Secondary Sickbay - A New Start

Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 9:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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“GALEN? How is the gym and therapeutic baths different from the crew gym and swim spas? And is there a protocol for keeping wayward people out of there. I don’t want random crew going in to use it just because the main gym is ‘too crowded.’ I don’t want the PT equipment meddled with those not authorized to use it.”

=^= The crew gym and spa areas are on deck 4. They are accessible by any crew member. The physical therapy section on this deck can only be accessed by authorised personnel or patients programmed with appointment times in the area. =^=

“Can the patient bracelets be used to remind the patient of appointments not just in the PT area but any medical appointment?”

=^=The biobed you are currently working on as the others in this area is equipped with biosensor displays, which are mounted at the head of each unit and include an extending arm panel to cover the patient’s midriff and containing high-resolution medical scanners and can provide detailed diagnostic information. Each biobed also reclines for ease of access and comfort for the patient. The biobeds’ built-in sensors feed directly into the main medical computer system, Me, and can be displayed on the above monitoring screens. Your own duty PaDDs also provide a continuous readout of all patients in the suite and give you access to their vitals anywhere within the suite. Our Intensive Care biobeds are rigged for continuous 3-dimensional scanning and monitoring of the patient. It includes a computer link-up to an alarm system programmed to react and respond to the patient’s life-signs with adjustable acceptable parameters. An unstable reading or life sign will result in a “Code Blue” alarm and engage code blue protocols. At this time the computer will auto engage digital resuscitation and life support until a medical officer is present. If one does not respond within an acceptable time frame, normally 2/3 minutes the EMH programme will respond. It also includes one replicator, additional life support hardware for each bed and back-up battery power. Our EMH programme is a short term Mark III (EMH) programmed to serve in the secondary medical suite. It has two serving interfaces, standard and custom, you may select an interface for the programme at your earliest convenience Doctor Bonner.=^= he paused then.

“Oh no. No no no. That won’t do. Two to three minutes? There is no set time limit but a range? No that does not work for me GALEN. And two minutes is just too long. Can we change that? I would prefer 45 seconds. 45 seconds can be an entire life time for a patient at a code blue status. No, I’m sorry 2 to 3 minutes is simply too long to wait to activate the EMH.” Alexis had very formed opinions about how things like medical emergencies should work. “And let’s pull up both the EMH interfaces and configure them now. No time like the present.”

=^= Timing for secondary medical suite systems changed.=^=

“Thank you, GALEN.”

=^= The holo medical crew is programmed with all current medical knowledge and the ability to adapt to situations as required. Additionally, they can take on any medical role as required by the ship/facility. The Medlabs include one replicator, material diagnostics stations, a centrifuge, gene analysis terminal, stasis field drawers for storage of biological samples. The systems and equipment are top of the range and the set tricorders are mark 18 variants programmed for more sophisticated readouts than their previous counterparts. And of course, there is also me, the interface system for the Nightingale is a customised specific AI System, GALEN. I am designed to monitor the status of all medical systems and patients onboard. I can also provide faster branch prediction and analysis for medical and scientific operations and contains vast databases of medical knowledge for hundreds of species. I am a learning AI which means I will adapt to each user to allow for automatic user experience customisation, including automated scheduling updates, workflow design, crew collaboration planning, patient care coordination, specified alert scheduling and automation, and personal environmental setups, including temperature, gravity level, and ambient sound. In addition, all medical and mental health areas have the ability to use patient tracking wristbands. These are located in store 6,8,10 and 15 and are are linked to my interface. This allows medical and mental health staff to locate patients who are not crewmembers (and therefore not necessarily in the ship’s record), as well as their vitals so that a quick response can be ensured in the event of an emergency. Would you like to hear more about the triage deck or the surgical suites?=^=


OOC: I don’t know why but I’m now assuming GALEN sounds like Baymax, thoughts?

OOC: I can deffinantly ‘hear’ this :)

At the mention of the bracelets, Alexis popped up from where she was working, “Really? Well I do like the sound of that upgrade. Almost like a medical/patient only combadge. Do they work with psychiatry as well? I’m sure they would love to have some of those.” She looked around the room. “GALEN pull up the whole holographic medical crew. If they should ever have to replace the actual medical crew, I want to be familiar with them.” She then began to sort all the things she’d pulled out. Blankets, tricorders, scanners, medical gowns, a little of each went at each bed and was put away. Medicines were moved the the locked storage cabinet at the front of the room. Really who thought it would be a good idea to leave medicines where patients could access them? “GALEN is there a designated medical staff locker area? I’d like the staff here to have a place to put their lab coats, personal medical equipment, etc.” She had her own tricorder, it was set to her preference for display and lighting and how she thought and wanted information. Most medical staff did, and she wanted them to have a place to put those things that they used every shift but wouldn’t be disturbed by the other staff.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

=^= Indeed Doctor, the bands work in all areas of the ship and are available in all physical and mental health areas. And yes. The staff may put their belongings in the staff area on this deck when working in the secondary suite. I can send information about each holocrew member to your PaDD but some are restricted to their respective areas. I will activate the secondary suites EMH programme as requested.=^=

Alexis nodded, she had assumed the programs would be limited in physical range, but that was fine. “Yes please add the information to my PaDD.” Then a thought occured to her, “GALEN aren’t the entrances supposed to run a decontamination protocol for everyone who enters? It didn’t activate when I entered. Is there a malfunction or has that system not been activated yet?”

there was a short pause then the typical figure of the EMH programme appeared dressed in the white medical uniform variant.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.” He said looking around and seemingly confused.


“Computer Freeze EMH program.” Alexis walked around the image of the EMH and shook her head, “Let’s run through some of the other potential images. This one is far too well known, and it’s known for a very horrible bedside manner and too condescending. It puts both patients and medical staff on edge. Let’s make him appear to be more trustworthy.”

Alexis was very drawn to the idea of a younger doctor, Douglas Howser, a child prodigy like herself. Brilliant and young. There was another, a Cpt. Hawkeye Pierce. Humorous, talented, and brilliant as well. A medical doctor during one of the 20th century wars of Earth. In the end she had GALEN combine the two personalities, and age the image of Dr. Howser to add the illusion of experience. No need to panic the patients with an image of a teenager. She nodded, “Computer resume program of EMH.”
Lt. Bonner, AMO

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