Side-Sim: Proverbs 31:25 - Primary Sickbay

Posted Jan. 25, 2021, 10:15 a.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain (Medical Student) in Side-Sim: Proverbs 31:25 - Primary Sickbay
Octavia paced back and forth outside of the primary sickbay, still wearing her short lab coat her hair still falling to one side from her unplanned nap in the arboretum. She could feel that whatever was going on behind the doors. The pent up anxiety inside of her almost wanted to make her cry, but she was better than that, strong than that. The young Trill clutched her PaDD against her chest and entered. There was a hive of activity and at first, she felt like she had entered the wrong place. Doctors and nurses were attending to wounded, this was no place for a medical student to take a call from the Trill Symbiote Commission.

Her eyes darted busily around taking in different scenes, burnt clothing and the moans of the injured assaulted her sense, no this was wrong she shouldn’t be here. Little was she aware that this was just the reason she was here. Ahead of her, she could see a group of doctors huddled around a holographic image. She could make out the faint markings of a Trill and as she did they made eye contact. She fell very still as if being stalked by a hunter.

Octavia stepped back as more heads turned in her direction only to find her way blocked as she bumped into someone, “I’m sorry” She muttered looking to the person who she had clearly obstructed.

  • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

Alexis had been called to primary Sickbay to assist. She knew what was going on. It was an interesting idea but wasn’t exactly ethical by human standards. But this was Trill law. She placed a hand on Octavia’s shoulder. “This was crewman. You have a message waiting.” She led the way into the staff area where she could conduct her business in private, then she left to go attend more of the wounded.
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