Permission to come aboard - Captains Ready-Room

Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 6:11 p.m. by Crewman Octavia (Tegrers) Raain (Medical Student) (J Ridgley)

Octavia had been deliberating her request for a few days, trying to discern her own needs and desires with those surfacing by her previous Host Govan. One was the ever frustratingly battle between liking and not liking Banan Custard and sticky toffee pudding the though both disgusted and thrilled her. Dispelling the though and moving her mind away from pudding she began to psych herself up. “Come on Octavia, you can do this tap your comm Badge” And she did, “Now speak”

=^=Captain Taylor this is Crewman Teg.. Raain, Crewman Raain I was hoping to have a moment of your time if you’re not to busy=^= She let out a long nervous breath while she waited for the Captain’s reply. While she did she paced the corridor outside her quarters going over the plan, Step One - Request to meet the Captain check. Step Two - Meet the Captain, Step Three - Ask the Captain if she can stay on board as a medical Student, finish her studies and become the best engineer, the best doctor she can be - simple right?

Impatience laced her strides as she made her way to the ready room, the whole journey she felt as if everyone was watching and saying ‘Wow did she really just request and audience with the Captain’ or simply ‘Shes got some nerve, she isn’t part of the crew’. She kept her head down and moved with impunity until finally, she arrived outside the ready room. ‘Tavia pressed the console next to her door and heard the audible chirp of the doors bell system.

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