The last day of your life

Posted Jan. 25, 2021, 5:58 a.m. by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) (J Ridgley)

Octavia was exhausted, her short medical coat bobbed around her waist the feel of it doing so always somehow comforted her during any partially stressful days and today was one of those days. When she volunteered for a rotation aboard a Medical ship she didn’t realise how far behind her studying would fall even if she was continually reminded that practical hands-on experience was better than reading any old lecture PaDDs. The issue was if she failed her end of term assessments no matter how much practical experience she’d have would matter because she would finally get her long coat and finally become a Doctor.

She was on her way to the Arboretum, a location in which she found she could completely relax and unwind in the hopes to steady her mind to go over her assignments given to her by her tutor back at the academy. To her chest, she clutched the larger educational PaDD, one of her own design so that she could read more per page and ease of use the smaller fiddley PaDDs always seemed to get lose or broken around her.

Walking down the final corridor she was thankful that this part of the ship was relatively quiet and only a handful of crew members were floating about, none that she knew and being a student identified by her shorter coat they usually left her alone unless they wanted to ask about on old tutor they missed from their time at the academy, fortunately for her none of them wanted to.

She entered the Arbertum through the main entrance and followed the winding right-hand path to a little alcove with a bench and she rounded the final corner she was pleased to see it was empty. She sat down and leaned back into the wooden bench letting out a short sigh. Her feet ached, her back and shoulders were sore. “The life of a medical student” She whispered out loud with her eyes closed.


A loud snort startled Octavia as her eyes darted open, the Arbetrum lights had dimed and other than the sound of the rooms UV lighting humming she couldn’t make out any other noises. She pushed herself up form the bench where she had fallen asleep cursing herself silently as she wiped the dust from around her eyes and fixing her hair which had dropped to one side. She hadn’t realised how tired she really was.

Before she had another thought her comm badge chirped and the male voice which broke the silence said, =^=Crewman Tegrers, The Trill Symbiote Commission are requesting your audience. =^= She frowned and didn’t speak for a moment causing the male voice to say again =^=Crewman Tegrers=^= She tapped her comm badge. “Yes I’m on my way to my quarters”

Before she had the chance to stand up however the voice spoke again =^=Crewman please head straight to the Sickbay, everything will be explained then.=^= The communication faded and Octavia was left confused and a little scared. She picked up her PaDD before walking quickly to the Sickbay her short coat again bobbing around her waist providing no amount of comfort this time.

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