Starbase Transitions- Hanger bay six at 1300 hours (ALL JOS)

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Finished with the senior staff Ensign Charlie headed to the Hanger bay to meet with the rest of the crew. Her grin was still in place and she swished her long blonde hair in the sort of way only the perpetually bubbly individual managed.

She arrived and nodded to the NEs set up at tables and made sure all was ready to be distributed

Ensign Charlie

Garion made good time as he jogged through the decks of the starbase. He had carried heavier burdens than his rucksack during his Land-based Survival in Desert, Ocean, Jungle, and Moderate Conditions course at the Academy andh e was in good shape, so he wasn’t too winded by the time he arrived at Hanger bay six.

He looked around as he arrived and saw NEs working and the bubbly ensign that seemed to be organising everything.

He approached her and said, “hello, I’m Ensign Garion Rivanson, assigned to security on the Ogawa. Are you Ensign Charlie the Head of Relocation and associate in Human resources?”

  • Ensign Rivanson, Sec JO

Ensign Charlie beamed at the new arrival. “Yes!” she said happily “welcome, there are some refreshments over there and some snacks over there while we wait for everyone please relax and enjoy for now.” she indicated two other tables with drinks and food laid out. There were also balloons around the room like some sort of celebration. There was even a cake.

Ensign Charlie

“Thanks Ensign Charlie,” Garion replied, “and if I can assist with anything, please let me know.”

He went to the table indicated and picked up some fruit and a glass and filled it with water. He knew what he could eat and what he couldn’t eat. If he had the sweets, he’d just have to work extra hard tomorrow to take it off.

  • Ensign Rivanson, Sec JO

Next to arrive was a petite Bajoran woman dressed in the colours of the science department. She carried a large duffel bag over her right shoulder and only walked a few steps into the hanger before looking around shyly. If only there were more people here already and she could sort of disappear between them. Oh well, there weren’t and she really needed to learn to be less anxious. So she took a deep breath and then started to make her way towards the ensign who seemed to be in charge, while holding onto her duffle bag with trembling hands.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

“Hi!” Ensign Charlie beamed and indicated the rest of the NEs and other junior officers who had arrived so far. “Welcome. There are some refreshments over there and some snacks over there while we wait for everyone please relax and enjoy for now.”

Ensign Charlie

“Thank you,” Riani replied with a soft and a little shy smile. For a little while she remained close to the door, but eventually she pushed herself out of her comfort zone and made her way towards the tables with the refreshments and snacks. Picking up a bottle of water, she let her gaze travel trough the room. Son many new faces! Hopefully the science department wouldn’t be too large and she’d be able to find her place among her new crewmates.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Just then the doors opened again and a medical officer, dressed in the white uniform entered. For a moment she paused in the doorway, taking everything in. It didn’t take her long to spot the officer who seemed to be in charge. Making her way towards Ensign Charlie, Tija mustered everyone else who was already present.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

Gerald entered a short while afterwards as he had been on a duty shift and the streaks of grease and a few sprinkling of metal shavings indicated he hadn’t just been relaxing at a console. New ships always had quirks that needed to be ironed out and this was a case where the plasma injectors needed just a little more than some coaxing to reach proper alignment. And when I say more than just some coaxing I mean a full rebuild with a fair amount of swearing thrown in. He breathed a sigh out as he made his way into the room. Normally eyes would linger on him given the nature of his implants but he was far more used to it now and made his way to the sign in desk.

Hopkins, Eng

“Hi welcome welcome, ” Charlie beamed at both doctor and engineer. “Please relax and make yourselves at home while we wait a few more minutes on some others and then we’ll get started.” she indicated the refreshments. “Please help yourself.”

Ensign Charlie

Nodding kindly Gerald said in his usual static filled electronic voice, “Thank you ma’am I appreciate the hospitality”

Later than he had wanted to be, Solal headed in, wearing the new blue Medical uniform. He nodded a ‘hello’ to Ensign Charlie before glancing around at everyone else in the room. The new ship was difficult not to be at least a little excited about, even for him.

~ Solal, Doctor

Lena was not far behind Solal. She approached Ensign Charlie and waited for clearance to board.

-Nurse Lena Khev

Gerald made his way towards the cake, something he’d always been a sucker for and although he might not have full range of taste, sweet was one he surely could enjoy. He grabbed a slice and took a small bite as he wandered the room, his uniform far more unkempt from the work he was doing prior than anyone elses.

Hopkins, Eng

Charlie beamed at Nurse Khev and waved her inside. “Come in! Please relax and enjoy refreshments while we wait to check in.” she said

Ensign Charlie

Garion watched as he was joined by others of various races - Bajoran, someone who was at least partly Vulcan … and wait, was that a Romulan? But the one who interested him the most was someone who seemed to be human, at least at one point, but now seemed cybernetic and he seemed to like cake. Well, that was something that Garion could appreciate at least on special occaisons, and a new ship was definitely a special occasion.

As the cybernatic man walked the room, Garion approached him and nodded respectfully to him.

“Hello Oji-san,” Garion said to him, “are you enjoying the cake? I’m ensign Garion Rivanson, from Security, but most call me Oz. I’d offer to shake your hand, but we both would probably prefer not to have the cake down our uniforms”

  • Ensign Garion ‘Oz’ Rivanson, Security

Duvosa walked into the room, and then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the tables set up. There was even cake. Was this some sort of a joke? A party, complete with cake. It was as if someone knew exactly how to get under her skin. After what she had endured with that dreadful tea party…

She marched over to the woman she presumed was the HR representative. She purposely stood with her back towards the tables containing the refreshments. “Lieutenant juinor grade Duvoa reporting.” She said flatly.

-Duvosa, Security

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