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Alexis nodded and went to get her a glass of water. After she finished it, “Let’s get you back onto a bed. You’ve been asleep for awhile.” Alexis raised the head and back of the biobed and then helped Octavia up. “Frigga can stay with you if you like.” Frigga not waiting to be invited, had work to do and hopped up on the biobed and returned to her place against Octavia. Alexis stayed until someone from psychiatry arrived.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

Accepting Alexis’ help Octavia moved back onto the bed and took the glass of water sipping it slowly, he throat felt like razor blades. “I would like that,” She said her free left hand finding Frigga again. “Whats going to happen to me? I have this thing inside of me forever and I’m not ready to accept that” She admitted her eyes looked to the ceiling as if to say go on say it, doesn’t mater what you want its done but Raain didn’t say anything.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain.

Frigga nudged her nose under Octavia’s hand. Yes sweet, you’re okay. You just keep petting me and it will all be alright. I’ll stay as long as you want. Frigga adjusted her position so that her legs were no longer hanging off the sides of the bio bed and her weight was distributed across Octavia’s mid section.

“Physically? You will continue on as you always have, Crewman,” Alexis was not a counselor but she hoped that reminding the young girl of her rank would help show her she still had a purpose unique to herself. “You can continue your studies, here or back at university. You are a skilled doctor and we would be happy to have you continue here. I don’t know anything about your current circumstances now, Octavia. I have heard though that Trill symbiotes desire new experiences, and you have an amazing one to offer that is unique to you, your background, and your personality. To come up from the very beginning, at the start of your career, and experience the entire journey and not just the end phase.” Alexis would offer to contact the Trill homeworld, but Octavia didn’t appear to want to talk to them at the moment. “I’m afraid I have no answers for you, you have to find them for yourself.” *Where was the counselor?”
Frigga, Therapy Dog
Lt Bonner, AMO

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Elin entered the Sickbay and glanced around trying to get a sense of the space and figure out where she was needed. After her quick survey she correctly assumed that the young woman sharing a bed with Frigga was likely her intended patient. She made her way over to the bed, pausing to place a hand gently on Frigga’s head as a gesture of approval. Her overall manner was calm and soothing as she stepped to the side of the bed opposite Lt. Bonner and Dr. Drake Marshall.

“Dr. Marshall, Lt. Bonner” She spoke, acknowledging each of them with a nod. “I’m Dr. Howell, but please, call me Elin.” She said, directing the last statement toward Crewman Raain. “May I call you Octavia?”

Lt. Elin Howell, COPsych

Octavia looked from her laying position up to the new arrival, she felt as if her whole life was being put on display. She could feel her emotions boil up inside again like a boiling vat of water. Trying to squash the rise in anger she nodded, “Octavia is fine” She said in a not so confusing tone of calmness. The truth is how could she stay calm, every time her mind wandered back to how she was lied to and her body used she hated it. She was proud to be Trill so why wouldn’t she be proud to be joined, both thoughts confused her deeply.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Elin made eye contact with the two Doctors and tipped her head, silently asking if they could give her and the crewman some space. She could see that the young woman was feeling quite overwhelmed. As they stepped away she pulled up a stool and sat next to the bed, trying to make it seem less like Octavia was being loomed over. “Your thoughts and feeling must be pretty mixed right now Octavia. I’m a pretty good sounding board. Why don’t you bounce some of them off me and see if it helps?”

Lt. Howell, COPsych

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Octavia looked at the woman, Fatigue from too much excitement had started to set in and her eyes were feeling heavy again but she forced herself to remain alert. “I’m angry.. no Im furious that I was used like this! They told me it would be temporary and they lied. There is no way in space that the Commission would send a host in a ship that wasn’t the newest, fastest and most reliable state. What hurts the most is that they felt I was so much of a risk they couldn’t just tell me the truth!” And there were the tears again even Raain shifted uncomfortably in her mind his emotions fueling the furnace.

“I’m sorry” She said finally uncovering her face, “I should be happy, overjoyed even but It s hard to now what I want to feel sometimes I feel that our relationship with the Symbiotes are so sacred we’d commit any atrocity to keep it going.” This time the anger that flooded her was one from Raain, Raain didn’t appreciate that comment one bit and her head began to throb.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Breathe Garion, Breathe
It seemed to Garion he had held his breath since the surgery had started. The Nurse had directed him into a viewing booth and he watched mouth agape as the surgeon worked.
How long had he been standing there, watching?
It was so … impressive, but it looked like the patient wasn’t happy about the outcome.
Garion looked down at his feet.
When had he eaten carrots? Or broccoli? He hated broccoli!
First day on the new ship and he made a mess already!
- Garion ‘Oz’ Rivanson, Security

“You have every right to your anger Octavia, whether they see it this way or not, what they have put you through is a form of assault. You did not consent to a permanent joining. Forcing one on you was a violation of your rights. That’s going to be a difficult thing to come to terms with,” She paused for a moment looking thoughtful, “For both of you.” She added.

Lt. Elin Howell, COPsych

She let out a shrieking laugh, “Thats the point though isn’t it! I had no choice in the matter, not under Trill law! I hate it! I hate Raain!” Her head throbbed again and she let out a whimper this time holding her head. “Get out” She thought she had said in her mind but the words echoed the room. “Get out!” She said again trying to force any thought that the Raain Symbiotics previous host was imprinting on her. Flashes were starting to overwhelm her senses and before she knew it she was hitting her head. She wasn’t ready for any of this, especially so young with no training. She could feel the covers on her bed fall of the side as she kicked out, more flashes of memories that went her own this was Raain now, growing impatient or her own ability to stop the memories flooding her vision, taste, smell and touch. People who’d she’d kissed but not with her lips, food she’d eaten but didn’t know the name. “GET OUT!”

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Frigga wiggled her way farther up onto Octavia sticking her nose right against her neck and letting out a deep doggy sigh. This action seemed to lift her weight and then gently place more and more of her weight on Octavia. One paw reached up to stop her arm from moving and hitting herself. She let out a soft whimper, telling Lt Howell that she smelled the increase in hormones that Octavia was not okay and that Frigga was almost out of tricks. Of course Frigga had no way of knowing if Lt Howell understood or had ever worked with a therapy dog. With her other front leg she pawed gently at Octavia trying to get her to pet her instead of hitting herself.
Frigga, Therapy Dog

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