Side Sim: An Arboretum Picnic

Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 4:03 p.m. by Ensign Iyun Riani (Scientist) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Achilleas Petrakos (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: An Arboretum Picnic

Posted by Ensign Iyun Riani (Scientist) in Side Sim: An Arboretum Picnic

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Achilleas Petrakos (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: An Arboretum Picnic
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“Wow, you went all out on this spread of food.” Achilleas said in surprise. He grabbed a small plate and put some fruit, meatballs, and olives to start with. He waited for Ria to say her prayer to the Prophets before he started eating though. Afterwards he asked, “What would you like to start with for your drink?”

CSO Petrakos

After filling her own plate with a couple of different things, Ria bowed her head and said a short, silent prayer, her lips moving slightly as she did so. Looking up again, she pondered for a moment and then said, “I’d like to have some of the raspberry cordial, please.”

Achilleas half filled Ria’s glass and set it within her reach then half filled his own glass with the same. He took a sip to wet his lips before he started in on the delicious food.

With her head tilted ever so slightly to the right, she watched Achilleas in silence for a while. Reaching for his hand, she eventually asked softly, “How are you? How have things been for you since … the tea party?” She had avoid bringing anything today that might remind them of that embarrassing incident. Yet at the same time she didn’t want to pretend as if it hadn’t happened. Somehow she had the feeling that they both needed to talk about it. At least a little bit.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

“I’ve… been okay.” Achilleas answered slowly. “Busy though. I think we’ve all been busy after things went crazy. The cleanup and everything else took awhile.” He looked away for a moment before looking back into Ria’s eyes. “With how amorous we were in front of the other staff, I thought it was best that we were on separate shifts for awhile. I know that everyone thought that we were, well high, but I didn’t want you to be the object of any rumors. I hope you can forgive for me for doing that without talking it over with you.”

CSO Petrakos

In silence Ria put her glass and plate carefully onto the blanket, making sure that it was far enough away so that she wouldn’t accidentally knock it over. With her eyes locked with Achilleas’ she shifted into a kneeling position and cupped his face with her hands. “There is nothing to forgive. Yes, I missed you badly, but I think you made the right decision. I hate being the centre of attention and with what happened in the lab … there were already enough rumours and gossip flying around. I don’t want to hide that I love you. Yet telling the world right after what happened didn’t seem like a good idea to me either. But I think with the new ship and all everyone’s attention and focus is now elsewhere. So maybe we can have few shifts together, or at least some slightly overlapping ones or something so that we can spend more time together again?” she suggested. But before Achilleas could answer she leaned forward and kissed tenderly. She wanted to push him gently onto his back and snuggle close, the food almost forgotten. But he had a glass in his hands - at least that had been the case when she’d shifted positions - and having something to eat would probably be good as well. She at least hadn’t eaten since the early hours of the morning.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas set his glass to the side and almost tipped it over in his rush, but got it safely upright on the blanket. With his hands free he gently cupped the back of Ria’s neck and returned the kiss a bit more vigorously. All thoughts of food flew from his mind, and since they were alone he didn’t need to hold himself back. Well not much anyway since they were in a public place.

CSO Petrakos

KIssing Achilleas back in kind, Ria allowed herself to get lost in the moment. At least for a bit. But eventually she did pull back reluctantly only to shift her position slightly again so that she was now leaning against him with her cheek resting on his collarbone. It felt so good to be able to be together like this public. Yet at the same time this was still fairly new and a small part of her was afraid that they might get into trouble. Even though they had the okay from the Captain.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

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