Side Sim: A Starbase Christmas Carol (Open to all, name your role and jump in, improv style)

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Marley was dead to begin with. Or at least that’s how the story goes and amid the swirl of street life in the perfect replication of Victorian London it was both difficult and easy to see why such a man could have prospered in life and become such a haunted individual in the afterlife as the current audience member knew he would. But that was for much later.

Her dress one of her own choosing this time Willow stood watching the people and basking in the reflection of lights twinkling in the shops. The slush stained her heeled boots and the light swirling snow dusted her hair and hat. Happy groups passed by; brightly costumed carolers and families calling out to one another and laughter as they sang an old old song “Joy to the World”

Adults passing smiled and talked to children, coins passed between others. The scene was a perfect holo recreation, like that from an ancient Christmas card, brightly lit and white…up to a point. A point where the darker clothed, or else scantily clad individuals could be seen hiding in alleyways, running around amounts the crowd and bumping into one or two of the gentlemen in top hats. Tipping caps with an apology, as a confederate took advantage of the distraction to devoid a money purse of some contents.

The point where the slush and windows began to darken and turn to grey and no passers by ventured. The part of the street that led to the counting house, owned by partners Marley and Scrooge. At least according to the faded sign hanging above the door.

It was the time of year that old earth tradition celebrated once as Christmas. Centuries after the book had been published. But she did like to visit versions of it from time to time. It had been her favorite book for year’s even before it was required reading at he Academy. The story showed not only the worst excesses of human greed and cruelty, but also the ability for change. Hope in the spirit of transformation.

She turned back to the window and let out a small shriek of alarm as the reflection she saw was not of her alone. Instead the towering seven foot skeletal figure of Dr Black grinned at her calusingnher to spin and clutch her heart,

”Doctor Black!” she exclaimed as her pulse thundered. What are you doing here sounded harsh instead she said ”You gave me a fight.”

The man, was he a man…she was never sure, hung his head sadly.


She noticed then he was not wearing his tunic but rather just his black billowing robes.

”Of course…who are you taking the role of?” he asked as in her brain the small steak of worry that as always accomlanied the dentists speech waved at her as his words appeared in her head without the leave of her ears.

He tilted his skull and grinned, unable to do much else. I WILL BE THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME, OF COURSE.

Willow raised her eyebrows as she also noticed for the first time his ornate scythe. ”Of course.” she said faintly.

Willow and Dr Black

Drake wandered in. He took a moment to appreciate the cold air and the snow. “Hello Captain Taylor.” He greeted the Captain. Slightly unnerved, he greeted the dentist “Good evening Dr Black.”

“Who is who? Though I have a guess as to what Dr Black will be doing.”

-Drake Marshall

Willow nodded and smiled as Drake arrived. “Doctor Marshall, welcome. I think I’m acting as narrator right now. Dr Black well he has chosen a rather fitting role.” She looked at the Dentist.

Black was staring at the street as if something bothered him. She could swear that his expressionless skull seemed to be frowning. He glanced at Drake.


The black figure strode off through the snow to deal with the relocation. Willow exchanged a a look with Drake. “Did he just say when he haunted the real Scrooge?”

Willow And Dr Black

“That’s what I thought he said. And I have so many questions.” Drake remarked with a smile.

“I think your surgical department is full of Scrooges, but seeing as I beat Dr Jarvis here… may I?”

-Drake Marshall

Before the Captain could reply, Oscar slouched in - well, as much as slouching is possible in an isolation suit.

“Cai told me that there was something ridiculous and untoward going on here. He was a little light on details, but the kid made it sound fun.”

He looked at the group currently assembled.

“I think he may have overstated the fun level. Is there somebody in this who’s a huge curmudgeon who doesn’t like anybody?”

– Oscar Cascarrabias

“I may yet have competition.” Drake said, one eyebrow raised at the engineer. “As long as I don’t have to be a chipper Cratchet, I’ll survive.” =/\=Computer. Generate half crown coin, Victorian era, England.=/\= “Flip for it?”

-Drake Marshall

OOC: Oscar is fungal green all over and is putrescent most of the time. He’s also Spanish, so Dickens isn’t his wheelhouse. Playing an irredeemable ghost is right up his alley; I was hoping someone would suggest Marley for him.

“There’s only one? I’m sort of surprised. I thought English authors from this era included at least two, lest they accidentally made it seem like all misanthropes were capable of reform.”

Oscar shrugged, which was quite a feat in the suit.

“I call back side.”

-Oscar Cascarrabias

“There are two, so winner is Scrooge, the other is Marley.” Drake flipped the coin. Heads. “The ghost of Jacob Marley suit you?”

-Drake Marshall

Oscar looked at Marshall in a bit of confusion. He was certain that he’d just heard the word, “ghost”. Well, if he had, that seemed like there was a bit of fun to be had. After all, most days, Oscar did tend to smell only slightly better than a four-day-old corpse (his family’s expression, the origin of which they had never properly explained).

“Marley it is. I guess I should go change into clothes appropriate for the setting and read up on what exactly I’m doing. See you whenever somebody starts seeing ghosts!”

With that, Oscar walked off and started disengaging the seals on his isolation suit. He didn’t mind being restricted in his movements, but having the freedom to play a specter was going to be fun. (Bear in mind, he was unaware of how heavily fettered Jacob Marley would be as a ghost.)

~Oscar Cascarrabias

“Seems like that’s good enough for him. I guess we’ll see if anyone else drops by.”

-Drake Marshall

Willow watched the exchange with a smile as if she enjoyed the whole thing. When they were done she handed each man a small padd with the respective headings ‘so you’re going to play Scrooge/Marley’ “excellent, so we have scrooge, marley, uhh…” her gaze flickered to Joe Black and back again. “The ghost of…yeah him.” hearing the door she turned.

Zoi walked in wearing a Victorian gown of dark and light blue silk plaid. It had all the frills of the time period, of a woman who had means. Her skirt was massive, with its crinoline and hoops underneath. Her hands were hidden by heavy quarter cape of dark blue and a grey fur muff. Her hair was done up in a sleek twisted knot indicative of the times and topped with a fantastic bonnet that matched her cape. “I believe I can play Scrooge’s neglected girlfriend Belle, or the nephew… though obviously we can switch it to niece.”

Haven, CoS

With a smile willow nodded. “Either works for me, what a wonderful dress lieutenant.”

Willow Taylor

Zoi grinned, the tiny ringlets at her widows peaks bouncing and the skirt swishing as she enjoyed the effect of the costume. This was probably her favorite part of doing holo plays like this. She didn’t mind the corset, as it was fit to her body perfectly and thus allowed for plenty of breath and support of her chest and rib cage.

Solal was the next to enter, wearing clothes of the correct time period, a green jacket, a button-up shirt, and the sort of pants worn at the time. “I thought I might join, and play the part of Peter Cratchit?” He said, standing just within the doorway to the room. He figured if he were to join, and he had decided this would be a good experience, then Peter Cratchit would be the best choice for him, though he was a tad tall for the part.

~ Solal

Willow nodded. “Welcome. Come join us. We will wait a few minutes more for anyone to join us then get started.” she said.

Willow Taylor

Meanwhile, out of view of the others, in a holographic interactive alcove, Oscar was changing into the apparel for Marley. The clothing, although fine, was tattered and ripped, and for whatever reason, he had to tie a handkerchief under his chin and over his head. The shoes were especially strange for the attire, for, though they were clearly polished, the description of Marley made it clear that, somehow, he had to have a patina of dust on them that never came off. No matter for an Engineer; getting things to stay stuck together was one of the main parts of the job. Still, the detail required to be a ghost was quite intriguing - right until he got to the end. Then, his yell could be heard from anywhere in the holodeck, as well as, should the door have opened at an importune time, out in the hallway.


Of course, Oscar would revel in the ability to complain about the fetters. His life was always better when he could complain about it. It was still something of a shock, since he had never envisioned that it was possible for a specter to be bound by such physical restraints. Given that he had lived much of his life carrying around additional weight, he figured that he could bear additional weight for this.

Oscar Cascarrabias

“I think then I shall choose to play Scrooges estranged girlfriend.”

Zoi Haven

Willow chuckled and yelled in Oscar’s direction “You’re supposed to be dead and suffering for your sins!” A few of the holographic characters turned to look at her as if she had gone mad.

She handed out PaDDs to those who had named a role.

Willow Taylor

As Willow handed out the PaDDs the doors to the holodeck swished open once more. Taking a deep breath and wondering if this really was a good idea, Riani entered the holodeck. Once again she was dressed in her pale blue late Victorian walking skirt and matching blouse. Not to mention era appropriate undergarments and boots. Though this time she was also wearing a long, dark blue late Victorian coat and she had put her long her up in a fashion that matched the time period as well. The only thing out of place in her whole outfit was her Bajoran earring. Letting her gaze wander around the scenery and all the assembled people - real and holographic - she remained close to the door. So that, in case they had already started, she could easily slip out again without disturbing anyone.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Too late for that, as it turned out, because Oscar, now the specter of Jacob Marley, true to character, surreptitiously came up behind her.

“How do, Ensign? Dressed for the occasion, I see - as am I. Although you may not wish to turn around suddenly.”

Oscar realized that what he just did was probably contrary to what he really should have done. He suddenly remembered the Ensign from the dinner party table, and realized that he, for whatever reason, made her uncomfortable. Well, given his current getup, he was going to make anyone uncomfortable.

Oscar Cascarrabias

Since Ria hadn’t heard Oscar approach her, the mere sound of his voice made her almost scream. But only almost. Instead a soft, indiscernible sound escaped her lips as she stumbled away from him. Tripping over her own feet, she fell and landed on her hands and knees. All the blood had drained from her face. Her whole body trembled slightly and her breaths came fast and rather shallow. She really shouldn’t have come. What were she thinking? And now she had embarrassed herself in front of everyone. Again. How was anyone ever going to trust her and find her a capable officer, if everything scared her? Upset and angry with herself, she felt tears well up in her eyes. Blinking them back furiously, Ria looked up at Oscar and said, her voice shaking slightly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear or see you coming. I’m such a goose. Please forgive me.” His attire was a little frightening, but she tried to ignore that. After all, it was just a costume and this was just a holodeck. So nothing here could hurt her and so she shouldn’t be frightened. Or so she tried to tell herself while still sitting on the floor, looking up to the engineer.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Willow moved to help Iyun to her feet. “Well he certainly will give Scrooge a scare.” she frowned at him slightly and shook her head. “Beautiful acting Ensign. I can see we are all going to have to really try our best to keep up with you.” she gave Iyun a wink.

Willow Taylor

With the Captain suddenly right next to her, Ria’s face went from pale to bright scarlet in an instant. Despite wishing that the floor would just open beneath her and swallow her, she let Willow help her back to her feet. Feeling incredibly awkward despite Willow’s sweet and kind reaction, Ria whispered, “Thank you, Captain.” She tried to smile up at her, but didn’t quite manage it.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Solal read over the part he had chosen from a PaDD, quickly memorizing all the lines, as well as the look of the character. He wasn’t particularly sure how to play the character, considering he’d actually only been one play in his life (and that hadn’t been voluntary) but he figured he’d probably figure it out. The part did not have a huge number of lines, which for Solal, was a plus. He would rather not spend too much time on stage.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

“Really Marley,” She said admonishing Oscar in both tone and look as she too came to assist Iyun. She very gently straightened the woman’s coat and brushed it off. “Couldn’t wait five minutes for us to finish plans before scaring us?”

Zoi turned. “So, Cast list is thus.

Scrooge - Dr. Marshall
Marley - Chief Petty Officer Cascarrabias
Bob Cratchit - Lieutenant Solal
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Dr. Black
Scrooge’s estranged girlfriend - me

We still need the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Nephew. I am sure any of them could be done by the computer. If that is the case, maybe I should switch to the Ghost of Christmas Present since it is a more prominent part.”

Haven, CoS

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