SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 12:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) (Amber DeSadier)

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date


Turning her head in Haven’s direction and tilting her head up, Dira smiled warmly as her dark eyes rather obviously swept over Zoi’s lovely figure and the enticing way it was presented currently. “Well, after you went through the trouble of putting pearls in your hair before, what can I say, I was inspired.” She held a brown hand out to Zoi, inviting her to take it and join her.

Zoi laughed heartily, remembering the massive amounts of pearls she had adorned her hair with during the hallucinations. The whole of her quarters had been turned into a romantic oasis for two and Dira had very kindly helped her stop hallucinating. And though they were gone, her attraction still remained for the beautiful XO. She was just glad Dira had not wanted her to wear all those pearls again. Surely only being on the fungal hallucinogen was what prompted her to spend so much time on something so silly.

She moved to take the warm hand in her own and looked up into the eyes of her date.

“Besides… I do vividly recall I promised to teach you some art and you suggested sand sculptures. I figured it was only fitting.” Building things. Building things with Zoi. Oh yes, very fitting.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Its nice to know you keep your promises.” She moved close to Dira and took her other hand as well, feeling the heat of their bodies entwining between them. “So, my lovely date. What shall we sculpt together?”

Haven, CoS

Dira squeezed her hand, rubbing the pad of her thumb over Zoi’s fingers. “That’s the beauty of art. It can be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes you can start with a plan or just a glimmer of an idea, or sometimes you just go for it and see what happens.” She brought their hands to her lips, brushing them with a gentle kiss.

Zoi smiled as Diras lips brushed against her hand. It sent warmth all the way to her core and she found her cheeks were hot even in the sun and on this beach.

Okay, time to get up before they never got anywhere with the art part of their evening. Letting Zoi’s hand go, she pushed herself to her feet and moved over to one of the two piles of damp sand. “So… in order to sculpt the sand, it has to be the right texture. You need it wet enough to hold together, but not too wet that it looses its integrity. This sand is all ready for us, but you’ll note buckets of water to the side of each so we can amend things as needed. There are tools, buckets, shapes- all of which you can use to form things. Or you can simply work with your hands. Or both.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Interesting, she thought as she began to take in the idea of how the sand sculptures were created. She reached down and picked up a fistful to check its density and feel it clump in her hand. She examined the tools and the shapes they could make. Used some of the tools on the wet sand to see what marks they made as well. “I think I shall do the traditional sand castle. Architecture is so interesting to me. Okay… now to plan the structure....” Zoi began walking around the perimeter of the area she was to sculpt in and wondered how she wanted to go about making the structure.

Haven, CoS

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