Nothing like a new ship

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The red haired woman smiled. “Thank you.” she said sincerely then smiled and added. “Now stop being a shrink and come on before I have to pick you up and carry you” she moved towards the docked ship.

Dira just laughed openly.

This was a special moment a moment that she couldn’t ever dream of again. She took a deep breath and walked towards the waiting doors. Skeleton crew who had helped bring the ship here were unloading and an NE in red stood waiting she was pale with bright red cheeks and long platinum blonde hair in a black headband she smiled seeing them both.

“Captain. Commander, I’m Ensign Charlie. I’ve been asked to give you an official tour and answer any questions while we wait for the fleet command to arrive with the admiral. Please if you wouldn’t mind swapping your comm badges for these.” she offered her hand out, two slightly different styled comm badges with a caduceus symbol on them lay in her open palm.

Willow and Charlie

“A pleasure. And thank you, Ensign,” Myqian said taking the new commbdge and swapping it out. Affixed with pride, she couldn’t help but beam. This was going to be great!

An officer in the colours of operations, the pips of a Fleet Captain and the look of wonder on his face approached Willow, Dira and Charlie, a padd in hand. He was in the middle of talking to someone not there.

=^= … run the tests again, Ensign, let’s make sure those transporters work without a hitch at least at the start of the Ogawa’s service, =^= he said, tapping at his padd.

Ensign Charlie would of course know him as Fleet Captain Russell Watt, Assistant Engineering Director and Tribble Enthusiast. Rumour had it he could rabbit on about tribbles for a long time (or should that be tribble on?) He hadn’t met either Willow or Dira before, but judging by their pips he worked out who they were.

“Captain, Commander, Assistant Engineering Director Fleet Captain Russell Watt at your service. I arrived by that ship out there, aint she a beauty? Very pleased to have been able to work with the team involved in its design, and give the final approvals on its production. Sorry about the old McCoy-class, but a new ship for new horizons and brighter futures.”

His combadge chirped, and he said, “excuse me a moment.”

=^= Watt here, =^=

=^= The polishing of the Dental Suite has been completed, Sir. Patients will be able to smile brightly once they have completed their visit to the Dentist on board. =^= Came the voice.

=^= Good work, Ensign. Continue on. =^=

Watt looked to the three ladies, “that ship will shine when you arrive on board, Captain, Commander. Now, can I interest you in neutered tribbles? They do put everyone (with the exception of klingons) at ease just like their unneutered brethren, only they won’t overrun the ship. I have a container of them with me.”

  • Fleet Captain Russell JK Watt, AEDir and Tribble Enthusiast

Myqian’s contoured forehead knit slightly and she looked at Taylor. She was entirely passing the decision to her and did so with a slightly amused gleam in her eyes.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow blinked. “Uhh..yes thank you Fleet Captain Watt, I mean a tribblemwould be lovely.” she looked at Dira and a grin filled her face. “Commander Myqian would love to have one too.” she said looking at her XO.

“I always wanted a pet,” Dira deadpanned.

“I am very pleased to hear that, ladies,” Russell replied, reaching into a pocket on his left hand side and pulled out a tribble in blue fur with white ‘X’s on it with a purple mark on it that if you squinted, you could confuse it for a thistle, “I call this one Ponya,” Russell handed it to Willow with a smile. The purrs from the adorable ball of fur intensified as it got closer to Willow, “I think it likes you, Captain.”

He then looked at Dira, and reached into a pocket on his right hand side and pulled out another adorable tribble. This one was white in colour with a red mark on it which in the correct light could be considered to be a stylised maple leaf, “and this one is Kastor,” Russell handed it to Dira with another smile. This one purred loudly as it got closer to Dira, “it seems rather fund of you, Commander.”

“Enjoy them, feed them twice a day, and make sure they don’t get into the jeffries tubes … once in there their purrs overpower everything else on the ship.

Once the exchange had happened Ensign Charlie bounced forward. “Can I offer you a tour of the ship now?”

Willow Taylor

“Please,” Dira said with a lit up grin. “And I know the crew boarding schedules will come through to us, but any area we’ll be waiting on to be staffed, or will we full staffed before our first assignment?” It was not only a brand new crew to her, but they were brand new to each other. Yes a small group knew each other better or even very well, but they would have an entirely new dynamic to work out.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow smiled at the Ensign and waited to hear her reply.

Charlie grinned as always. “The senior staff check in and boarding will begin after your tour and junior officers after that I have orders to set up a small celebration with refreshments for the junior officers while they wait for check in. New uniforms and commbages will also be distributed. The schedules will be sent to you both For the rest of the crew arriving. We are scheduled to assist with moving staff in and organising for the next 72 hoursrhen you will have her to yourselves.” she tapped away at the PaDD.

“Shedules now sent.” turning to Watt she said. “Sir will you be joining us or will we catch up with you at the senior staff briefing after the tour?”

Willow listened to the exchange quietly still looking at the ship out of the window. She turned her attention away when Ensign Charlie bounced on the balls of her feet in front of Dira holding a blue scanning padd.

“Commander if you would place your hand here please.” she said and waited.

Briefly Willow and Ensign Charlie

“I’ll let you show the commander and captain around the ship, Ensign,” Watt said, “one of the team was having an issue with one of the Guest Quarters on Deck 9A. And I need to see to that. I’ll see you all again at the senior staff briefing. Captain, Commander, Ensign” and Russell headed off, singing softly as he headed off, “There is nothin’ like a dame, Nothin’ in the fleets, There is nothin’ you can name, That is anythin’ like a dame”

  • Fleet Captain Russell JK Watt, AEDir and Tribble Enthusiast

OOC: Re the tribble names
- Ponya is the Nepalese word for Panda;
- Kastor is a Greek word which translates as Beaver.

Zoi looked out at the brand new ship, shiny and fresh off the lot as it were. She smiled standing where the Captain had stood only a little time before. Coffee in hand much as the Captain had, though hers was fresh and still piping hot. There was something powerful about seeing a brand new ship docked. Right now the skeleton crew would be showing the Captain and the XO all the bells and whistles. The beginning security and command measures would be in place for them. They would spend much of the next few hours getting to know their new vessel and if her guess was right, she would be next.

As soon as their command was accepted, she needed to step in and accept security overrides. Then she and the other DH’s would tour the ship either alone or together, however they wished. Then the chaos would begin as JO’s toured the new corridors and DH’s would begin their briefs to their departments. Then came testing; from diagnostics to actual testing each and every piece of equipment and function on the ship. Days and days of drills would follow, testing both function and crew.

She smiled at her new ship and checked her PaDD for the time… Perhaps an hour and then the new USS Ogawa would meet her Chief of Security.

Haven, CoS

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