is such a fascinating condition.” She reached up to scratch the tribble on his shoulder with a grin. “Hello little guy. Aren’t you gorgeous in your little uniform.” She swept a hand at the table “please have a seat, can I get you a drink sir?”

Ensign Charlie

Matt moved to have a seat at the table while gently setting the tribble down off of his shoulder. “I’ll have a rum and coke if you please. Roger here would like some overcooked chicken wings with a honey glaze sauce. I’d ask if you had any tribble to cook, he’s gotten used to cannibalism, but he’s okay with chicken. As for not being totally mad, well we’re all a little crazy I think. I like to say my perspective of the universe just has a more unique tint to it.”

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

Ensign Charlie seemed unperturbed by this and did as was asked fetching to requested food and drink. She set them down before the Fleet commander and then quiet suddenly gave him a huge hug. “I hope your feeling fully recovered soon sir.” she said with a grin after releasing him. She waved off his entourage and then moved away to await her next victi…guest.

Ensign Charlie

Matt patted Charlie cordially on the shoulder when she hugged him, not minding the physical contact at all. Having gone three months without anyone to talk to but the figments of his own imagination had left him missing such simple gestures. He had a distance look on his face for a moment before he smiled innocently at her. “I feel a part of me will always remain back there, but it’s an experience that has shaped who I am. I don’t regret it and it has colored the universe around me very beautifully. Some insanity is probably good for you.” He took a drink of his rum and coke as the tribble Roger tucked into the chicken wings.

Stepping into the room, Dira was all focus as she processed yet another small change that had been forwarded to her. It was a constant juggle, and while it was different than her previous job, she was really loving it. She was a highly organized person to begin with, despite her often casual and easy going manner. After all this time on Starbase, her nervousness about her new role as an executive officer had dissipated. The situation with the fungus had tossed her into the command role so thoroughly that she couldn’t help but be proud of herself for how she had handled it. It was going to be a constant learning curve, but one she relished.

Smiling at the obvious brass, the half-Haliian moved right up to him. Some people were intimidated by the upper ranking officers, but she was not one of them. “Sir, Commander Dira Myqian, at your service.”

Commander Myqian, XO

“Hello Commander Dira Myqian. Please be at ease and make yourself comfortable.” Matt greeted with a small wave. “While this is a formal visit, what with the Ogawa being rechristened into a new ship class and all, I don’t care overly much for the stuffy formalities.”

“Hi again!” ensign Charlie beamed at the executive officer bouncing over all bubble and enthusiasm. Sickening really. How she had gotten here in time to set up anything was anyone’s guess but she said “Can I get you anything to eat it drink?”

“She makes a decent rum and coke.” Matt interjected as a way to encourage the informal gathering a bit.

Willow walked in a few moments later, two NE’s following with PaDDs and both speaking in turn at the red haired woman. Ensign Charlie frowned as if she didn’t like this but simply pursed her lips and scowled momentarily before bouncing over to Willow and repeating her question about the drinks.

“A peach ice tea would be very welcome.” there was a slight flush about the woman’s cheeks and a glint of excitement in her eyes. She glanced around the room and her eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Matt!” she declared happily moving forward towards Evans before she could stop herself. She did however stop just in time as she remembered the rest of the entourage were present and watching. “I mean, Fleet Commander Evans! What a surprise.”

Willow Taylor

Matt stood up from his seat at the table and pulled Willow into a big hug while not minding the entourage or difference in rank. He then laughed as he realized their surroundings but didn’t immediately pull out of the hug as he left the timing for that to her. “It’s good to see you again Willow. I know we’ve talked over subspace a bit recently, but it’s fantastic to have an excuse to see you in person again. I’m okay with you breaking this new Ogawa if it means I get to travel out here to visit.” One of his entourage frowned and tutted a little at that idea but they were completely ignored.

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

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