Side-Sim: Proverbs 31:25 - Primary Sickbay

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Octavia paced back and forth outside of the primary sickbay, still wearing her short lab coat her hair still falling to one side from her unplanned nap in the arboretum. She could feel that whatever was going on behind the doors. The pent up anxiety inside of her almost wanted to make her cry, but she was better than that, strong than that. The young Trill clutched her PaDD against her chest and entered. There was a hive of activity and at first, she felt like she had entered the wrong place. Doctors and nurses were attending to wounded, this was no place for a medical student to take a call from the Trill Symbiote Commission.

Her eyes darted busily around taking in different scenes, burnt clothing and the moans of the injured assaulted her sense, no this was wrong she shouldn’t be here. Little was she aware that this was just the reason she was here. Ahead of her, she could see a group of doctors huddled around a holographic image. She could make out the faint markings of a Trill and as she did they made eye contact. She fell very still as if being stalked by a hunter.

Octavia stepped back as more heads turned in her direction only to find her way blocked as she bumped into someone, “I’m sorry” She muttered looking to the person who she had clearly obstructed.

  • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

Alexis had been called to primary Sickbay to assist. She knew what was going on. It was an interesting idea but wasn’t exactly ethical by human standards. But this was Trill law. She placed a hand on Octavia’s shoulder. “This way crewman. You have a message waiting.” She led the way into the staff area where she could conduct her business in private, then she left to go attend more of the wounded.
Lt Bonner, AMO

Left alone and seemingly ‘out of the way’ Octavia finally breathed. She hadn’t a moment to spare when the holographic image appeared in the centre of the room. It was the same Trill Woman she had seen speaking to the Doctors moments before. “Hello?” She said though her town was more like asking a question, the mystery she hoped behind the reason she was here soon to be revealed.

“Hello Octavia, my name is Enag Taod a counsellor for the Trill Symbiote Comission.” She pointed to a chair in the corner of the room. “Sit down child, we need to have a quick talk and then we must quickly act” She watched and waited for Octavia to sit.

The young Trill looked between the holo-woman and to the chair before slowing moving over to it and sitting down. She straightened out her trousers and looked across the holo-woman who was now also sitting but on a holo-chair. She didn’t even see her move. “I’m not in trouble am I?” She asked steadying her voice. Octavia tried tor recall anything she might have done to cause prosecution from the Commission but came up short.

Enag chuckled and shook her head, “No dear in fact you are being asked to do something only some of us are ever entitled too, you are about to undergo a joining.” Her smile was wide as if she had just dropped the most fantastic news onto the young Trill and to most it was.

“Wait?” Octavia cried out, the cogs in her mind ticking, into overdrive. “but I was told I never would, I have no training I’m not prepared and I don’t want to.” She said resiliently, she had never liked the idea of becoming joined and she had her assignments to complete.

“Please child,” Enag said trying to calm Octavia.

“I am not a child and I don’t have to you, can’t force this on me,” She said clutching to her stomach, Octavia felt the anger boil inside her but realisation started to grow, the injured next door. She knew the next words coming out of Enags mouth before she even said them. she had no choice. If a symbiote life was at risk it was Trill law for a host to be selected.

Enag looked sad and frowned, “I thought someone studying in medicine would want to save a life, in any matter the procedure is only temporary. We have 93 hours before the joining is permanent and we already have a suitable candidate on their way in the next 72 hours plenty of time and no one gets hurt. I promise Octavia, please dont make me make this an order.” She paused as if being spoken to. “I must go, but the Doctors onboard the USS Ogawa are well trained and know what must be done. Good luck and thankyou young Gi… Woman.” The holo emitter went blank and she was left alone but only for a short while as the door opened.

  • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

=^=Bonner to Marshall. We need your expertise in primary Sickbay=^=

GALEN informed Alexis when the holo message was over. She entered the room and waited several moments. “Crewman, no one here will force you into a decision. You are healthy and fit, there is no reason for us to choose this to save your life. But this is an internal Trill matter and we can not refuse if you choose to proceed. But we do need an answer.” Alexis didn’t know if Octavia ever wanted to be joined and what this temporary joining would do to her. She made a note to contact psychiatry as well.

Octavia looked down to her stomach and back to the where the holo-Trill Commissioner had been, though her parents lived on Trill her breaking the Law and rejecting this procedure would have a huge effect on her and her families status. She sighed and let out a small whimper before composing herself again. “I have to do this,” She said with a now steely resolve and glazed look. The Commissioner knew what to say, she wouldn’t let someone die on her account.

While they waited several nurses and medics came to the door asking about other patients affected by the accident.
Lt Bonner, AMO

“What do we do now?” The young Trill asked having watched the medics and nurses, she just wanted to get it over with. She knew it would be like nothing had happened and all she’d have at the end of the 93 hours would be a bad headache, not even a scar thanks to modern technology. Nothing could go wrong right?

  • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

Drake stormed in, already steeped in a foul mood. “What do we have?” He asked coldly. The day had been long and Drake was not interested in anything par for the course. He saw Alexis, seemingly comforting a young Trill. Perhaps the family of the afflicted.

-Dr Drake Marshall

She looked from the Doctor and then to the woman who was seemingly carting her around. If he was going to be the one doing the surgery she hoped she was going to be put under, talk about bed side manners. She didn’t think it to be her place to speak and waited for the female Doctor to tell her what to do and tell him what was happening, she wasn’t entirely sure herself. - Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

Alexis called the head nurse in, “Octavia if you follow her she will help you get ready.” After they left she turned to Drake her ire already up. But Drake was the best. “En Raain was killed in an accident. Crewman Octavia is the only other Trill onboard. You will be transplanting the symbiote. Per the Trill symbiote commission Octavia is to be put in an induced coma until the actual host arrives. Then you will transfer the symbiote again.” She handed Drake a PaDD with all the details. “She is being prepped now. Pick your team doctor.” They had a Sickbay full of injured, she didn’t have time to stroke his ego.
Lt Bonner, AMO

“Unless the head nurse is free, I’ll take Nurse Khev with me and Dr Parr from surgical will assist. ETA on the new host? Once the symbiont is in, we have a little under four days to make the switch.” Drake already knew the margin would be slim, if the Trill had selected a new host yet, but asked anyway.

-Dr Drake Marshall

“72 hours” Spoke Octavia, she wasn’t sure if it was her question to answer but she was too anxious not to speak. “72 hours and I’ll be back to normal,” She told herself more than anyone, it was clear she had doubts about the surgery, her shoulder had dropped making her appear shorter than she always was. Octavia was dragged away by the nurse before she heard a response and soon found a number of foreign hands undressing her, taking out her hair whilst she stood rather naked in the chamber until finally, someone put an apron which covered her down to her knees, the apron, of course, had a zip running around the stomach and midriff.

“As she said, the assigned host is supposed to arrive in 72 hours, but the symbiot isn’t going to survive on it’s own for much longer.” =^=Nurse O’Keefe, Nurse Khev and Dr Parr report to surgical 1.=^= (OOC: Tyra is on LOA, but I added her in incase she wants to join this thread when she returns.). “GALEN activate EMH to help get the rest of these people triaged.” The EMH appeared and Alexis sent it off to get started. “If you need anything else Dr. Marshall, I’m a comm call away.” Alexis then turned returning to the main med bay.
Lt Bonner, AMO

She finally found herself lead into what she assumed was the surgery room where a male Trill body was laying down on the bed next to an empty one, the one she was directed to take. Being helped up she laid herself down the lights from above her blinding as nurses assembled the equipment and attached a breathing mask River her mouth, she knew she had to be somewhat awake for the joining before being put into a coma incase there were complications, she hoped there wasn’t. The doors opened again and a flurry of people entered, the surgeons she assumed the doctor she had met earlier though she couldn’t see them.

The whole incident from waking up in the arboretum had happed so fast and she was begging to panic, replicated by the sudden increase in beeping from the machine next to her. Suddenly she felt the need to escape from the probes and the tubes and the wires. She felt hands on her, voices telling her to calm down she looked over to the other body and could make out the doctors, clearly operating. It didn’t take long fore the medicine which would induce her coma took effect and shell feel asleep.

    • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

Garion thought he’d come down to the primary sickbay and get his boarding physical out of the way before anything important happened. He thought it should be fairly quiet and that he could be in and out before too much time passed.

The scene that greeted him on his arrival was different to what he expected and it seemed to him that this was not the best time for him to be here, but he was curious, it looked as though a surgery was being prepped, and he tried to stand out of the way, but in such a place he could see what was going on.

  • Ens Garion ‘Oz’ Rivanson, Security JO

Drake went to scrub up and Nurse Khev followed suit, catching sight of Garrion for a second. She told him “you can watch from the observation area there, just try not to interrupt.”

Once everyone was in place, Drake insisted the surgical support frame be removed. Dr Parr commented “If Dr Walker doesn’t kill you, Captain Taylor will.”
“You have to be able to remove it to sterilize it, right?” Drake replied.

Drake held out his hand. “Exoscalpel.” Lena put a scalpel in his hand.

step 1: remove the symbiont from the prior host.
A long incision along the abdomen, open up, once the symbiont is visible, disconnect it from the host body.

step 2: transplant
The most time sensitive. Outside the body, the symbiont won’t survive. A similar incision is made in the new host. Introduce the symbiont and bond.

final step: close
Always the easiest. Close the new host’s incision and induce coma. Close prior host’s incision for funerary purposes.

“We’re done here. Turf the new host to the floor, keep everything ready so we can get moving on the next transplant when the final host arrives.”

-Dr Drake Marshall

A young NE Nurse in fresh scrubs looking clearly panicked entered the room. “Doctor there’s been an update from the Trill Symbiote Commission, the Transport that was supposed to be carrying the new host suffered some mechanical failures and won’t reach is in the given time” She looked to the two beds and let out a slight sob, “Its already done isn’t it? The procedure?”

Drake nodded

“We should probably arrange for someone to be here for emotional support when she wakes” The nurse quickly left the room in search fo someone more qualified than her.

“We’ll keep it subdued, make sure she’s comfortable.”

94 Hours

Octavia’s head hurt like hell, 93 hours sleep and she’d thought at least she would feel fresh, but no, her head felt like she’d been hit by a freight transport ship and it reversed over her to finish her off. Before the will to open her eyes surfaced she felt the odd sensation that she wasn’t alone, being watched or… She really wanted Banana custard… Eww.

Opening her eyes she looked around “Hello?” She asked waiting for a response. The first thing she noticed was she was now in a medical bed and not in the surgery room the next was that not much had changed since she was last here… The scene had changed and everything appeared a lot less quiet, “Hello?” She called out her lips sticking together, dry and cracking.

  • Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain

OOC: Anyone feel free to jump in and see hows shes doing, probably would be best to have a medical expert to break the news to her though.

Drake always preferred to take responsibility for anything that happened to his patients. This did not excite him. =/\=assistant chief of medicine and… someone from psych to secondary med.=/\= “Hello Octavia. I have some news. The new host… the transport was delayed by a mechanical failure. It’s been too long now. You’re bonded.”

-Dr Drake Marshall

Octavias eyes fell on the Doctors, he had to be joking there was no way. She pushed the thin medical covers off of herself and looked to her stomach where the symbiotic pouch was under the skin. Their was no sign of a medical procedure and certainly no sign of a symbiote. Images began flashing through her mind images and thoughts that weren’t not her own. Places she knew but had never been, names and faces of people she’d never met but were familiar to her.

She pushed her legs over the edge of the bed against any objection for her to remain where she was but as soon as she tried to stand she fell to the floor her legs weak for the immobile 94 hours of sleep. “I didn’t want this” she sobbed, the images disappeared as if someone had willed them away, the symbiote respecting her desire to be left alone.

Frigga followed Alexis into the primary sickbay. She didn’t get to come in here often and there was lots to explore and become familiar with. Lots of new people too, but she was a professional dog after all. As she padded around the medbay she came straight to Alexis at a simple snap of her fingers and followed her into the surgical ICU. This place had a seriousness to it and smelled different. OH someone was upset. Frigga moved straight over to the woman on the floor and laid down across her legs and leaned against her torso. She smelled different there…a baby? No the woman didn’t have the right scent for a woman that was pregnant, but there was something else there. Curious. Either way she leaned her weight against the woman’s midsection providing deep muscle pressure to help calm her and began to lick and nose her hand gently.
Frigga, Therapy Dog

Octavia was mildly surprised as a small warm fury creature dropped itself over her legs resting on her midriff, she somehow knew the name “Frigga” She said her hand slowly finding the dogs back and stroking her. Octavias sobs lessened even if the pain increased. “What, what happened?” She asked having clearly been to distressed and hazy from her sleep to have completely accepted the truth.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

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