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“Hello Commander Dira Myqian. Please be at ease and make yourself comfortable.” Matt greeted with a small wave. “While this is a formal visit, what with the Ogawa being rechristened into a new ship class and all, I don’t care overly much for the stuffy formalities.”

“As you wish,” Dira said with an easy smile as she pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Hi again!” ensign Charlie beamed at the executive officer bouncing over all bubble and enthusiasm. Sickening really. How she had gotten here in time to set up anything was anyone’s guess but she said “Can I get you anything to eat it drink?”

“She makes a decent rum and coke.” Matt interjected as a way to encourage the informal gathering a bit.

Myqian laughed. “Noted, but a glass of water would actually be quite welcome, thank you.”

Willow walked in a few moments later, two NE’s following with PaDDs and both speaking in turn at the red haired woman. Ensign Charlie frowned as if she didn’t like this but simply pursed her lips and scowled momentarily before bouncing over to Willow and repeating her question about the drinks.

“A peach ice tea would be very welcome.” there was a slight flush about the woman’s cheeks and a glint of excitement in her eyes. She glanced around the room and her eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Matt!” she declared happily moving forward towards Evans before she could stop herself. She did however stop just in time as she remembered the rest of the entourage were present and watching. “I mean, Fleet Commander Evans! What a surprise.”

Willow Taylor

Matt stood up from his seat at the table and pulled Willow into a big hug while not minding the entourage or difference in rank. He then laughed as he realized their surroundings but didn’t immediately pull out of the hug as he left the timing for that to her. “It’s good to see you again Willow. I know we’ve talked over subspace a bit recently, but it’s fantastic to have an excuse to see you in person again. I’m okay with you breaking this new Ogawa if it means I get to travel out here to visit.” One of his entourage frowned and tutted a little at that idea but they were completely ignored.

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

Willow squeaked slightly as she was pulled into the hug, more surprise than anything. She returned it readily. “I am glad you are feeling better. And trust me if it means we get stuck on starbase again I will not be breaking anything if I can help it.” She pulled out of the hug and turned to indicate Dira. “I see you’ve met my partner in crime. Commander Myqian is possibly the best first officer I have encountered. She’s fantastic.”

Dira shot Willow an amused but fond grin. “So she says, but it’s only been a few months and we’ve been essentially homeless.” Despite it all though she thought they were making a great team and her transition from psychiatrist to leader was going pretty darn well.

Willow grinned and then looked down at the tribble savaging the chicken, she raised one eyebrow and looked at Dira as if to say uhhh is that normal tribble behaviour.

Ensign Charlie appeared when drinks for everyone then and a refill of the Rum and Coke. Weirdly…the two NE’s willow had entered with we’re now gone.

Willow Taylor

Matt resumed his seat at the table and held his rum and coke for another sip. “Well, if you don’t want to break the new ship then that’s cool too. I’ll have to figure out something else then to escape my handlers and come for a visit. Speaking of which, a new ship huh? That sounds very exciting. Any possibility I could tag along for the shake-down cruise?” Off to the side one of his Lieutenants rapidly shook their and said, “Sir, you don’t have time in your busy schedule for something like that.”

Matt grimaced in distaste for a moment before he shrugged and took another drink. “If I were an Admiral I’d get to dictate my own damn schedule but as it stands Command is keeping me very busy. It’s like they’re making up for the time they forgot about me. Oh well. So do you have a christening ceremony planned? Chuck a bottle of wine against the hull and all that?”

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

That was news to Myqian but she lit up at the idea. “I think something like that would be very fitting, actually. A good proper marking point for the new crew, something to unify everyone together. If I have any concerns it’s the old crew merging with so many new people for the first time, so it could work to our advantage.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow raised her eyebrows. “Thats an amazing idea. A very good idea in fact, do you think that we should organise for the new lounge or take the hospitality of the starbase slightly longer.” she asked both.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t do both. Have the crew on the starbase at first to look at the new Ogawa while you smash it with a bottle of something expensive, then move everyone onto the ship for the first official party. It’s not like you’ll be leaving right away once everyone boards, so any hangovers can be safely slept through.” Matt grinned as he was stirring to the idea of a free bar of drinks.

Ensign Charlie bounded over. “I can have a celebration organised in forty minutes.” she said cheerily. Willow frowned slightly at her and then dipped her ice tea. “Thank you ensign…maybe just hang fire a few seconds.”

Charlie blinked the grin never fading. “You want hanging fire…well that might take me a little longer sir. I organised balloons and banners in the event you’d want them not flaming things but I can do that…” she began tapping away at her PaDD

Willow Taylor

“Oh Ensign, can have the hull of the Ogawa catch on fire in a message saying something like ‘Welcome to the crew of the Ogawa! May you never have to ram your way out of another dimension again!’? That seems especially apt I think.” Matt took another sip of his rum and coke. “Though maybe a little too much of a jinx. Maybe change the second sentence to ‘Free drinks and food!’.”

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

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