Side Sim: Arboretum - A time to think and maybe to heal

Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 3:07 p.m. by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) (Silke Fahl)

It had been a long time since Aizala had been in a park or anything like that; even just in passing. And even longer since she had spend any amount of time in nature and just be. Even though a lot of places were so different from the mountain range where she grew up and had lost so much, she never really dared opening herself up when she was in a park or arboretum. But she wanted to change that. She wanted to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. She remember that she had when she was very little. Before. She hadn’t talked to anyone about this idea, but maybe this could be part of her recovery. Or maybe it would only make things worse. Either way, here she was dressed in her new, white uniform, marking her clearly as one of the medical officers. Even though she was officially still on medical leave. But she just couldn’t not wear her uniform. The only thing different about her appearance was the fact that her long red hair wasn’t tied back in a neat ponytail. Instead it hung open, framing her freckled face and hiding her Bajoran earring. Though the ridges on the bridge of her nose clearly showed her heritage. Not that she ever wanted to hide that she was Bajoran. She was proud of her heritage and culture. As she slowly walked along the winding path, Aizala let her mind wander while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of this place. It was so good that the Ogawa had this space and while her heart was aching, she hoped that one day she, too, would be able to fully enjoy this place without fear and sadness clouding her mind and soul.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

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